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5 Film Genres GIFF Audiences Love

6. Juni 2018 // 0 Kommentare

Attention film-making geocachers and geocaching filmmakers! You now have 58 days to plan, write, film, edit, and submit your original short film to the Geocaching International Film Festival! That's less time than you had yesterday and more time than you'll have tomorrow. The film submission deadline is August 1, 2018. Learn about submitting a film. Before you perfect your plots and acquire your actors, read on to learn about five film genres that made successful showings at GIFFs of the past. Of course, your film need not fit perfectly into any of these categories, but we suggest using them to kick off your GIFF brainstorming session. #1 | You Might Be a Geocacher If… This type of GIFF film is built around an inside joke or experience that only a geocacher understands. It invites the audience to laugh along—or groan in sympathy—with the narrator as she encounters a comical, frustrating, charming, or eyeroll-inducing situation, one that most geocachers encounter at some point during their geocaching careers. Here are some examples from previous years: Geocaching Is Free (2017) A Cacher's Worst Nightmare (2016) It's Not About the Numbers (2016) NYC Caching: Muggle Madness (2016) My Geocaching Addiction (2013) The plots in the five films above could be summarized in a single sentence that begins with, “You might be a geocacher if…”. For example, with the film Geocaching is Free, the sentence would be, “You might be a geocacher if you end up spending half your monthly paycheck on geocaching gear.” Of course that's not true for all geocachers all the time, but many a cacher has faced the temptation of buying the newest GPS, the most waterproof hiking boots, or the latest in tupperware technology in pursuit of a cache. The key is that the audience can participate in a collective giggle at the humor, a groan at the irony, or a head shake at the folly of the situation the narrator has encountered. Note that this genre of film is the least interesting to muggles… at least until they're converted! #2 | What if? In November 2015 the world asked, “What if ballerinas geocached?” and California cacher stingrayabbray answered. Her film, How to Geocache Like a Ballerina, was a huge international hit. The film genre we're calling “What if?” is the polar opposite of the “You might be a geocacher if…” genre. It takes a familiar part of geocaching reality and inventively twists it on its head. What if one day all bison tubes turned into bisons? What if the cachers become the cached? What if two geocachers got married, had a kid, and that kid was actually a lock-n-lock? (FYI, that last one is already taken!) Check out these imaginative finalist films from recent years: The Future of Geocaching (2017) Little Geo-rge (2017) 5 Lesser-Known Souvenirs (2016) Geocaching, Orchestrated (2016) How to Geocache Like a Ballerina (2015) The Future of Geocaching (2015) Signal (2015) GeoDouble (2014) This genre is inexhaustible, so it's a pretty great one to start with if you're in the beginning stages of brainstorming. The only limits you'll face are technical, logistical, and of course, those set forth in the submission rules. #3 | Personal Story / Drama Not every film has to be funny. (You're joking! No, I'm literally not. That's the point.) The GIFF finalist films from the past few years might make it seem like comedies are received better than serious films, but the list of finalists is often more a reflection of submission trends than an audience preference for comedy. Geocaching HQ receives far more submissions of humorous films than serious ones, so most of the finalists have been comedies in recent years. That being said, we truly love watching earnest stories about geocaching, and if they elicit more tears than laughter that's fine with us too. The 2016 Signal Award Winner was an uplifting story about how geocaching changed one woman's life. It joined a strong contingent of lovely and sometimes intense films that show off why geocaching is special. The Art of Geocaching (2017) A Life of a ‘Change' (2016) GeoLove (2015) The Ubercache (2013) Remember the Fallen (2013) The Two Mountains (2013) We called this genre “Personal Story / Drama” because it sounds classier than “not funny”. But “not funny” is actually what we mean and we're excited by the breadth of sub-genres. Documentaries, romances, fantasies, biographies… all contain an untold number of fresh plots that are ripe for the picking. #4 | Musical Not everyone is singing the praises of musicals, and we haven't seen too many of them pass the judges' table. But we think there's a real chance this year for someone to make it to the finals with geocaching's next big dancing or singing hit. (The author of this article would like to disclose at this time her complete and unequivocal enthusiasm for all musical GIFF submissions. She is not, however, a current GIFF judge). Only five musical films have ever made the finalist list in the past: That's Not Trash (2016) When I Geocache (2016) How to Geocache Like a Ballerina (2015) Geocaching Freak (2015) Spend a Little Time With You (2014) Why so few? Probably because adding an original musical score (or original choreography!) to a film requires a daunting additional modicum of effort. It can also be difficult to seamlessly layer music and/or dancing over an element of geocaching without it feeling forced. An effective option for someone creating a musical submission might be to choose a particular element of the game as their focus, then add music or dancing. For example, That's Not Trash is a catchy pseudo-rap that pokes fun at the fine line between discarded objects that can be used for making geocaches, and pure garbage. If you're going this direction with your submission, it's important to remember that the musical part of your film should be able to stand on its own without the backdrop of geocaching. In other words, the song should be pleasant, interesting, or entertaining to listen to and the dance performed well enough to be enjoyable or interesting to watch. #5 | The FTF Hunt Let's talk briefly about the FTF hunt as a plot tool in GIFF films. It's been done. Great, now that that's taken care of, let's move on to the next genre… Alright, alright. Of course you can still make a creative and finalist-worthy GIFF film about an FTF hunt. But we're telling you right now—it's not going to be easy. Because it really has been done before. Eight times in four years, in fact: FTFever (2017) The Art of Geocaching (2017) Spitting the Dummy (2016) The FTF Hunter (2016) The Deadliest Cache (2014) First to Find – The Woodland Hunt (2014) FTF (2013) FTF Huntress (2013) It's easy to understand why an FTF hunt makes a good film plot. There's built-in tension, because the fate of the FTF is hanging in the balance. There are heroes and anti-heroes. And it's a plot that's easy to twist: there was a third geocacher all along, and he's first to find; the cache itself was muggled, and nobody's first to find; the final cache is up a tree and our hero is afraid of heights! No denying it, FTF hunts are fun to imagine on the screen. But because we're so intimately familiar with how FTF hunts work both on screen and off, anyone pursuing this as a film idea really needs to do something totally unique. Maybe the production quality is stunning and the acting and dialogue exemplary. Maybe it's based on the true story of an FTF hunt that went totally wrong in a way we've never seen before. Perhaps it imagines what an FTF chase might be like with a very specific and unique cast of characters. Whatever the case, if you submit an FTF hunt film to GIFF, know that it may be judged against all other FTF hunt films ever submitted. Do your research. Watch previous FTF-themed finalists to know what's been done. Good luck! [...]

