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Hol’ Dir jetzt das nächste Geocaching-Road-Trip-’15-Souvenir!

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Jetzt wird's extrem! Das dritte Souvenir ist jetzt beim Geocaching Road Trip ‘15 freigeschaltet. Um dieses zu bekommen, ist etwas Einsatz nötig: Man muss dafür einen Geocache mit der Schwierigkeits- oder Geländewertung “5” finden. “Schwierigkeit 5″ bedeutet, dass man sich geistig richtig anstrengen muss; “Gelände 5″ ist etwas für die Adrenalin-Junkies, wobei eine Spezialausrüstung wie ein Boot oder Klettergurte erforderlich sein werden. Wir haben eine Suchroutine auf der Suchseite hinzugefügt, mit der man D5- und T5-Geocaches in der Nähe aufgelistet bekommen kann. Bei der Geocaching-Intro-App kann man durch ein Upgrade auf die Premium-Mitgliedschaft die Anzeige von D5- und T5-Geocaches freischalten. Auf geht's zum nächsten Souvenir. [...]

Heidelberg Redux (GC2GA9Y) – Geocache der Woche! (engl.)

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The “Dotty-Wotty” house in Detroit, MI. Part of the Heidelberg Project.Photo Credit paulhitz Geocache Name: {GHQ} Heidelberg Redux (GC2GA9Y) Difficulty/Terrain Rating: 1.5/1.5 Why this is the Geocache of the Week: Discovering new places is one of the best parts of geocaching. For example, almost every city has hidden pockets of art—even Detroit. This geocache will take you to the Heidelberg Project. Wikipedia describes this neighborhood of art as, “an outdoor art project in Detroit, Michigan. It was created in 1986 by artist Tyree Guyton and his grandfather Sam Mackey (“Grandpa Sam”) as an outdoor art environment in the McDougall-Hunt neighborhood on the city's east side, just north of the city's historically African-American Black Bottom area.” Many people wouldn't even know about this amazing area had it not been for this geocache. What geocachers have to say: “This location is just another reason why I love geocaching. Without this cache being here, I would never have known this unique area existed in Detroit. Thanks for putting a cache here for me to find, and for seeing this local street art. Amazing spot.” – LucyLee “So glad that we made it down here. I figured my niece would like the area and I was correct. We had fun trying to retrieve the cache but we got it. What an interesting place. As the CO said when I mentioned coming to get this one….take the time to explore. Thanks for placing this cache and bringing us down to the area.” – ShihTzumommy “AWESOME! Anybody that enjoys art in any form should check this area out. very unique and creative, i'm sure the pictures speak for themselves. adding as a fav for the overall location. thanks” – RE4isNumber1 Photos: Polka dots are so hot right now. Photo by ShihTzumommy What do you think happen next? Photo by mlaniel Three happy geocachers in front of some of the art. Photo by MI Chickenlegs What interesting art have you seen while geocaching? Post your photos in the comments. Continue to explore some of the most engaging geocaches around the globe. Check out all the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, just fill out this form. Thanks! [...]

Direkt aus dem Geocaching-Hauptquartier: Eine Führung durch das neue Nachrichten-Center

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Es war noch nie so einfach, andere Geocacher zu kontaktieren. Nach einer mehrmonatigen Testphase, vielen Rückmeldungen aus der Geocaching-Gemeinschaft und etlichen Änderungen, hat das neue Nachrichten-Center das Betatest-Stadium verlassen. Mit dieser neuen Funktion kannst Du Mitteilungen über und die Geocaching-Intro-App verschicken und empfangen. Schau Dir das kurze Video mit zwei Entwicklern aus dem Geocaching-Hauptquartier an, um mehr über den Hintergrund des neuen Nachrichten-Centers zu erfahren. Probiere das neue Nachrichten-Center jetzt aus. [...]

Deep Blue Something (GC43K9C) — Geocache der Woche!

