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GeoTour completed? Souvenir earned!

22. Mai 2018 // 0 Kommentare

This blog post was written by geocaching veteran, Geocaching HQ employee and purple enthusiast, MissJenn. Are you one of the people who recently received a souvenir for completing one of these official GeoTours? Congratulations! We hope you enjoyed the surprise. Do you have questions? We have answers. Are you a person who has never been on a GeoTour? We have answers for you, too! First things first:Souvenirs are virtual pieces of art displayed on your public profile. GeoTours combine geocaching and travel to uplevel your vacations. With this latest update, we've combined them for a WIN-WIN-WIN combination! Today players around the world are receiving a souvenir for any live GeoTour they have completed. Pack your bags! The hardest part will be choosing which GeoTour to do first. GeoTours are official collections of geocaches that serve as self-guided, themed tours around historic sites, parks, cities, and more. They are often sponsored by local tourism boards, historical associations, or national park systems. Local experts pick out the best places to visit. Players using the official GeocachingⓇ app while on location enjoy the dedicated section that makes GeoTour completion easy to track (see image above). How do I qualify for a GeoTour souvenir?Find all active and temporarily disabled caches on an active GeoTour to earn their unique souvenir. Archived caches are not part of the requirement. One of the caches on the GeoTour was disabled when I was there. Do I still get the souvenir?Sorry, but no. You have not completed the GeoTour. You'll have to try the cache when it can be found again. We understand that a return trip to that location may be difficult. What is the “acquired on” date?The “acquired on” date is when you receive any digital souvenir. Although you completed a GeoTour sometime between 2012 and May 21, 2018, the “acquired on” date will display as May 21, 2018 and cannot be adjusted. If you complete a GeoTour after today, the “acquired on” date will be the actual date that you complete that GeoTour. What about the numbers?The total number of caches on a GeoTour may increase or decrease over time. Your friend who completes the GeoTour at a different time than you may earn the same souvenir by finding a different number of caches. You'd both get the same completion souvenir. What about the physical prizes?Some GeoTours offer geocoins and/or other prizes. Those are unrelated to the completion souvenir. I own some caches on a GeoTour. How can I get that souvenir?First find all of the GeoTour caches that you do not own. Then contact us specifying your username and which GeoTour you completed using the section “06. Souvenirs.” Will you make a souvenir available for completing GeoTours that used to be listed in the directory?Our goal is to offer a souvenir for the completion of every GeoTour. We will decide about now-retired GeoTours based on the initial roll out. Did you know?Both Basic and Premium members can find and log GeoTour geocaches of all types and difficulty and terrain ratings! See the Premium vs. Basic membership features chart. So where are you going?Discover the possibilities at our global GeoTour directory. Plan with interactive maps and use the official GeocachingⓇ app while on location. SamuelStem found a geocache *and* The Shy Bigfoot while on the Bonneville Bigfoots Search GeoTour (GT3E). What might you find? [...]

Request a DuckTales trackable and help the Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Webby find hidden treasure!

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The kids of DuckTales are back in town and on an adventure of a lifetime. Will you help Huey the “The Explorer”, Dewey the “The Adventurer”, Louie the “The Charmer” and Webby the “The Warrior” discover hidden treasure? Geocaching is teaming up with DuckTales on Disney Channel to release 5,000 Huey, Dewey, Louie, and Webby trackables in a paid partnership with Disney. Help the kids embark on a globe-trotting adventure and treasure hunt by moving them from geocache to geocache. Enter to receive a trackable at and share your experience on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using #DuckTalesCache. [...]

Thank a Volunteer Day is May 22!

