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¡La semana del CITO empieza este sábado!

12. April 2016 // 0 Kommentare

Consigue un souvenir limpiando el planeta Imagina que estás en medio de un bosque. La luz del sol brilla entre los árboles y sientes cómo te roza una suave brisa. En este momento repleto de paz, piensas en los exploradores que estuvieron justo en el lugar donde ahora te encuentras. El geocaching conecta a los aventureros— en el pasado, presente y futuro — mediante experiencias compartidas de admiración y deleite. Pero es importante recordar que esas experiencias solo existen gracias al bello e interesante planeta que es el tablero de juego del geocaching. Desde los inicios del juego, los geocachers se han unido en una iniciativa medioambiental denominada Cache In Trash Out®. Durante años, los geocachers le han devuelto parte de lo recibido al tablero de juego del geocaching plantando árboles, recogiendo basura, restaurando hábitats naturales y más. ¡Tu oportunidad de involucrarte casi está aquí! La XIV semana anual del CITO comienza esta sábado, desde el 16 al 24 de abril. Mánchate las manos (o los guantes) en un evento CITO durante esa semana para conseguir un souvenir especial. Visita el Blog de Geocaching para aprender más sobre el CITO. Encuentra un evento CITO cerca de ti. [...]

Diesen Samstag startet die CITO-Woche!

12. April 2016 // 0 Kommentare

Verdiene Dir ein neues Souvenir, indem Du den Planet aufräumst Stell Dir vor, Du bist draußen mitten im Wald. Die Sonne scheint durch die Bäume und ein leichter Wind weht an Dir vorbei. In diesem friedlichen Augenblick denkst Du an die Erforscher, die an der Stelle gestanden haben, wo Du jetzt gerade stehst. Geocaching verbindet Abenteurer – aus der Vergangenheit, Gegenwart und Zukunft – durch geteilte Erfahrungen voller Wunder und Freude. Aber es ist wichtig daran zu denken, dass es diese Erfahrungen nur wegen des schönen und interessanten Planeten gibt, der das Spielbrett von Geocaching ist. Seit den frühen Tagen des Spiels haben sich Geocacher in einer Umweltschutz-Bewegung zusammengeschlossen, die sich “Cache In Trash Out”® nennt. Über Jahre hinweg haben Geocacher ihrem Spielbrett etwas zurückgegeben, indem sie Bäume pflanzten, Müll sammelten, Naturräume wiederherstellten und vieles mehr. Deine Chance mitzumachen ist fast da! Die 14. jährliche CITO-Woche beginnt an diesem Samstag, vom 16.-24. April. Mach Dir die Hände (oder Handschuhe) schmutzig bei einem CITO-Event während dieser Woche, um Dir ein spezielles Souvenir zu verdienen. Besuche den Geocaching-Blog, um mehr über CITO zu erfahren. Suche ein CITO-Event in Deiner Nähe. [...]

Geocaching Employee Spotlight: Tom, Veep of Marketing & Merch

11. April 2016 // 0 Kommentare

This is part of a series of blog posts shining a spotlight on the people of Geocaching HQ. We hope to show you the “geo-who” behind the “geo-what”. What is your name?Tom Phillips Tom skiingYeah, but what's your Username?VIATRU How did you come up with your username? When I first moved to Seattle back in 2000, I worked on a wonderful start up business called World2market. We used the internet to create a global marketplace for third world artisans. It was an amazing project and along the way we considered other company names. One was VIATRU. What is your job title? I am the VP of Marketing and Merchandise here at Geocaching HQ Tom and one of Geocaching's little buddies – StumpyWhat does your job title actually mean? In other words, how do you explain what you do to someone that has no idea what you do? I am very privileged to have the opportunity to serve the geocaching community in two ways. 1) I work with our merchandise team to make sure geocachers around the world can find the physical products they need to create, share and enjoy the game of geocaching. 2) I work with our marketing team to make sure the geocaching community stays connected and informed with what's going on both here at HQ and around the world. Tom (upper right) with come of the Geocaching HQ crew on a team outingTell us about your geocaching style (exotic locations / quality over quantity)? I am definitely an explorer when it comes to Geocaching. I love geocaches that take me somewhere new or challenge me with a new experience. Geocaching has taken me into caves, up trees and into the woods in the middle of the night. I love this stuff!! What's something that surprises you about geocaching – whether it's the game itself, working at headquarters, or anything else? From the day I was first introduced to geocaching back in 2004, I have been both inspired and amazed by the enthusiasm, support, creativity and endless imagination of geocachers around the world. Treasure TrackersWhat's the best piece of geocaching advice or information you ever learned? Three simple words, “Let's go Geocaching”. I said yes and 12 years later I'm still having a blast!!! [...]