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Dean's Blue Hole Photo by geocacher wiggerl der Bayer Geocache Name: Deep Blue Something (GC43K9C) Difficulty/Terrain Rating: 2/4.5 Why this is the Geocache of the Week: The Geocache of the Week isn't always a geocache with tons of finds or Favorite Points—sometimes it's a cache that's designed to inspire your next adventure. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, summer is here and visiting a tropical location sounds quite nice. If you're in the Southern Hemisphere, you're in the midst of winter and finding a geocache in a place like the Bahamas probably sounds pretty awesome right about now. At this geocache, you'll not only see a beautiful location, you'll also see something you can't see anywhere else: Dean's Blue Hole, the deepest salt-water blue hole in the world at 663 ft (200m). What geocachers have to say: “Wow! What an amazingly beautiful place. Before I found this cache, I jumped into Dean's Blue Hole from on top! Surreal! TFTC! :)” – monkey_travels “Gorgous view! That spot needs a cache! Perfect for snorkeling! Loved it!” – Bobby738 “Awesome place! First time here and won't be the last! Thanks for the cache!” – rglenn13 What the geocache owner, rockthecachebx, has to say: My parents live in a little house nearby and we walk down to the Blue Hole just about every day for a snorkel while visiting them. Initially we (husband Jeff and I) wanted to put a cache at the BOTTOM of the hole, 662 feet down, in hopes of it being the longest running undiscovered cache. But we were afraid of the very real possibility that someone might get hurt searching for it and we knew we'd never be able to maintain it at that depth! The name, Deep Blue Something, seemed appropriate and is a nod to a 90s band that was popular in our college days. We've had some great times snorkeling and exploring around Dean's Blue Hole. I've seen Hawksbill sea turtles, upside-down jellyfish and nudibranchs that I included in my obscure animal ABC, P is for Pangolin. There's a tiny territorial damsel fish that will attack if you swim near his rock at the edge of the cove. Once my husband spotted an adorable baby octopus living in a glass bottle. Swimming across the Blue Hole is a bit eerie. Gazing down into the depths, it is easy to let your imagination run wild, creating fantastic sea monsters, sunken treasure and ghostly forms between shafts of sunlight in the deep blue. Sometimes we visit at night to scare ourselves silly, once we even tied dive lights to a rope and lowered it into the hole to see if we could attract any interesting creatures. I was surprised that it took over a year for Deep Blue Something to be found! It has been so much fun to read everyone's logs of adventures at the hole and I love seeing their photos. The location attracts an international crowd. It is a bit of a mecca for the world's freediving community. The still water and incredible depth make it the perfect place to test human endurance and set world records. I'm a bit surprised that Deep Blue Something is still the only traditional cache on Long Island. To the Geocaching Community: The place does have a history of tragedies, so swimmers should be cautious and inexperienced swimmers should stick to the shallow parts of the cove. Consider making your visit a CITO visit. Like most islands, Long Island is plagued by plastic rubbish that washes ashore. Locals can point you to the island's dump which makes an interesting visit in its own right! A note to spearfishers, please target lionfish! This invasive species eats anything that fits in its mouth and is very detrimental to the local ecology. They're delicious, just watch a YouTube video on safe handling. Photos: From above. Photo by geocacher Bobby738 The blue hole from the beach. Photo by geocacher wiggerl der Bayer And then it just drops off… Photo by geocacher Bobby738 What's the most beautiful place geocaching has ever taken you? Post your photos in the comments. Continue to explore some of the most engaging geocaches around the globe. Check out all the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, just fill out this form. Thanks! [...]

Erarbeite Dir jetzt Dein nächstes Geocaching-Road-Trip-‘15-Souvenir!

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Nimm an einem Geocaching-Event teil! Dein nächstes Geocaching-Road-Trip-‘15-Souvenir wartet auf Dich. Alles, was Du tun musst, um das “Triff Deine Road-Trip-Kumpel”-Souvenir zu erhalten, ist, vor dem 3. September an einem Event teilzunehmen. Dabei kann es sich um ein reguläres Event, ein MEGA oder sogar ein CITO-Event handeln. Suche jetzt nach Events in Deiner Nähe. Sieh Dir alle anderen Geocaching-Road-Trip-‘15-Souvenirs an, die Du erhalten kannst. Während Du das Event besuchst, vergiss nicht, die tollste Begebenheit oder einfach nur ein nettes Foto mit dem Hashtag #Geocaching15 zu versehen und auf Instagram zu posten, um mit etwas Glück hier mit aufzutauchen. [...]

gigantesque – The Big One (GC5Q8N) – Geocache der Woche! (engl.)

