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geocacher des monats

Stimme für den nächster “Geocacher des Monats” ab

19. Januar 2016 // 0 Kommentare

Die Kandidaten für den “Geocacher des Monats” im Januar 2016 Außergewöhnliche Geocacher verdienen es, wahrgenommen zu werden. Diesen Monat stellen wir Euch drei solche aus aller Welt vor, die herausragende Beiträge für unser Spiel, das wir alle lieben, geleistet haben. Jeder Kandidat ist eine überzeugenede Persönlichkeit, aber nur einer wird “Geocacher des Monats” werden. Gehe auf den Geocaching-Blog, um bei der Abstimmung zum “Geocacher des Monats” im Januar 2016 mitzumachen. Du kennst jemanden, der auch eine solche Ehrung verdient? Dann schreib uns an! [...]

Announcing the April 2015 – Geocacher des Monats

14. Mai 2015 // 0 Kommentare

The April 2015 nominees for the celebrated Geocacher of the Month award run the gamut of what it means to be a legendary geocacher. For Marchand de cailloux, it means crafting intricate, clever, beautiful wood caches. For Zugführer, it means organizing Cache-Events that repeatedly draw dozens of old and new geocachers alike. For hoosiersunshine & FailedApparatus it means inventing a highly popular local geocaching trivia night complete with customized trophy. The featured Geocacher of the Month is named by a panel at Geocaching HQ after reviewing community input and blog comments. It's a tough decision, given the combined contributions of these folks to the geocaching community as a whole. All the nominees will receive special prize packages from Geocaching HQ, but only one will receive the elusive Geocacher of the Month Geocoin. The earned, never for sale, Geocacher of the Month Geocoin. After tallying the sentiment and reading the comments, hoosiersunshine & FailedApparatus have been officially named the featured Geocachers of the Month for April 2015. ‘Caching team hooserisunshine and FailedApparatus have made a big impression on the the geocaching community in North and South Carolina with their regular geocaching trivia events, ‘It's All Just Trivial!' Though the geocaching trivia nights were spawned as a way to spice up regular Cache-Events, they've since become an institution. The winning team at an ‘It's All Just Trivial' event take home medals and sometimes a trophy – both of which were created by hoosiersunshine and FailedApparatus. Geocacher Beth Andrews says, “Hands down… my vote is for Hoosiersunshine and FailedApparatus. Not just for the great and wonderful things they have done with geocaching trivia around the whole South East…., but with geocaching as a whole. From fun hides to hair pulling puzzle caches to just being great people. I'm honored they are part of my geocaching family and no two people deserve this more than those two.” Echoing her sentiments, Matt Norris says, “Hoosiersunshine and Failedapparatus are the best nominees I could think of for this! Anyone who has ever been to an “It's All Just Trivial” event knows that this would be incredibly well deserved. Those who have not can't even imagine what those two have put into these events! Not only fun trivia, but everything from fully stocked caches, to unactivated geocoins and everything in between as prizes to every person who attends. And every person who wins gets a real gold medal! They bring fun geocaching events to a new level that I have never seen. Amazing people bringing fun not only to SC and NC, but they've traveled to host these events in GA, FL and VA too!” Thank you to all the April 2015 Geocacher of the Month nominees for your tireless efforts to bring joy to other geocachers. Three cheers for legendary geocachers! Know an outstanding geocacher who should be recognized? Nominate them for next month's award! [...]
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