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Whether you've been part of the geocaching community for a long time or just recently found your first geocache, May 22 (and everyday!) is a great day to thank a volunteer. If you've found a cache, hidden a cache, used the forums, or used the Geocaching website or app in a language other than English, you've benefited from the amazing efforts of the community volunteers. There are 400+ passionate and dedicated geocaching community members who volunteer behind the scenes. These include reviewers, EarthCache reviewers, translators, and moderators who keep the game in motion all over the world! Volunteers are often amazing cache owners and Event hosts. They create incredible gadget caches, host regular local gatherings, join Mega-Event planning committees, promote Geocaching International Film Festival (GIFF) events, or make Cache In Trash Out® (CITO) their life philosophy. So many geocaching volunteers give to the game every day. Let's celebrate them, as May 22nd marks the second annual Thank a Volunteer Day in the geocaching world! Here are some ways to show your support every day of the year: Send a note to your local reviewers to show your appreciation. Contact your regional geocaching organization to thank them for their work. Get in touch with cachers who regularly host CITOs and say “Thanks!”. Thank your favorite cache hider. They are volunteers too! If you live in a non-English speaking country, post a thank you note in your local geocaching Facebook page. Visit the Geocaching Forums and give a shout out to the forum moderators. Here is a little more about the different types of Community Volunteers: Reviewers (including EarthCache reviewers) support cache owners to ensure every geocache follows geocaching and local guidelines. Each geocache you find or hide has received the guidance and support of a community volunteer. EarthCache reviewers also use their expertise in geology to ensure a quality geological learning experience comes with every EarthCache. Translators translate the website, apps, and other resources into local languages all over the world. If you're reading this in another language that's due to the efforts of a translator! Moderators keep a pulse on the Geocaching Forums by ensuring conversations are helpful, positive, and on-topic. How have volunteers elevated your geocaching? Let us know in the comments below! [...]

Chraxli’s mini Wonderland — Geocache of the Week

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Traditional GC75ZT5 by chraxli Difficulty: 1 Terrain: 1 Location: Ostschweiz Switzerland N 47° 05.491 E 009° 29.866 Have you ever wondered what your town would look like shrunk to dollhouse scale? Cache owner, chraxli, not only had the vision, but he executed the idea in his own front yard! Paying homage to their local station in Wartou, whose sign is featured in the vignette, this Geocache of the Week in Eastern Switzerland is anything but Traditional. CO chraxli's station sign in Wartou makes a special miniature appearance The village in Chraxli's mini Wonderland features a weaving train track, bridge spanning a miniature creek, illuminated street lamps, intricate buildings, working water pump and waterwheel, grazing livestock, and a myriad of other animals. Chraxli, who maintains the scene with his wife, originally owned a simple Traditional nearby, but they felt the need to convert their unused strip of lawn into something special. “It should be something about a train in a beautiful terrain,” Chraxli said of their brainstorming process. “The idea haunted our minds for some more time and we finally got to work in the spring of 2017. The train emerges from a gated tunnel with caboose in towThe project took around ten weeks from groundbreaking to completion of the technical and water-based features. The star of this cache is undoubtedly the train that connects the different features in the village. Its tracks weave through the alpine scene while it transports the access key to the cache container right to the geocacher via a START button. Once pressed, the train emerges from a gated tunnel with caboose in tow, proudly carrying its precious cargo (passengers, too!). “The control is handled by a microprocessor,” chraxli explained, “which monitors the function and detects faults and informs us via SMS.” There are five miniature animals in this picture — can you spot them all?The extensive amount of care that went into the implementation of this cache as well as the labor of love in preventing the moving elements' technical failure are evident. That effort has been richly rewarded by the positive logs and Favorite points that have steadily poured in over the last year. “When we are at home when cachers come here, we can meet them and have a short conversation,” chraxli remarked. “In my opinion, this is the reward of each cache owner and should be the [incentive] to all others to publish great caches or caches in nice places.” A miniature working spigot, waterwheel, and street lamp“For us, geocaching is about the experience, the great caches and beautiful places that are remembered that you would never have seen without geocaching,” chraxli said. True to his word, Chraxli's mini Wonderland is sure to make tracks in the years to come as a memorable experience, both for his family and the cachers that visit. “Never give up the ambition to create awesome caches…then the joy is biggest on both sides!” Click to view slideshow. Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form. [...]