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No big deal, just walking into a geocache. Photo by geocacher patafix86 Geocache Name: gigantesque – The Big One (GC5Q8N) Difficulty/Terrain Rating: 1/1.5 Why this is the Geocache of the Week: The first souvenir for the Geocaching Road Trip '15 is Fun with Favorites: find any geocache with 10+ Favorite Points to earn it. After finding this geocache, you'll not only have the new souvenir, you'll also be one of the few geocachers who can truthfully say, “I've walked around inside a geocache.” What geocachers have to say: “What a super cache. Thanks to the owners for allowing it. Must be a tourist pull!Well done Johnny-Vegas. TFTC” – creditdog “It is a great moment of geocaching and a very beautiful discovery. I do not know how to express all this without revealing it too much. As a result, I would content with inviting the other players to come to discover this “box” and to see what it contains. A warm congratulations and thank you for this outstanding geocache.” – cukcelte “Wow!!! What a beauty, This must be the largest cache we are ever likely to see. Thanks for the welcome from Johnny Vegas. Nice to have met you. We will try and visit this cache again and bring more stuff.” – DaiGym What the geocache owner, Johnny-Vegas, has to say: “I wanted to be more involved with Geocaching so my mind started ticking over with ideas. It's the way I am, quite imaginative and some say over imaginative! Our new home came with a 7.5 tonne DAF lorry parked up in the barn. It was registered in the UK and so very difficult to re-register it here in France. There is already plenty of storage and outbuildings so another “store room” was not really required. I decided to convert the lorry and it's massive box on the back to be a cache container but I didn't want it to just look like a half-hearted attempt. So decided to paint it a deep green colour just like an ammo box, I had vinyl lettering made to create a label in extra large letters. Camouflage netting was placed over the cab to “blend” it into the background and a camouflage interior design was created. I really wanted it to look and feel like a cache container and not the back of an old truck. With the cache being located within our grounds I get to meet other cachers and share their experiences which is wonderful. Reading their feedback tells me they are really happy with finding the cache (not hard to locate!) but also sharing their excitement with me, it really is great fun.” Photos: So, are they considered swag now? Photo by francoizik A happy family outside the container. Photo by Les moregans A giant logbook to match the cache. Photo by geocacher C2iC What's the largest geocache you've ever found? Post your photos in the comments. Continue to explore some of the most engaging geocaches around the globe. Check out all the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, just fill out this form. Thanks! [...]

Die erste GeoTour in den Niederlanden ist veröffentlicht

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Eine Runde mit 24 traditionellen Geocaches lädt zu einer mehrtägigen Entdeckungsreise ein. Diese offizielle internationale GeoTour ist die erste GeoTour in den Niederlanden! Die ‘Garden of Amsterdam GeoTour‘ bringt Dich zu den schönsten Sehenswürdigkeiten der Region Gooi & Vecht: beeindruckende Burgen, alte Festungstädte und die herrlichsten Naturgebiete, sowie die Gooise Brinkdörfer und eine Anzahl alter Kastelle. Die GeoTour ist ein Geocaching-Spiel, in dem Du Punkte in einem speziellen Pass sammeln kannst. Wenn Du die benötigten Punkte hast, kannst Du eine `GeoCoin‘ – ein toller Preis für einen Geocacher – gewinnen (solange der Vorrat reicht). GeoTour-Teilnehmer, die in einem der Cafés oder Restaurant essen und trinken, in einem der Hotels übernachten und Sehenswürdigkeiten vor Ort besuchen, erhalten Bonuspunkte für die GeoTour. Für mehr Informationen und alle Voraussetzungen gehe zu ‘Garden of Amsterdam GeoTour' und lade den offiziellen ‘Garten von Amsterdam GeoTour Pass' herunter. Hast Du weitere Fragen über das touristische Angebot von Gooi & Vecht? Einen kompletten Überblick aller Möglichkeiten für einen Tagesausflug oder ein Wochenende in der Region Gooi & Vecht findest Du hier: [...]