Uncover a new world of Hidden Creatures

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Recently, 13 sightings of magical creatures and otherworldly beings have been reported. Embark on a global adventure to try to witness these mythical creatures in their unique habitats. From June 27 through July 25, earn up to 13 mythical creature souvenirs by finding geocaches and attending events. For centuries, Hidden Creatures have fueled the imagination and provided supernatural explanations for the world around us. Once written off as simple mythology, a recent series of events now indicate these creatures might actually be real. Your challenge is to look for these creatures in their natural habitats and confirm the existence of as many as you can. Each week a new habitat will be introduced, beginning with Hidden Creatures of the forest and ending with a magical creature who lives among the stars. See how fast you can witness all of the creatures or take your time to find each one over all four weeks, the challenge is up to you! Find geocaches or attend events to increase your chances of seeing these mythical creatures and earn up to 13 souvenirs. Plus, share your adventures with #hiddencreatures for a chance to be featured on the Geocaching Blog. Find Hidden Creatures Have more questions? Visit the FAQ! [...]

So wird die Unwetterlage am Donnerstag und Freitag

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Am Donnerstag und Freitag steht uns eine Unwetterlage durch schwere Gewitter bevor. Dabei ist örtlich mit hohen Blitzraten, Hagel, Platzregen und Sturmböen zu rechnen.Mehr dazu: [...]

Unwetterlage am Donnerstag und Freitag durch schwere Gewitter

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Die Feuchtigkeit der Luft nimmt in den kommenden Tagen wieder zu. Aufgrund dessen sind besonders im Süden Deutschlands wieder teils kräftige Schauer und Gewitter möglich. Ab Donnerstagmittag könnte es eine Unwetterlage geben.Mehr dazu: [...]

Neue Hitzewelle: Mögliche Höchstwerte

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Schon ab Sonntag, 03. Juni, geht es bergauf mit den Temperaturen. Dann ist mit einer neuen Hitzewelle wieder mit Höchstwerten von teils über 30 Grad zu rechnen.Mehr dazu: [...]

Mit neuer Hitze neue Unwetter?

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In der kommenden Woche steht eine weitere Hitzewelle an. Die letzte ging mit Unwettern oder teils schweren Unwettern einher. Wie sieht es diesmal aus?Mehr dazu: [...]

30 Grad Marke an Fronleichnam geknackt!

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Am gestrigen Donnerstag klappte es endlich auch in Wien Favoriten und die 30 Grad Marke wurde geknackt. Knapp aber immerhin… Die Höchstwerte lagen am Feiertag bei [...]