La diferencia entre SWAG (Cosas de intercambio – Stuff We All Get) y rastreables

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El objetivo del geocaching es bastante simple: inspirar a los geocachers a vivir una aventura en cada lugar. Pero el juego puede ser mucho más complicado. Hay acrónimos (TFTC, FTF, etc.), distintos tipos de cachés, SWAG y rastreables. Hoy, nos vamos a centrar en los objetos de intercambio (SWAG) y los rastreables, pero asegúrate de echar un vistazo al glosario y el Centro de Ayuda si acabas de empezar en el geocaching. Tanto los objetos de intercambio como los rastreables son objetos que probablemente ya has visto antes en algún geocaché, pero aunque parecen similares, ¡son muy diferentes! Más abajo analizamos algunas de estas diferencias. Primero: Objetos de intercambio. Pequeños juguetes, llaveros, y otros tesoros que se encuentran en un caché – son objetos de intercambio de geocaching (SWAG – Stuff We All Get). A menudo, estos objetos son artesanales o representan a un geocacher, sus intereses o su lugar de origen. Los geocachers intercambian objetos intercambiandolos por otros de igual o superior valor. ¡Echa un vistazo a algunos ejemplos más abajo! Los rastreables, por otro lado, son objetos viajeros que los geocachers envían al mundo a través de un geocaché o evento. Suelen tener un objetivo o misión. Estos pueden tener un fin como por ejemplo visitar cada estado de los Estados Unidos, o simplemente seguir su aventura por tantos cachés como sea posible. De cualquier modo, los rastreables te permiten vivir una experiencia fantástica, una historia y un geocaché con cada movimiento. Cada registro de tu rastreable es una página de un diario digital. Puedes ver lugares exóticos, leer los comentarios de los viajes de tu rastreable y conectar con geocachers que llevan tu rastreable de geocaché en geocaché. ¡Echa un vistazo a algunos ejemplos de rastreables a continuación! La diferencia principal entre los objetos de intercambio y los rastreables es que te puedes quedar los primeros, pero salvo que un rastreable esté marcado como coleccionable, lo mejor que puedes hacer es moverlo de un geocaché a otro acercándolo a su objetivo. ¿Hasta aquí bien? Ahora viene la parte de etiqueta. Pero no te preocupes, ¡sólo son unos pequeños consejos! ¿Cómo se puede diferenciar un rastreable de un objeto de intercambio? La mejor manera de diferenciarlos es buscar un código rastreable en el objeto. Los códigos rastreables pueden estar escritos o grabados en el propio objeto o enganchados con una chapa. A continuación vemos tres tipos distintos de rastreables: Chapas: Geocoins: Objetos con código rastreable: ¿Puedo quedarme con los objetos de intercambio? ¡Sí! Sólo asegúrate de dejar algo de un valor igual o superior para la siguiente persona. ¿Puedo quedarme un rastreable? Salvo que el rastreable esté marcado específicamente como coleccionable, no debes quedártelo. ¡Pero puedes intentar acercarlo a su objetivo!. Si no vas en la misma dirección, simplemente descúbrelo para que el propietario sepa que aún está en el caché. ¿Inspirado para intercambiar objetos o enviar un rastreable de viaje? Mira nuestro álbum inspirador de rastreables y revisa las últimas novedades de la Tienda de Geocaching. Y ahora, una pregunta: ¿cuál es el mejor objeto de intercambio o rastreable que has encontrado? [...]