Geocaching Road Trip ‘15 – Hoch hinaus und wieder herunter

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Geocacher feiern 15 Jahre Geocaching mit einer abenteuerlichen Alpenüberquerung Ihr habt die Geschichte vielleicht hier auf dem Geocaching-Blog verfolgt: Drei mutige Geocacher machten sich vor Kurzem auf den Weg, die Alpen zu Fuß zu bezwingen. Nun haben Alexander Monsky (Berufsgeocacher), Tim Krüger (psycho_vm) und Benjamin Gorentschitz (MudMen_GER) es geschafft und sind glücklich und erschöpft wieder zu Hause angekommen. Ihr Fazit: “Die Alpenüberquerung war für uns zum 15. Geburtstag von Geocaching die perfekte Tour zum Jubiläum. Hier kam alles zusammen was Geocaching ausmacht: Freude an der Natur, Freude am Spiel und ein unglaubliches Gemeinschaftsgefühl.” Doch die Reise war nicht frei von Strapazen. Benny berichtet davon: “Auf unseren 7 Etappen waren wir täglich 10 – 11 Stunden unterwegs. […] Wir haben über 10.000 Höhenmeter mit unseren 10-13 Kilo schweren Rucksäcken bewältigt, haben uns trotz schmerzender Füße immer wieder in die Bergstiefel gezwängt und weitergemacht. […] Gerade beim Aufstieg musste man täglich gegen seinen inneren Schweinehund ankämpfen. […] Man bahnt sich seinen Weg Schritt für Schritt über Geröll, Fels, Matsch und Schneefelder. Irgendwann setzen die ersten Krämpfe in den Waden ein und man muss das Tempo nochmal verlangsamen. Mental sucht man nach irgendeinem Ausweg, auch wenn man genau weiß, dass es nur einen Ausweg gibt: Man muss den Weg weitergehen.” Trotz aller Gefahren und Anstrengung, sei Geocaching in den Alpen aber ein unvergessliches Abenteuer gewesen, auch wenn es hart war: “Verdammt hart sogar.” sagt Benny. “Auf unserem Road Trip durch die Alpen hat sich für uns aber mal wieder gezeigt, dass man durch Geocaching an Orte geführt wird, welche man vermutlich sonst nie zu Gesicht bekommen hätte. Geocaching hat auf dieser Tour aber auch für unvergessliche Momente gesorgt, die wir noch lange in Erinnerung behalten werden. Wir denken da z.B. an “Transalp Similaun Hütte 3019m (GCY5Y7)” und wie bitter kalt uns auf über 3.000 Höhenmeter beim Loggen war und wir uns erst einmal mit Decken aus einem Notfalllager versorgt haben. Oder beim Geocache Fernwanderweg E5 – 01 – Los geht's (GC1F5KV), wo Benny einen elektrischen Schlag beim Loggen bekommen hat als sein Hinterteil den Stromdraht eines Weidezauns berührte.” Trotz schmerzender Füße und Kehrseite sind sich die Geocacher aber einig: Ohne Geocaching wären sie vermutlich nie auf die Idee gekommen, sich in solch ein Abenteuer zu stürzen. Als Belohnung haben sie wunderschöne Eindrücke gewonnen, die sie ein Leben lang nicht mehr los lassen werden. Und was kommt als Nächstes? “Wir könnten schon wieder los laufen.” sagt Benny. [...]

Nicht vergessen: Der Stichtag fürs Einreichen von GIFF-Beiträgen ist der 1. Juli

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Reicht Eure Geocaching-Filme ein! Schmeißt Eure Kameras an! Der letzte Termin fürs Einreichen von Beiträgen für das “Internationale Geocaching-Film-Festival” (GIFF) steht vor der Tür. Der Stichtag ist der 1. Juli. Doch bevor Du Deinen Film zur Teilnahme einsendest, lies bitte alle Regeln und Bedingungen. In diesem Blog-Eintrag erhältst Du Tipps, wie Du es schaffen kannst, Deinen eigenen Film ins Finale zu bringen. Sobald Du bereit bist, reiche Deinen Film hier ein. Sofern Dein Film zum Kreis der Finalisten gehört, wird er am 14. August, einen Tag vor der Block-Party, nahe dem Geocaching-Hauptquartier in Seattle im US-Bundesstaat Washington beim GIFF-Finalevent vorgeführt. Und wo wir gerade bei der Block-Party sind: Vergiss nicht, Deine Tickets zu buchen und Dich für die letzte Block-Party zu registrieren . Komm nach Seattle, triff die Leute vom Geocaching-Hauptquartier und viele andere Geocacher aus der ganzen Welt. Wir sehen uns dort! [...]