3-D House — Geocache of the Week

8. April 2016 // 0 Kommentare

Traditional GC5BEED by Lisje2000 Difficulty: 4.5 Terrain: 1 Location: Gelderland, Netherlands N 51° 49.105 E 005° 48.293 Not many Cache Owners can say they made their cache using a printer. Of those, even fewer can say they built the printer themselves. Geocacher Lisje2000 did both. 3-D printing was solidified as a hobby for Lisje2000 when they built their own 3-D printer in March 2014. You heard right—they built their own 3-D printer. Lucky geocachers may get a private viewing of the 3-D printer when the cache owners are home.Much of the geocache itself is made of wood, but many of the parts were printed. A number of the objects found inside the cache were also 3-D printed. The cache is disguised as a birdhouse displaying the CO's street number.Making the cache using the 3-D printer wasn't an easy job. The CO's estimate it took at least 132 hours to print all the parts that are currently in the cache…not to mention all the failed attempts at making other parts. The roof of the birdhouse alone took at least 40 hours. Inside the cache are various 3-D printed artifacts, some of which one might conceivably find in a regular living room: lamps, bookshelves with busts, even a tiny laptop. Can you spot the geocaching logos?Opening the cache requires some clever thinking and attention to detail, hence the Difficulty rating—but be careful! Some of the pieces are delicate, and nothing should be forced in order to retrieve the logbook. A peek into the attic window reveals the guardians of the logbook.An intrepid you geocacher makes the find.Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form. [...]

Presentando la potente nueva búsqueda (sin bromas)

6. April 2016 // 0 Kommentare

La búsqueda mundial te da superpoderes de geocaching Admitimos que la Búsqueda Sideral fue una broma divertida (ver el siguiente artículo), pero prometemos que nuestra nueva función es real al 100%. ¿Has pensado alguna vez cuál es el geocaché con más favoritos del mundo? ¿Has querido alguna vez encontrar el geocaché de terreno 5 más valorado? Ahora ya puedes. Presentamos la búsqueda a nivel mundial: Encuentra geocachés en cualquier parte del mundo a partir de palabras clave, combinaciones D/T, tipos de geocaché y más — sin necesidad de acotar la zona de búsqueda. ¿Y la restricción de búsqueda limitada a 50 km/30 millas? Eliminada. El planeta Tierra es ahora tu campo de juego. También puedes guardar estas potentes búsquedas como listas y acceder a ellas desde tu dispositivo de geocaching. Obtén más información en el Blog de Geocaching. Ir a Jugar [...]

Introducing Worldwide Search

6. April 2016 // 0 Kommentare

Planet Earth is Now (Officially) Your Playfield We admit Galaxy Search was a fun joke, but we promise that our newest feature is 100% real. Say hello to Worldwide Search. Now, with just a few clicks, you can see a leaderboard of the most favorited geocaches or learn just how many Terrain 5 geocaches there are — in the world. That's right. We said it. In the world. The whole world. Planet Earth is now your playfield. With this latest update to the geocache search page, you can: Find geocaches anywhere in the world based on keywords, D/T ratings, geocache types and more — no search origin needed. The 30 mile/50 kilometer restriction on searches? For Premium members, this restriction is now gone. See an accurate count of matching results for all searches. Take your new search superpowers for a test drive by trying out these searches: See the geocaches with the most Favorite Points — in the world. Planning a vacation? Find exactly the geocaches you want within any radius. Learn how many Terrain 5, Difficulty 5 geocaches there are in Germany. Answer that question you've always wanted to ask: How many geocaches have “Mars” in their name? How will you use your new search superpowers (for good, not evil, of course)? Tell us in the comments below. Search for Geocaches [...]