The difference between SWAG and trackables

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The core of geocaching is pretty simple: to inspire geocachers to have an adventure at every location. But the game of geocaching can be much more complex. There are acronyms (TFTC, FTF, etc.), different cache types, SWAG, and trackables. Today, we're focusing on SWAG and trackables, but be sure to check out the glossary and Help Center for more information if you're just getting started with geocaching. Both SWAG and trackables are items that you have probably seen in a geocache before, but even though they can look similar, they are actually much different! Below we'll explore some of these differences. First up: SWAG. Small toys, keychains, and other treasures found in the cache – that's geocaching SWAG – or Stuff We All Get. SWAG is often something homemade, or represents a geocacher, their interests, or where they're from! Geocachers trade swag by replacing items in the geocache with something of equal or greater value. Take a look at some SWAG examples below! Trackables on the other hand, are traveling game pieces that geocachers send out into the world via a geocache or at an event, often with a goal or mission. Some of these goals could be specific, like visiting every state in the US, or they may just want to go on an adventure to as many caches as they can. Either way, trackables let you experience an epic journey, one story and one geocache at a time. Each log from your trackable is a page in a digital diary. You can see exotic locations, read entries of your trackable's travels, and connect with the geocachers who carry your trackable from geocache to geocache. View some trackable examples below! The main difference between SWAG and trackables are that you can keep SWAG, but unless a trackable says it can be collected, then the best action you can take is to move it to another cache, closer to its goal! So far so good? Now some time for etiquette. Don't worry, it's only a few reminders! How can I tell the difference between trackables and SWAG? The easiest way to differentiate the two is to look for a tracking code on the item. Tracking codes can be found on the item directly, such as written or engraved, or attached to it via a tag. Below are three different forms of trackables. Tags:Geocoins: Trackable code items: Can I keep SWAG? Yes! Just be sure to leave something for the next person by trading up or trading evenly. Can I trade SWAG for a trackable? SWAG is meant to be a trade item in geocaches. If you take a piece of SWAG, then you should leave something of equal or greater value behind. Trackables want to move from cache to cache, collecting stories along the way. No need to trade items for a trackable. Just ensure you can help move a trackable toward its goal if you take one from a geocache. Can I keep a trackable? Unless a trackable specifically says it can be collected, you should not keep it. Instead, try to move it closer to its goal! If you're not heading in the same direction, try discovering the trackable instead so that it's owner knows it's still in the cache. Inspired to trade SWAG or send a trackable out on a journey of its own? View our trackable inspiration album and check out the latest in Shop Geocaching. But it begs the question, what's the best SWAG or trackables you've ever encountered? [...]

Différence entre SWAG et objets voyageurs

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Le but du géocaching est simple : encourager les géocacheurs à partir à l'aventure où qu'ils se trouvent. Mais le jeu du géocaching peut être bien plus complexe. Il y a des acronymes (MPLC, FTF, etc.), différents types de caches, SWAG (objets à échanger), et les objets voyageurs. Aujourd'hui, nous abordons le sujet des SWAG et objets voyageurs, mais n'hésitez pas à consulter le glossaire et le centre d'aide pour plus d'informations si vous débutez juste dans le géocaching. Les SWAG et les objets voyageurs sont des objets que vous avez probablement déjà vus dans une cache, mais même s'ils se ressemblent, ils sont en fait bien différents ! Nous allons explorer quelques-unes de ces différences ci-dessous. Tout d'abord : les SWAG. De petits jeux, des porte-clés, et d'autres trésors que l'on peut trouver dans une cache – ce sont des SWAG – ou Stuff We All Get en anglais, autrement dit, les objets d'échange. Un SWAG est souvent quelque chose fait-maison, ou représente un géocacheur, leurs points d'intérêt, ou d'où ils viennent ! Les géocacheurs échangent les swag en remplaçant des objets dans la géocache par quelque chose de valeur supérieure ou égale. Jetez un oeil à quelques exemples SWAG ci-dessous ! D'un autre côté les objets voyageurs sont des pièces du jeu qui voyagent, ils sont envoyés pour parcourir le monde en passant par des géocaches ou des events, souvent avec un but ou une mission. Quelques-uns de ces buts peuvent être spécifiques, comme visiter chaque état des Etats-Unis, ou ils peuvent juste vouloir partir à l'aventure vers autant de caches que possible. De toute façon, les objets voyageurs vous permettent de suivre un parcours épique, une histoire et une géocache à la fois. Chaque log sur votre objet voyageur est comme une page sur un journal de bord virtuel. Vous pourrez voir des lieux exotiques, et communiquer avec les géocacheurs qui prennent soin de votre objet de cache en cache. Regardez quelques exemples d'objets voyageurs ci-dessous ! La principale différence entre les SWAG et les objets voyageurs est que vous pouvez garder les SWAG, mais à moins qu'un objet voyageur soit signalé comme étant collectionnable, la meilleure chose que vous pouvez faire pour lui c'est de le remettre dans une autre cache, plus proche de son but ! Jusqu'ici tout va bien ? Maintenant prenons un peu de temps pour décrire la façon de procéder. Ne vous inquiétez pas, ce sont juste quelques points à retenir ! Comment faire la différence entre les objets voyageurs et les SWAG ? La manière la plus simple pour différencier les deux est de regarder s'il y a un code de suivi sur eux. Les codes de suivi peuvent se trouver directement sur eux, écrits ou gravés, ou attachés à eux grâce à un tag. Voici ci-dessous trois formes différentes d'objets voyageurs : Tags :Géocoins :Objets avec numéro de suivi : Puis-je garder un SWAG ? Oui ! Il faut juste faire attention à laisser quelque chose pour la personne suivante en échangeant un objet de valeur supérieure ou égale. Puis-je garder un objet voyageur ? À moins que cet objet ne spécifie qu'il peut être collectionné, vous ne devez pas le garder. Au contraire, essayez de le rapprocher de son but ! Si vous ne prenez pas la bonne direction, essayez de juste le découvrir à la place de manière à ce que son propriétaire sache qu'il est toujours dans la cache. Inspiré pour échanger des SWAG ou envoyer un objet voyageur parcourir le monde ? Regardez notre album d'objets voyageurs et jetez un oeil aux derniers sortis dans la boutique Geocaching. Mais il nous reste une question : quel sont les meilleurs SWAG ou objets voyageurs que vous avez croisés ? [...]