Die Geocaches mit den meisten Favoritenpunkten auf der Welt (engl.)

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There are many reasons why geocachers award favorite points to geocaches. Sometimes it's the stunning view at the geocache. Other times it's the unique container that makes your jaw drop. Whatever the reason, favorite points are a great way for geocachers to award top-notch hides. The first souvenir challenge for the Geocaching Road Trip '15 is to find a geocache with 10+ favorite points. Favorited geocaches tend to be higher quality caches, and with the help of the new search, it's easy to find and sort geocaches by favorite points. The following geocaches are the cream of the crop, the best of the best, the pick of the litter, the top dogs, the big cheese… well, you get the idea. And they all have one thing in common: lots and lots of favorite points. Geocache Type: Traditional GC Number: GC13Y2Y Geocache Name: Lego – einer ist zuviel Number of favorite points: 5,787 Geocache Type: Multi-Cache GC Number: GC18182 Geocache Name: Voss-Margarine Number of favorite points: 3,936 Geocache Type: EarthCache GC Number: GCZ8H7 Geocache Name: The Cologne Cathedral – A Geological Point of View Number of favorite points: 846 Geocache Type: Letterbox GC Number: GC3QM4X Geocache Name: Seebrücke Binz Number of favorite points: 1,349 Geocache Type: Virtual GC Number: GC9A6E Geocache Name: Historic Words Number of favorite points: 1,299 Geocache Type: Webcam GC Number: GC6F12 Geocache Name: London – Beatles Abbey Road Number of favorite points: 609 Geocache Type: Wherigo GC Number: GC356P2 Geocache Name: Die Jagd nach dem Grünen Diamanten (D+Engl) Number of favorite points: 1,175 DCIM100GOPRO Inspired yet? It's time for you to go and find a highly-favorited geocache and earn a cool souvenir. With the most recent update to the Geocaching Intro App, you can now search for any cache type. And don't forget to spread the favorite point love. [...]

A photo is worth 1000 finds? – The Mountain of Moonlit Rocks (GC1CB) – der Geocache der Woche!

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Hooray! I'm on a chip! Photo by geocacher rockhoundbmw Geocache Name: The Mountain of Moonlit Rocks (GC1CB) Difficulty/Terrain Rating: 3/3 Why this is the Geocache of the Week: For some geocaches, the photos you get are just as good as earning another smiley for the find. This just so happens to be one of those geocaches. After you make the beautiful hike up among the boulders, geocachers have the opportunity to take a pretty awesome photo standing on “Potato Chip Rock”. If you're brave enough to walk out on it, that is. Plus, this geocache also happens to be one of the older geocaches in the world, placed in 2001. What geocachers have to say: “Went on a midnight hike up to Potato Chip Rock and found this awesome Cache with an amazing view! TFTC!” – meyerjp “This was our favorite cache of the day due to its age and the beautiful view from GZ. Thank you so much for putting this cache out and taking us to a real cool place!” – chfshome “A great morning hike topped off with finding this fun cache! I was with a friend who was new to geocaching and she was thrilled when she was the one to make the find. I think we have a new convert! Thanks for the fun” – Boy&Girl What the geocache creator, Tuna , has to say: “On January 5, 2001, I read about this guy named Jeremy Irish in an article in Outside Magazine. Jeremy was talking about this new hobby called geocaching — only recently enabled by the military making accurate GPS signals available to non-military users. I visited the brand new website and discovered that there was only one cache in all of San Diego county. So, the next day I installed the second San Diego cache — Double Peak Summit — 320th cache in the world! That year I went on to stash about 15 caches. I love hiking the mountains and hills in San Diego, and was always looking for scenic places for new caches. I was hiking Woodsen Mountain regularly and stashed The Mountain Of Moonlight Rocks in a quiet out-of-the-way spot. It's gratifying to see that many others discovered Woodsen Mountain as a result of that geocache more than a decade ago! “ Photos: The picture is mandatory, the pose is up to you. Photo by geocacher The JJ Duo Did anyone bring some guacamole? Photo by geocacher I C IT As the original caption says, “YOLO.” Photo by geocacher The Slocums Show us your best post-find photo in the comments! Continue to explore some of the most engaging geocaches around the globe. Check out all the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, just fill out this form. Thanks! [...]