Nous vous présentons un nouvel outil de recherche puissant (sans blague)

6. April 2016 // 0 Kommentare

La recherche mondiale vous donne des super-pouvoirs pour le géocaching Nous reconnaissons que la recherche galactique était une bonne blague (voir le prochain article), mais nous vous promettons que notre toute nouvelle fonctionnalité est vraie à 100%. Vous êtes-vous déjà demandé quelle était la géocache la plus favorisée, ou combien il y a de géocaches de Terrain 5 dans le monde ? Désormais c'est possible. Voici la Recherche Mondiale : Trouvez des géocaches partout dans le monde en vous basant sur des mots-clés, des valeurs D/T, des types de géocaches et plus encore — plus de point de référence requis. [...]

Einfährung einer effektiven neuen Suchfunktion (kein Scherz)

6. April 2016 // 0 Kommentare

Wir geben zu, die Galaxis-Suche war ein lustiger Witz (siehe auch nächster Artikel), aber wir versprechen, dass unsere nächste Funktion zu 100% echt ist. Hast Du Dich je gefragt, welches der beliebteste Geocache der Welt ist? Wolltest Du jemals den T5-Geocache finden, der die meisten Favoritenpunkte hat? Das kannst Du jetzt tun. Hier kommt die weltweite Suche: Sucht Geocaches auf der ganzen Welt nach Stichworten, D/T-Wertungen, Geocache-Arten und noch mehr — Du brauchst keinen Ausgangspunkt zum Suchen. Die 30-Meilen-/50-Kilometer-Begrenzung? Weg! Jetzt ist der ganze Planet Erde Dein Spielfeld. Diese tollen Suchergebnisse kannst Du auch als Lesezeichenlisten speichern und sie auf Deinem Geocaching-Gerät nutzen. Mehr Informationen findest Du im Geocaching-Blog. [...]

¿Has pillado la broma?

6. April 2016 // 0 Kommentare

La broma de los inocentes de este año se lleva a los geocachers al espacio. El geocaching va de divertirse. Así que, naturalmente, nos encanta el día de los inocentes. El pasado viernes, 1 de abril, os presentamos una nueva funcionalidad llamada Búsqueda Sideral. Una herramienta para comenzar a planificar tu mayor aventura de geocaching jamás vivida hasta el momento — en el espacio. (Colega, queremos que esta funcionalidad sea real… ¡quizás algún día!). Nuestro astronauta favorito, Rick Mastracchio, incluso ya jugó “escondiendo” su primer geocaché, también en el espacio. En el caso de que te lo hayas perdido, puedes ver la Búsqueda Sideral y toda la diversión aquí. Esta broma de los inocentes también sirvió como increíble oportunidad para presentar la película “Galaxycache”, realizada por el geocacher aak7 para el Festival Internacional de Cine sobre Geocahing del 2013. Esta película responde con valentía a la pregunta que nadie se atreve a preguntar: ¿qué haces cuando no te quedan más geocachés que buscar? (Pista: mira al cielo, de forma espectacular). Ver Galaxycache. Hablando del GIFF, ya está abierto el plazo de envío para el GIFF 2016. Descubre todo lo que necesitas saber sobre el envío de películas aquí. [...]

Geocaching HQ Announces Historic Expansion of Search

2. April 2016 // 0 Kommentare

Buoyed by the knowledge that someone has found every geocache on Earth, Geocaching HQ has taken the next logical step to keep pace with the game's growth. With today's website release and introduction of Galaxy Search, players can now search for geocaches in space. This historic development is nearly eight years in the making. The HQ team first began investigating the possibility of an all-encompassing Search tool when Richard Garriott (Username: LordBritish) placed his International Space Station geocache in 2008. Astronaut Rick Mastracchio (Username: AstroRM) was FTF on that cache in 2013. Shortly thereafter, Mastracchio informed Geocaching HQ of his desire to place another space cache during his time in orbit. At that point, it became clear that work on Galaxy Search must begin immediately. Upon completing and implementing Galaxy Search, our developers made a stunning discovery. Search results yielded not only the International Space Station geocache and Astronaut Mastracchio's new geocache, but also a previously unknown geo-art collection of more than 60 cache listings! These amazing geocaches were placed by such luminaries as James T. Kirk, Luke Skywalker, Ziggy Stardust and others. We're thrilled to now share these far-out geocaches with the community. Simply visit the Search and check out the latest featured search. Alternatively, players can download the public Bookmark List of space geocaches. With the recent addition of Offline Lists to the Geocaching® app, players can easily save these new caches to mobile devices, making it easier than ever to go geocaching in space! [...] kündigt eine historische Erweiterung der Suchfunktion an