Der Unterschied zwischen SWAG (Tauschgegenständen) und Trackables

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Der Kern vom Geocachen ist einfach: Es soll Geocacher dazu inspirieren, an allen möglichen Orten Abenteuer zu erleben. Geocaching kann aber auch viel komplizierter sein. Es gibt Abkürzungen wie TFTC und FTF, verschiedene Cache-Typen, Tauschgegenstände und Trackables. Heute legen wir unser Augenmerk auf Tauschgegenstände und Trackables. Lies das Glossar und das Hilfe-Center, wenn du gerade erst mit Geocaching anfängst und mehr Informationen benötigst. Wahrscheinlich hast Du sowohl Tauschgegenstände als auch Trackables schon in Geocaches gesehen. Beide können ähnlich aussehen, es gibt aber auch große Unterschiede! Unten schauen wir uns diese Unterschiede an. Tauschgegenstände sind zum Beispiel kleine Spielzeuge, Schlüsselanhänger oder andere kleine Schätze, die man im Geocache findet. Wir nennen das Geocaching-SWAG (“stuff we all get”). SWAG ist oft etwas selbstgemachtes oder zeigt, wer der Geocacher ist, wofür er sich interessiert, oder woher er kommt. Geocacher nehmen aus dem Geocache einen Tauschgegenstand und hinterlassen dafür einen anderen Tauschgegenstand, der einen gleichwertigen oder höheren Wert hat. Schau Dir unten ein paar Beispiele für SWAG an! Trackables hingegen sind Spielstücke, die auf der Reise sind. Geocacher schicken ihren Trackable auf die Reise, indem sie ihn in einem Geocache ablegen oder zu einem Event mitnehmen. Oft haben diese Trackables auch eine Mission oder ein Ziel. Es könnte eine spezielle Mission sein, zum Beispiel alle Staaten der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika zu besuchen. Es könnte aber auch die Mission sein, so viele Caches wie möglich zu besuchen. Auf alle Fälle kannst Du durch Trackables an einer fantastischen Reise teilnehmen, von einer Geschichte und einem Cache zum nächsten Abenteuer. Jeder Logeintrag des Trackables ist ein digitales Tagebuch. Du kannst exotische Orte entdecken, Logbucheinträge der Reise des Trackables lesen, und mit anderen Geocachern in Kontakt treten, die Deinen Trackable von Geocache zu Geocache bringen. Schau Dir unten einige Beispiele für Trackables an! Der Hauptunterschied zwischen SWAG und Trackables ist, dass Du SWAG behalten kannst. Wenn der Trackable nicht zufälligerweise in der Beschreibung sagt, dass er in eine Sammlung aufgenommen werden kann, solltest Du den Trackable wieder in einen anderen Cache legen. Somit bringst Du den Trackable näher an sein Ziel. Bisher alles klar? Jetzt reden wir etwas über Geocaching-Etikette. Keine Sorge, nur ein paar kleine Auffrischungen. Wie kann ich den Unterschied zwischen Tauschgegenständen und Trackables erkennen? Die einfachste Möglichkeit ist es, nach einem Trackingcode zu suchen. Diese Codes können sich direkt auf dem Gegenstand (aufgeschrieben oder eingraviert) oder an einem Anhänger befinden. Unten siehst Du drei unterschiedliche Arten von Trackables: Anhänger: Geocoins: Gegenstände mit Tracking-Code: Kann ich einen SWAG behalten? Ja! Bitte hinterlasse für den nächsten Geocacher einen anderen gleichwertigen oder höherwertigen Gegenstand! Kann ich einen Trackable behalten? Du solltest einen Trackable normalerweise nicht behalten, außer die Beschreibung des Trackables sagt ausdrücklich, dass er in eine Sammlung aufgenommen werden darf. Versuche stattdessen, dem Trackable auf seiner Mission zu helfen! Falls Du nicht in die Richtung reist, in die der Trackable reisen will, kannst Du den Trackable im Geocache lassen und nur seine Entdeckung loggen. So weiß der Eigentümer des Trackables, dass der Trackable noch im Geocache liegt. Möchtest Du nun selbst etwas tauschen oder einen Trackable auf die Reise schicken? Lasse Dich von unserem Trackable-Album inspirieren und besuche den Geocaching-Shop, um die neuesten Trackables und Geocoins zu sehen. Jetzt stellt sich die Frage: Was war der beste Tauschgegenstand oder der beste Trackable, den Du je gesehen hast? [...]