Der Geocaching-Road-Trip ‘15 startet am Freitag!

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Dieses Wochenende hast Du die Chance auf Dein erstes Souvenir Ab Freitag, dem 19. Juni, kannst Du Dein erstes Souvenir für den Geocaching-Road-Trip '15 bekommen: Alles, was Du dafür tun musst, ist, einen Geocache mit mehr als 10 Favoritenpunkten zu finden. Dabei zählen alle Arten von Geocaches, solange der betreffende eben mindestens 10 Favoritenpunkte hat. Hier erhältst Du weitere Informationen über den Geocaching-Road-Trip '15 und die Jubiläumsaktionen zu 15 Jahren Geocaching. Um Geocaches mit vielen Favoritenpunkten in Deiner Nähe zu suchen, nutze die Einstellungen auf unserer brandneuen Seite der Suchfunktionen. Geocaching-Premium-Mitglieder können auch die Geocaching-App nutzen, um Filtereinstellungen anzuwenden und Suchergebnisse nach Favoritenpunkten zu sortieren. Du hast bis zum 3. September, um dieses Souvenir zu ergattern. Mach Dir also keine Sorgen, wenn Du nicht sofort Zeit dafür haben solltest. Außerdem ist das eine tolle Gelegenheit, ein paar Deiner angesammelten Favoritenpunkte zu vergeben. Such jetzt nach Geocaches mit vielen Favoritenpunkten. 4 Tipps, um GIFF-Finalist zu werden Der Stichtag fürs Einreichen von Beiträgen für das “Internatonale Geocaching-Film-Festival” (GIFF) rückt näher, nämlich der 1. Juli. Um Deinem Film die bestmöglichen Chancen zu verschaffen, um ins Finale zu kommen und somit auf einer 12-Meter-Leinwand beim GIFF-Event in Seattle gezeigt zu werden, gibt's hier noch 4 Tipps: – Einfachheit: Überlege, wie Du Deine Story knapp und spannend erzählen kannst. – Mehr als nur eine Aneinanderreihung: Fotomontagen mit Musik können ganz toll sein, aber davon werden etliche zur Teilnahme eingereicht. Mach lieber etwas anderes, um an die Spitze des Wettbewerbs zu kommen. – Setze auf Qualität: Wir suchen zwar nicht nach Hollywood-Äquivalenten, aber alles wird deutlich besser, wenn man etwas Sorgfalt bei der Produktion walten lässt. – Halte die Regeln ein: Eigentlich sollte das ein Selbstgänger sein, aber wir mussten schon einige favorisierte Beiträge disqualifizieren, weil diese nicht den Regularien entsprachen. Weitere Hinweise zur Erstellung von geeigneten GIFF-Teilnehmerfilmen findest Du im Geocaching-Blog. [...]

Hoch hinaus fürs Geocaching – Ein Fotoalbum

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Geocacher feiern 15 Jahre Geocaching mit einer abenteuerlichen Alpenüberquerung Letzte Woche haben wir von drei Geocachern – Alexander Monsky (Berufsgeocacher), Tim Krüger (psycho_vm) und Benjamin Gorentschitz (MudMen_GER) berichtet, die vorhaben die Alpen zu Fuß zu bezwingen. Den vollständigen Artikel dazu kannst Du hier lesen. Nach beinahe sieben Tagen und etlichen Kilometern möchten wir einige auf Fotos festgehaltene Highlights der bisherigen Wanderung mit Euch teilen. Schaut Euch hier das #Geocaching15 #GCTransAlps Fotoalbum an! [...]

Post-Apocalyptic geocaching — Red Sands Fort (GC1DVNY) — Geocache der Woche!