Nächste Hitzewelle bereits in Sicht!

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Die Hitzewelle macht im Laufe des Freitags (01. Juni) bei heftigen Gewittern den Rückzug. Danach gibt es allerdings nur eine kurze Pause, denn die nächste Hitzewelle ist schon in Sicht.Mehr dazu: [...]

Lost – DHARMA Initiative — Geocache of the Week

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Letterbox Hybrid GC11EJJ by mitak Difficulty: 4.5 Terrain: 4.5 Location: Jihomoravský kraj, Czechia N 49° 11.583′ E 016° 33.805′ Lost may be an ironic name for a geocache, but not when you consider the popular TV show. In case you don't know about the show, here's a quick summary: the series took place on a mysterious, deserted, jungle island with secrets continuously uncovered by the cast as the plot progressed. One of the most groundbreaking discoveries was the DHARMA Initiative, and it could be a one for you too — if you find the geocache. The Difficulty and Terrain on Lost – DHARMA Initiative are intimidating, set at 4.5 of 5. It is a clever and laborious 7-stage Letterbox Hybrid that was “uncovered” near Brno, Czechia by Cache Owner mitak. Climb into secret hatches, explore the underground tunnels, and hike through a wilderness forest to get to each DHARMA station (Swan, Pearl, Flame, Arrow, Hydra, and Staff). The first step is to read the message on the cache page to prepare for your journey, the second step is to download the ZIP file which contains a secret website URL with instructions from DHARMA. Only once you're at the location can you find the missing piece to the next web URL and move on to the next stage. At each site, there are different puzzles that lead you through each step of the journey. At the final, the Letterbox contains a journal, some SWAG, likely trackables, and one DHARMA stamp, which is a symbol of pride for completing this cache. Whether you're a fan of multi-stage geocaches or the TV show, this cache is a hidden treasure to add to your bucket list. If you're planning a trip, the cache owner heeds caution not to do this mission alone, and you'll want to prepare accordingly ahead of time. Cache experiences like this are always nice to share with friends or family anyways. Does this sound like a mission you want to sign up for? Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form. [...]

Changes to the Geocaching HQ Newsletter

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Earlier this year we sent you a survey to learn more about your preferences around the Geocaching HQ Newsletter. Afterall, our goal with the newsletter is to send you valuable content that you can use to improve your geocaching experiences. Based on the feedback received, we are making the following changes to the newsletter: Basic members will now receive the newsletter on a monthly basis. Over 60% of Basic members who responded said they would prefer to receive the newsletter less frequently. Note: we know some updates need to be timely and we'll make sure you still receive those. Premium members will continue to receive the newsletter on a weekly basis. The newsletter will be called The Logbook by Geocaching HQ and will include Premium member sneak peeks to upcoming promotions, features, and more, as well as other relevant geocaching news. Geocaching is a global game and we'd like to work towards more localized content across all our platforms. Both the weekly and monthly English newsletters will still include links to translated content on the Geocaching blog in German, French, and Spanish. Additionally, The Logbook By Geocaching HQ (Premium member newsletter) will be emailed directly in German and French to those who have their home coordinates set in either of those countries. Each newsletter will have a link to easily provide feedback and you can update your email preferences anytime by visiting the Settings page while logged into your Geocaching account. We look forward to continuing to improve the Geocaching HQ Newsletter! [...]

Schwere Unwetter: Hier wird es am Dienstag richtig gefährlich

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Die letzten Tage hatten es bereits örtlich in sich, was Schauer und Gewitter angeht. Am Dienstag steht uns allerdings eine noch gefährlichere Wetterlage bevor.Mehr dazu: [...]

Hochbrisant: Schwere Unwetterlagen von Dienstag bis Donnerstag!

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Bereits am Sonntag, 27. Mai, und Montag, 28. Mai, stehen in Deutschland Unwetterlagen an. Doch ab Dienstag leg die Wetterküche noch eine Schippe drauf. Ab dann ist mit schweren Unwetterlagen zu rechnen, die große Teile der Bundesrepublik in Anspruch nehmen können...Mehr dazu: [...]

Erneut Unwetter: Schwere Gewitter am Sonntag

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Nach der Unwetterlage am Donnerstag, 24. Mai, steht am Sonntag, 27. Mai schon die nächste Unwetterlage vor der Tür. In einigen Regionen stehen somit schwere Gewitter mit hohen Blitzraten, Hagel, Platzregen und starken Windböen an.Mehr dazu: [...]
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