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Schnee-Intermezzo am Mittwoch im Osten Deutschlands

6. März 2018 // 0 Kommentare

Im Laufe der Woche wird es flächig milder; zumindest fast. In der Nacht zum Mittwoch (zum 07. März) zieht nämlich ein kleines Tiefdruckgebiet von Österreich und Bayern über den Osten Deutschlands. Dabei muss mit Schneefällen bis in tiefe Lagen gerechnet werden.Mehr dazu: [...]

In weniger als einer Woche: Örtlich 20 °C möglich!

5. März 2018 // 0 Kommentare

Die Eiszeit ist nun bundesweit vorbei. Ab jetzt wird es langsam aber sicher milder. Dieser Bergauf-Trend hält bis zum kommenden Wochenende, weswegen uns die 20 °C-Marke sehr nahe kommt!Mehr dazu: [...]

Vorsicht Glätte: Hier regnet es gerade bei Minuswerten

4. März 2018 // 0 Kommentare

Die Okklusion (Mischfront) von Tief "Ulrike" hat Deutschland erreicht. Beim Übergang zu milderer Luft fällt teils Regen oder Sprühregen, der bei geringen Minuswerten und/oder kaltem Boden gefriert. Mehr dazu: [...]

The final lap: Letzte Runde in Sachen Kälte!

2. März 2018 // 0 Kommentare

Die Nacht zum Donnerstag (zum 01. März) leitete aus meteorologischer Sicht den Frühling ein. Doch die Tiefstwerte waren alles andere als frühlingshaft! Das waren die kältesten Temperaturen:...Mehr dazu: [...]

How to earn almost 5,000 Favorite points: Interview with cache owner goblindust

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Creative caches are memorable. You hear about them from your friends, at events, or from our blog/social media. But what goes into them? Who is behind them? In Washington state, a name you hear often synonymous with innovative geocaches is “goblindust.” He has an array of caches unique from each other. Goblindust, also known as Scott Meyers, has been a member of geocaching for 15 years and hid his first cache on December 20, 2003. Since then his active caches have accumulated over 4,700 Favorite points. With that statistic in mind, it sounded like he might know a thing or two about cache hiding, so I sat down with goblindust to discuss who he is, where he finds his inspiration, and what tips he has for the rest of us. Geocaching HQ: What's your background outside of geocaching? Goblindust: Oh, I was born in the wild and lived among coyotes. No! (laughs) As far as my background goes I'm no engineer. A little bit of experience in electronics, but mostly I enjoy tearing things apart and sticking them back together…Appliances, cooking equipment, etc. Geocaching HQ: How and when did you hear about geocaching? Goblindust: 2003! I think I went to a park in Portland, Oregon for a concert and I found a little tube, it looked like a bug catching tube or something. It had a sticker on it that said, ‘don't take it' because it had to do with geocaching. I went home and looked it up, signed up, then went to REI to buy a GPS. The first cache I did was in Colorado. Geocaching HQ: Was the first cache you found the one that got you hooked? Goblindust: Yes, it was pretty fun and exciting. The cache was a Multi that was pretty difficult. Dummy me, first one should have been an easy one. Still was pretty cool to do and I enjoyed it. Geocaching HQ: Where did the name “goblindust” come from? Goblindust: Someone who didn't like me said I was like a goblin. I had to come up with a name on the spot, and I went with that thinking I would change it, but here we are. Geocaching HQ: What cache have you found that made an impression on you? Goblindust: The Raven's Labyrinth down in Arizona. You'll find a few keys in a tree, then it says to go back to the map box. You'll use the keys to open the box with hydraulics. You'll play around with the movements of the the box and electronically a steel ball drops down through a labyrinth, and you'll balance it and guide it to a hole. The side will open up and you'll sign the logbook. Though if you make it to the final hole, you get your name on a brass plaque. A geocacher attempting The Raven's LabyrinthGeocaching HQ: For you what makes a quality cache? Goblindust: I would say different, is the biggest thing. We've all done lamp skirts, but you could design a lamp skirt that is different. Think about what else it could do. Geocaching HQ: What's the best approach to a creative geocache? Goblindust: How do you tell people to be creative? First you need to think, “What do I want to do?” and it needs to be different than what someone else has done. Think of something new. I'll go into Goodwill and generate ideas then think of what can I do with that. For example birdhouses are easy to do because there are so many ways to open them. You can use magnets, hooks, latches. Geocaching HQ: You say you go to discount/thrift stores for inspiration. Do you have other means of finding inspiration? Goblindust: Discount stores are great because I don't want to spend a lot of money and people like to throw out wonderful stuff. You know, they removed the fire hydrant in front of my house and I asked the fire department if they would give me the old one. They wouldn't give it to me. But you got to look around and ask, what could I do with this? Any kind of hardware store is great or marine stores for waterproof stuff. Goblindust helped create a geocache featured on Geocaching HQ's GeoTour: GC32A0HGeocaching HQ: You have a number of complicated and intricate caches. Do you find it difficult to provide maintenance on them? Goblindust: Not difficult but they do require batteries sometimes. I often find that when building them I need to make them geocacher proof so they don't break it. How do I make a (geocache) so it cannot be forced open or destroyed by geocachers? One of the things I learned was to not use standard screws. I don't worry about muggles. None of my stuff is Premium only and I try not to have too many because it could turn into too much time and batteries. I try to make them as maintenance free as possible. Geocaching HQ: Do you have a favorite hide of your own? Goblindust: I would think Dr. Who is probably the favorite, because there was nothing like it at the time. It was fun to put together. It was a big challenge to me because when it was done it was still hard to find. It took a lot of effort to make it work and build. Geocaching HQ: Have you ever had an idea that you thought was impossible? Goblindust: No. I don't think anything is impossible. It's always doable but how much does it cost? How long will it last? The biggest thing is always where to put it. You'll need to pick somewhere safe so people cannot trash it out. Nothing is impossible, it's just time and effort. Pretty much anything I've built I've doubled the work with what didn't work, got stolen, or easily broken. Goblindust having fun at one of his pirate ship events hosted in Washington stateGeocaching HQ: What keeps you playing the game? Goblindust: The social aspect of it, mostly building the caches, but also the places it takes you to. It's good motivation to get you outside and to another country because of an event or special cache in the area. How can you add more creativity to your hides? If you challenge yourself to think outside the ammo can, keep an open mind, and always look for inspiration you'll be one step closer to a creative cache. Look around at other caches, or as goblindust does, visit second-hand stores and ask yourself what you want to do–and also if it needs batteries. [...]