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Fort Red Sands Photo by geocacher Drsdoolittle Geocache Name: Red Sands Fort (GC1DVNY) Difficulty/Terrain Rating: 3/5 Why this is the Geocache of the Week: Geocaching takes us to some pretty amazing places and can teach us the history of a location. This geocache takes you 8 miles out to see to a group of abandoned World War 2 era forts that were used to protect London from invasion. The history is incredible, but the view is what makes it worth it. Coming up to these forts evokes an almost post-apocalyptic feeling. The photos remind me of something I would read about in a zombie-survival novel. They're quite creepy and awesome at the same time. What geocachers have to say: “Brilliant cache thanks for bringing me out here. Pics of course and a fav too. Unbelievable that this has only 3 favs so far! Don't know what it must take for some people to fav a cache!!” – maattmoo “Ive been after this ever since seeing it existed. Gutted that we didn't think about the tide and as you can see from the photo, there was no way we were ever going to get on the platform. Out of interest, without any ladder in place is it ever possible? Great cache, which was almost touching distance away!” – Rhinoback “Thanks for the cache – we are really pleased to be able to give Red Sands it's 1st favourite point!” – The_Buffs What the geocache creator, LostInTheWoods! , has to say: A colleague and I travelled out on the X-Pilot boat. The skipper had arrange the trip so that we could easily access the landing platform. We viewed the radio station and my colleague met many guys that he had visited during his earlier Pirate Radio Chaser years. He recognised them, and they recognised him, immediately. All friends now, thankfully, or we may have had to walk a hastily erected plank. We then had an amazing tour of the WW2 Gun Platform, upper, level. Lovely views that day but not so lovely if you were being straffed by a WW2 figher way back in the 1940's. It was here that we met the Fort's sponsor. He was so keen to promote the existance of the Red Sands Fort that he eagerly accepted my request to place a geocache on it. Like most cache owners, it's always appreciated when I get detailed descriptions in Found its, DNFs, and Notes relating to this cache and all of my other caches. I have certainly enjoyed reading all of the Red Sands Fort cache's logs. If you fancy going for this cache, make sure that you go properly prepared and check the tide times. Perhaps go as part of an organised group. Read the main page and logs to find out more. Photos: Close-up of one of the towers. Photo by geocacher maattmoo 50% creepy, 50% awesome. Photo by geocacher jimbo-ugk Nearing the fort. Photo by geocacher palmercol What “unreal” places has geocaching taken you? Tell your story and post photos in the comments. Continue to explore some of the most engaging geocaches around the globe. Check out all the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, just fill out this form. Thanks! [...]

How to Find a Multi-Cache – wie findet man einen Multi Cache?

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Nervous about finding your first Multi-Cache but tired of seeing that non-smiley spot on the map? Finding a Multi-Cache is a great way to uplevel your Geocaching game. Multi-Caches involve two or more locations, with the final location being a physical container with a logbook inside. There are many variations to this idea, but typically you'll visit at least two locations, or stages, to collect the information you'll need to find the physical geocache container at the last stage. Watch this short instructional video for an overview: 1. Pick a Multi-Cache to find We recommend starting with one that has Difficulty/Terrain ratings of 1.5/1.5 or lower. If you have your home coordinates set search for Multi-Caches near you now. 2. Navigate to first set of coordinates The spot where the Multi-Cache is shown on the map is the first set of coordinates, or the first “stage” of the Multi-Cache. Rather than finding the geocache container at this spot, you'll have to figure out where the second stage or collect a piece of information that will help you find the final location of the geocache. How this is accomplished will vary from geocache to geocache, but these are a few common ways it's done: The geocache owner may ask you to find a number, word, or other clue, which you'll need to write down before moving to the next stage. Example: The second number on the plaque at this location is the ‘X' in the final coordinates of the cache: N 47° 37.38X W 122° 19.197 You may find the coordinates for the next stage of the Multi-Cache hidden somewhere at the first stage. Example: A sticker with the coordinates printed on it and hidden somewhere at this location. The geocache owner may provide the incomplete coordinates for the second stage in the cache description. You might then be required to count something at the first stage to fill in the blanks. Example: Count the number of flags in front of the UN building to find the ‘X' in the set of coordinates for the next stage: N 45° 29.468X W 114° 23.1543 3. Navigate to the rest of the stages of the cache Once you've collected the information required at the first stage, you can move on to the next stage. Enter the coordinates for the next stages into your GPS, or if you're using one of the geocaching apps, use the app to add a waypoint to the geocache and navigate to that. If the second set of coordinates is not the final location of the geocache, you'll again need to accomplish a task such as the ones described above. Since a Multi-Cache has at least two stages, the second stage could be the final location of the geocache, where you'll find the physical cache container. If that's the case, you can sign the logbook, trade some swag, and do your multi-cache happy dance! Ready to find your first Multi-Cache? Download the free Geocaching app for iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone and go play! [...]
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