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Ritual geht weiter: Extreme Hitze von Montag bis Mittwoch

3. August 2018 // 0 Kommentare

Man kann es sich ja schon erahnen, dass nach der jetzigen Hitzewelle eine weitere kommt. Die nächste beginnt am kommenden Montag, 06. August, und endet am Mittwoch, 08. August.Mehr dazu: [...]

The Revenge Of Team Psycho #1 – Treasure Island – Geocache of the Week

2. August 2018 // 0 Kommentare

Traditional Cache GC6Z4NP by lpyankeefan Difficulty: 5 Terrain: 5 Location: Maryland, United States N 52° 28.379′ E 007° 33.964′ Call the crew! You need to assemble your best geocaching team to capture the daunting terrain 5 cache at ‘Treasure Island.' In the middle of the meandering Potomac River between Sharpsburg, Maryland, and Shepherdstown, West Virginia, sits three weathered stone pillars of what appears to be remnants of an old bridge. Life has found its way on top of the eroding pillars. Tree roots grapple the sides, clenching onto its weathered base, and provide holds to stabilize those who climb to the cache. With words like “revenge,” “psycho,” and “treasure” in the title, how could this not be an exciting cache? A collaborative effort by lpyankeefan and Fergus was needed to come up with the idea and place this cache they say “…has been designed only for the most daring and wild geocachers who thoroughly enjoy risking their lives and limbs—and sanity—in pursuit of their sport. Scraped skin, torn clothes, and broken bones are all possible if this cache is attempted without proper safety precautions.” Before attempting this cache, be sure to gather all the necessary climbing equipment: harness, carabiners, slings, daisy chain, helmet, and etrier are all recommended. Due to the technical nature of the climb, doing this cache with a partner or friend is required. Oh, and there's one more factor—it's in the middle of a river! Kayaking to the pillar is recommended to conserve energy and to carry the equipment needed to get to the top. After you paddle to the pillar, anchor your top ropes, and slip into your harnesses it's time to ascend to the top. The treasure you seek on ‘Treasure Island' is a large ammo can safely anchored at the top of the pillar. Cache logs warn, however, the climb up isn't as easy as the climb down. Satisfaction settles in pretty quickly once the kayaks are pulled to shore, equipment is put away, and the view of the pillar is from safe and stable ground. What special equipment or tools have you used to find a geocache? Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form. [...]

Neue Hitzewelle bringt ab Donnerstag erneut mehr als 35 Grad

2. August 2018 // 0 Kommentare

Die nächste Hitzewelle steht vor der Tür. Schon am Donnerstag, 02. August, zeigt des Thermometer wieder flächig mehr als 30 Grad; in einigen Tieflagen sind erneut Werte von mehr als 35 Grad zu erwarten.Mehr dazu: [...]

Geocache swims across the English Channel

1. August 2018 // 0 Kommentare

Seymour Tower at low tideFinding the Traditional Cache L'Avarizon (GCWNGX) on the island of Jersey is no small feat. You must walk over a mile from the shore along a rugged coastline during low tide, making sure not to get stranded when high tide rolls in. Through an unusual series of events, a child stumbled upon the cache—when it washed ashore, over 100 miles (160 km) away on the other side of the English Channel in West Sussex, UK! The cache crossed the English Channel from Jersey to Sussex, UKIn June of 2006, a Traditional Cache was placed at Seymour Tower along a crack in the wall. Built in 1792 as a coastal defense tower, visitors now come from all over the world to explore the area and stay overnight in the historic tower. Since its original placement the cache has been found over 130 times, amassed 60 Favorite points, and passed through three cache owners. Seymour tower as the tide rolls inTwelve years after publication, the cache was found by a young lad walking along the beach over the weekend with his family. But the funny thing is that he didn't find the cache in Jersey. He found it along the Selsey Beach in West Sussex, on the other side of the English Channel, over 120 miles away! Seymour Tower from the shore at high tideExcited that he had found some sort of buried treasure, the child brought the container to school on Monday to show his class and teacher. The teacher happens to be a geocacher (Plunkies) who realized that this was a lost cache. Being the resourceful sort (as most teachers and geocachers are), she looked up the GC code to discover what an amazing journey this little container had made. Plunkies contacted the current cache owner (Fauvic). The cache owner told the teacher to let the little boy keep his treasure and replaced the container for others to enjoy. Current cache owners Alan and Jan (Fauvic) at the cache locationHere is part of the note written on the cache page from Plunkies: I work in a Primary School in Saltdean, East Sussex; on Monday, a pupil in my class came to me excited as he'd found some treasure at the weekend. He showed me the plastic container, and its contents which were a very rusty key shaped metal money clip, a 500 Tanzanian Shilling note and a small notebook. The writing within the notebook was totally illegible however, the boy pointed out to me some “secret” language and codes which potentially lead to more treasure – he was beside himself with excitement!! I realised it was geocaching language that gave the cache name and GC code and the geocaching website! Here comes the amazing part….. he said that he found it soaking as it had been in the sea and washed up on the beach he was visiting for a holiday – Selsey Beach, West Sussex, on mainland UK!!! Amazingly – somehow – this little box had travelled all the way up across the Channel – facing some pretty rough conditions and landed on this beach to be found by an innocent passer by!! Perhaps the cache fell into the sea or was washed away by a rogue and strong wave, but it's astounding to imagine how the container stayed intact and floated across the English Channel. So geocacher owners, make sure your cache containers can withstand the elements. You never know what the weather will bring, or if it will take your cache on an epic journey! Some caches become rainbow connections [...]

Lokal unwetterartige Gewitter am Mittwoch

1. August 2018 // 0 Kommentare

Am Mittwoch, 01. August, wird die extreme Hitzewelle durch eine Kaltfront beendet. Beim Übergang zu der (etwas) kühleren Luft entstehen lokal unwetterartige Schauer und Gewitter.Mehr dazu: [...]