So eisig wird der März!

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Der März hat eisig begonnen. Jetzt stehen mildere Luftmassen vor der Tür. In der milderen Luft muss allerdings häufig mit Niederschlägen gerechnet werden. Frühlingshafte Werte sind dabei nicht in Sicht. Die Tendenz geht in Richtung nasskaltes Winterwetter!Mehr dazu: [...]

Kälteste Nacht! Hier gab es die tiefsten Temperaturen!

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Die kälteste Nacht des Winters 2017/2018 – zumindest auf den bundesweiten Schnitt gesehen – ist vorbei! Das waren die tiefsten Messwerte der Nacht zum 28. Februar 2018:...Mehr dazu: [...]

Johnny Island’s Throne Room — Geocache of the Week

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Traditional GC57ZJR by goblindust Difficulty: 3 Terrain: 1.5 Location: Washington, United States N 46° 43.411′ W 122° 57.110′ Every now and then you come across a geocache that is so amazing that you have to sit down. You hear that it's great but it still exceeds your expectations. Johnny Island's Throne Room offers a surprise when you enter his room. But before you get inside you may question its mundane outer shell. Portable bathrooms don't typically provide a magical experience quite like this one does—it has anything but stinky reviews. Of the 817 geocachers who have found the cache 68% have awarded it a Favorite point. Not too bad for a geocache not near any major city or monument. So, what makes this cache so special? It starts with step number one, entering the cache. You need to bring a card with a magnetic strip to unlock the door then push the yellow knob to open it. Once inside there are a few things you may notice such as a special flusher, seat belt, TV, keypad, and panic button—it's pretty high tech in there. After following the prompts to unlock the toilet seat, sign the logbook lies found in the “chamber” awaiting your signature. Goblindust is a well known for his gadget caches, his attention to detail, and comic relief are a great combination as seen in this cache. In tandem with this Geocache of the Week we interviewed goblindust for tips and how he finds inspiration for his hides. Look for the article tomorrow. Click to view slideshow. [...]

Unwetter!? Was passiert nun am Freitag und Samstag?

1. März 2018 // 0 Kommentare

Vor wenigen Tagen wurde eine mögliche Unwetterlage am Freitag (02. März) und Samstag (03. März) verkündet. An diesen Tagen ziehen nämlich zwei Warmfronten mit Schnee, Eiskörnern und gefrierendem Regen über Deutschland. Doch wie sieht es nach aktuellstem Stand aus?Mehr dazu: [...]

Die kältesten Temperaturen der Nacht zum Dienstag!

28. Februar 2018 // 0 Kommentare

Die Nacht zum Dienstag (zum 27. Februar) war verbreitet wieder richtig eisig. Nahezu flächendeckend gab es Tiefstwerte um oder unter -10 °C. Das waren die kältesten Werte:...Mehr dazu: [...]

Kommende 7 Tage: Diese Wetterereignisse stehen an!

28. Februar 2018 // 0 Kommentare

Aktuelles Top-Thema ist natürlich die Kältewelle. Doch die Milderung steht ja schon seit einigen Tagen fest. Welche Wetterlagen erwarten uns in den kommenden sieben Tagen?Mehr dazu: [...]

Die kältesten Werte der Nacht zum Montag

27. Februar 2018 // 0 Kommentare

Die Nacht zum Montag (zum 26. Februar) war die erste richtig kalte Nacht der Kältewelle. Dabei gab es so gut wie flächendeckend Tiefstwerte unter -5 °C! Das waren die kältesten Werte:...Mehr dazu: [...]

Unwetter! Das erwartet uns von Donnerstag bis Samstag!

27. Februar 2018 // 0 Kommentare

Das Ende der Kältewelle steht fest. Von Donnerstag bis Samstag ziehen markante Warmfronten über Deutschland. Diese bringen uns mildere Luftmassen. Der Übergang verläuft allerdings nicht ohne Konsequenzen. In einigen Regionen ist mit Dauerschneefällen und/oder gefrierendem Regen zu rechnen; sogar Unwetter sind möglich! Mehr dazu: [...]

Kommt nach der Eiszeit der Frühling?

26. Februar 2018 // 0 Kommentare

Das Ende der Eiszeit ist in Sicht! Am kommenden Freitag (02. März) zieht sehr wahrscheinlich die Warmfront eines Tiefdruckgebietes über die Bundesrepublik. Rückseitig strömt mit möglichen weiteren Warmfronten deutlich mildere Luft zu uns.Mehr dazu: [...]
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