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Angetrieben von der Annahme, dass jemand bereits alle auf der Erde vorhandenen Geocaches gefunden hat, kommt jetzt der nächste logische Schritt seitens des Geocaching-Hauptquartiers, um das Spiel weiter voranzutreiben und auszubauen. Mit dem heutigen Update der Website wird die Weltall-Suche eingeführt, mit der alle Mitspieler nun nach Geocaches im Weltraum suchen können. Seit fast acht Jahren wurde an dieser historischen Entwicklung gearbeitet. Als Richard Garriott (Benutzername LordBritish) 2008 seinen Geocache auf der Internationalen Raumstation versteckte, begannen Mitarbeiter im Geocaching-Hauptquartier bereits damit, die Möglichkeiten für eine allumfassende Suchfunktion zu erforschen. Astronaut Rick Mastracchio (Benutzername AstroRM) holte sich 2013 den FTF für diesen Geocache. Kurz darauf informierte Mastracchio das Geocaching-Hauptquartier, dass auch er einen Geocache im Weltall auslegen wolle, während er sich im Orbit um die Erde befand. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt wurde klar, dass die Arbeit an der Weltall-Suche sofort beginnen musste. Nachdem die Weltall-Suche abgeschlossen und verwirklicht worden war, machten unsere Softwareentwickler eine verblüffende Entdeckung. Suchergebnisse zeigten nicht nur den Geocache auf der Internationalen Raumstation oder den neuen Geocache von Astronaut Mastracchio, sondern ebenfalls eine zuvor unbekannte Geo-Art-Sammlung, die aus mehr als 60 Geocachelistings besteht! Diese unvergleichlichen Geocaches wurden von Stars wie James T. Kirk, Luke Skywalker, Ziggy Stardust und anderen versteckt. Wir sind begeistert, dass wir diese fernen Geocaches nun mit der Community teilen können. Besucht einfach die und schaut Euch die neuste Weltall-Suchfunktion an. Alternativ könnt Ihr die öffentliche Lesezeichenliste der Weltraum-Geocaches herunterladen. Seit neustem können Geocacher mit der Offline-Funktion in der Geocaching®-App zudem Geocaches ganz einfach auf Ihren Mobilgeräten speichern. Diese Funktion wird Geocaching im Weltall noch einfacher machen. [...] anuncia la histórica expansión de su herramienta de búsqueda

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Alentado por la noticia de que alguien ha encontrado todos los geocachés de la Tierra, Geocaching HQ ha dado el siguiente paso lógico, para estar a la altura del crecimiento del juego. Con la actualización de la página de hoy y la introducción a la Búsqueda Sideral, los jugadores ya pueden buscar geocachés en el espacio. Esta actualización histórica ha necesitado de ocho años de desarrollo. El equipo HQ empezó investigando la posibilidad de una herramienta de búsqueda que abarque cualquier posibilidad cuando Richard Garriott (usuario LordBritish) colocó su primer geocaché en la Estación Espacial Internacional el 2008. El astronauta Rick Mastracchio (usuario AstroRM) fue el FTF de ese geocaché el 2013. Poco después, Mastracchio informó a Geocaching HQ de su deseo de colocar otro caché espacial durante su tiempo en órbita. En ese momento, quedó claro que se debía empezar a trabajar en la Búsqueda Sideral de inmediato. Tras completar la implementación de la Búsqueda Sideral, nuestros desarrolladores hicieron un descubrimiento asombroso. Los resultados de la búsqueda dieron como resultado no sólo el geocaché de la Estación Espacial Internacional y el nuevo del astronauta Mastracchio, ¡sino también una colección de geo-arte de más de 60 fichas de cachés, desconocidas hasta entonces! Estos alucinantes geocachés fueron colocados por lumbreras como James T. Kirk, Luke Skywalker, Ziggy Stardust y otros. Nos emociona compartir ahora estos lejanos geocachés con la comunidad. Sencillamente, visita la página de búsqueda de y comprueba la última herramienta de búsqueda. Por otra parte, los jugadores pueden descargar la lista de favoritos de los cachés espaciales. ¡Con la reciente aparición de las listas sin conexión en la app Geocaching®, los jugadores pueden guardar los nuevos cachés en sus dispositivos móviles, haciendo más fácil que nunca hacer geocaching en el espacio! [...]