Nächste Hitzewelle(n) schon in Sichtweite

31. Juli 2018 // 0 Kommentare

Am Mittwoch, 01. August, wird die aktuelle Hitzewelle beendet. Klingt nach Erfrischung; allerdings folgt die nächste mit nahezu nahtlosem Übergang…Mehr dazu: [...]

Heißester Tag: Das erwartet uns am Dienstag

30. Juli 2018 // 0 Kommentare

Am Dienstag, 31. Juli, steht der heißeste Tag der aktuellen Hitzewelle an. Dabei sind extreme Werte von häufig um oder über 35 Grad zu erwarten!Mehr dazu: [...]

Hitzewelle in Wien-Favoriten! 28.07.2018

28. Juli 2018 // 0 Kommentare

Eine mehrtägige Hitzewelle rollt nun auf Favoriten zu mit Werten um die 33 bis sogar 35 Grad, dazu werden wir wieder Tropennächte bekommen. Die Gewittergefahr ist in den [...]

Extreme Werte: So heftig wird die nächste Hitzewelle!

28. Juli 2018 // 0 Kommentare

Nachdem uns die aktuelle extreme Hitzewelle Höchstwerte von teils mehr als 35 Grad gebracht hat, erwarten wir ab Sonntag, 29. Juli die nächste extreme Hitzewelle. Dabei sind erneut Werte von deutlich mehr als 35 Grad möglich.Mehr dazu: [...]

Lokale Unwetter am Samstag möglich

27. Juli 2018 // 0 Kommentare

Die extreme Hitzewelle verabschiedet sich am Samstag, 28. Juli. Beim Übergang zu der etwas kühleren Luft bilden sich dann teils kräftige Schauer und Gewitter, die lokal sogar unwetterartig ausfallen können.Mehr dazu: [...]

Totale Mondfinsternis: So stehen die Chancen auf gute Sicht!

26. Juli 2018 // 0 Kommentare

Am Freitagabend steht eine totale Mondfinsternis an. Für den, der sie sehen möchte, spielt das Wetter – inbesondere die Bewölkung – eine wichtige Rolle.Mehr dazu: [...]

Stonehenge in the Desert — Geocache of the Week

26. Juli 2018 // 0 Kommentare

Traditional GC6H1TZ by Kris32 Difficulty: 1.5 Terrain: 1.5 Location: Las Vegas, USA N 35° 50.385 W 115° 16.158 Traditional Cache “Stonehenge in the Desert”About twenty minutes southwest of Las Vegas, Nevada, just off the Interstate 15, you'll see something extremely unusual, even for “Sin City”. No, it's not a fancy casino, an ostentatious neon sign, or even the ghost of Elvis. What appears to be a mirage is real: seven towers, each about 30 feet tall, assembled from enormous boulders stacked on top of one another and painted in contrasting fluorescent colors. And, of course, there's a geocache there. Geocaching can bring you to new and strange locationsOne of the most gratifying elements of geocaching is finding caches in places that you may not normally discover. Sometimes this is an amazing view or a creative cache, and, sometimes, it's a strange location. The container has changed since this photo was taken—no spoilers here!Traditional Cache “Stonehenge in the Desert” was hidden on May 4, 2016, coinciding with a public reveal of the art installation “Seven Magic Mountains”. The container was originally hidden closer to the structure but the cache owner moved to be amongst the brush, further away from the crowds. This geocache rocksThe desert is already a bizarre and mysterious place with plenty of lore about alien abductions and unusual stories. These towers make this spot seem like something from literally, out of this world. And the boulders are quite large (as boulders tend to be) and make for some cool Instagram or photo opportunities! Heading to the cache? Plan accordingly!If you head to this cache, plan accordingly. There are no restrooms, no convenience stores, no souvenir stands, and no bar. And geocachers, make sure to bring a pen. Mighty bouldersAccording to Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone who created the work, “Seven Magic Mountains elicits continuities and solidarities between human and nature, artificial and natural, then and now.” The exhibit opened on May 11, 2016, and was only intended to be on view for two years, but the artist and producers are working to allow the installation to stay for several more years, or at least through the end of 2018. Where is the most bizarre location you've found a geocache? Desert geocaching can be ruffContinue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form. [...]

GIFF films due next week!

25. Juli 2018 // 0 Kommentare

The deadline to submit a film to the 2018 Geocaching International Film Festival is August 1st, 2018! If you're a GIFF filmmaker, it's time to put the finishing touches on your film reel, double-check the contest rules, upload your film to Vimeo, and fill out the GIFF submission form. Then, sit back, relax, and plan your next geocaching adventure. What's next?All eligible film submissions will be judged by a Geocaching HQ panel of judges who will choose approximately 16 finalist films, based on the criteria below. The 16 finalist films will be shared outside of Geocaching HQ with selected geocaching Community Volunteers from around the world. The Community Volunteers will view the finalist films and choose an overall winner (the Signal Award). The Geocaching HQ judges and the geocaching Community Volunteer judges will judge all submissions based on the following criteria: Production quality Content Creativity Contribution to the global geocaching community All judging will be completed by August 31, 2018. Filmmakers will be notified via email about the results of the competition in early September. The 16 (or so) finalist films will be aired at worldwide GIFF Events November 8, 2018 to November 12, 2018. Host a GIFF EventIt's almost time to start planning your GIFF Event! You will be able to create and submit a GIFF Event on after August 8, 2018. For more information on hosting a GIFF Event, check out this FAQ page, and these tips. Need inspiration for Event ideas? Here are 39 great moments from GIFF 2017! [...]
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