Turnagain Arm Tidal Bore Earthcache — Geocache of the Week

1. April 2016 // 0 Kommentare

EarthCache GCN6YV by NorthWes Difficulty: 2.5 Terrain: 1 Location: Alaska, United States N 60° 55.688 W 149° 20.845 It was almost 11 years ago, but geocacher and HQ employee Prying Pandora remembers the moment well. Prying Pandora was with CENT5, also visiting Alaska on a geocaching trip, and NorthWes, a local Alaskan and geocacher who was their tour guide for the day. As they drove along the dramatically scenic Seward Highway in a rented minivan, they took in the never-ending range of snowcapped peaks, and fjords filling with and spilling out water. Suddenly there came a cry from the back of the car. “BORE TIDE!!!” It was NorthWes, who had caught sight of the phenomenon that his EarthCache, GCN6YV, describes. The van immediately stopped, everybody piled out (some more or less confused as to what was happening) and NorthWes explained what they were seeing. Later, in her log, Prying Pandora wrote, “What a totally cool thing to witness, and unbelievable luck to have caught it!” You see, this EarthCache is all about a bore, but it's not boring. Turnagain Arm is a waterway off the Cook Inlet in the Gulf of Alaska. The Arm's unique combination of topography and tidal activity results in the geological feature that's at the heart of this EarthCache: the tidal bore. Before you say, “No, you're a tidal bore!” let's talk about what ‘tidal bore' means. Basically, it's a wave—a very, very special wave. It's the individual large wave caused by a sudden influx of water rushing into a narrow, shallow inlet that's still draining water from the previous tide. The rush of water coming into the inlet runs right into the draining water going out in the opposite direction, and boom! Well…slosh. Making it to the right spot in time to catch that wave's journey through Turnagain Arm (and take a photo of it) is the task prescribed in this Geocache of the Week. Possibly the only EarthCache in which you might be photo-bombed by surfers.A close-up of the tidal bore.Alaska, the beautiful!Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form. [...]

Geocaching Adventures in Las Vegas

30. März 2016 // 0 Kommentare

By Jen Pearce, Geocaching HQ Employee Have you been to Seattle, home of Geocaching HQ, in the winter time? It rains here — a LOT and we just had our wettest winter on record. Many Seattleites try to visit sunnier climates during this season, and the employees at HQ are no different. So where to? Factoring in our limited time (a weekend), our shared interest (geocaching), and our greatest desire (to see the sun), we decided to go to Las Vegas, Nevada! Our first stop was Route 66, a historic highway that runs from Chicago, IL to Santa Monica, CA. The highway fell out of use in the 80s when the Interstate Highway System was created, leaving behind ample, rarely-disturbed space for geocaches. “Bruning” (made popular by one of our beloved Portuguese reviewers).Our next stop was Hofbräuhaus Beer Hall for GC6BJG6, an Event Cache to meet up with local and visiting geocachers in Las Vegas. Group shot! Not pictured: The 4 Musketeers (composed of Huntersam, Necrolink, Cedestelle, and Comètes) who came all the way from France.Our last stop was the Valley of Fire, Nevada's oldest and largest state park. The park is home to petroglyphs, gorgeous red sandstone ranges, EarthCaches, and the final resting place of Captain Kirk from the movie Star Trek: Generations. The peak seen in the movie is called Silica Dome, which also happens to host GC4Z3F6: an EarthCache by Landondena. There is an “easy” way to reach the dome and a “hard” way — we took the hard way. Other notable EarthCaches (and a Virtual!) we found within the park: GC1PPNP, GC1PPNG, GCH723 (limited time meant leaving the park before we found all of the caches). Moun10BikeThe next time you venture through Nevada, keep an eye out for the Lackeys on Tour stamp in the local logs. HQ'ers were here.Until next time… Left to right: itschautime, Heather Feather, Love, oceansazul, catfax, Moun10Bike, and Sassy Bandit [...]
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