Carrying Frogs to Safety

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Cache In Trash Out® (CITO) is a bi-annual, week-long event in the spring and fall that focuses on environmental clean-up. Typically geocachers get together and clean up their neighborhoods or restore habitats. The Slovenian Geocaching Club hopped on a different approach this year — to carry frogs to safety. Across five cities in Slovenia, geocachers came together to join the cause and attend CITO® events on March 30th, 2018. The goal was to bring frogs and toads safely to the other side of the road during peak migration season in highly trafficked areas. The events started 20 minutes before sunset. The first half-hour was spent geo-chatting and receiving instructions on how to handle the frogs and stay safe at the side of the road. “We started just after sunset and it took awhile to find the first frog. But once it got dark, they appeared out of nowhere,” said Igor, the president of the Slovenian Geocaching Club. Igor was an organizer for the events and shared his passion for frogs, geocaching, and CITOs® in an interview with Geocaching HQ. Geocaching HQ: How long have you been involved with geocaching? Igor: I have been involved with geocaching since April 2011 and I have been a volunteer translator since early 2015. The Slovenian Geocaching Club was established as a legal entity in 2012 and I have been the president since March 2016. The club is committed to promotion of the game in geocaching community and beyond, organisation of events, and to sustain the fun factor of the game for Slovenian geocaching community. If that sounds too formal: the goal of the club is to make sure that something is happening in geocaching around here all the time and that we all have a good time with our favorite game. HQ How did you come up with this idea? Igor: The ‘Help the Frogs' movement has a long history in Slovenia since we have many critical locations where amphibians cross the roads in the migration season. I have helped save frogs with local volunteers a few times with my daughter when she was still a student of biology, and I have placed a cache close to the location. So, I thought this would be an interesting activity for a CITO® event. The goal was to help local volunteers on a certain day, motivate geocachers to offer help outside CITO® events and teach the geocaching community something new. We organised five events with the same name “Frog evening” that started roughly at the same time country-wide. We encouraged good communication with local volunteers on each location to avoid any misunderstandings. On four of the five locations, local volunteers and amphibian experts joined the event and provided some basics about the amphibians, importance of conservation activity, as well as instructions how to handle the creatures. One of the goals of the event was to also educate and overcome the myths towards frogs, mainly myths about getting warts. HQ: Overall how many participants were there? Do you know how many frogs were saved? Igor: Overall, 51 geocaching teams of roughly 100 individuals attended the events, plus three local volunteers joined our events on four locations. We estimated that the total number of amphibians that were carried to safety was around 950. The species involved in the rescue were common toads (most popular), European tree frogs (green beauty, quite rare), agile frogs (the best jumper of European frogs, can leap more than 2 m), and edible frogs (don't tell Signal they are called that!). You could be grabbing one, or two, or ten per minute in the section you were covering. We formed several groups and each group collected frogs along a 200-300 meter section along the road for two hours. It's so rewarding when you carry these little fragile creatures to the other side, release them in the grass some ten meters from the road, and watch them disappear in the dark. HQ: Why did you plan for March 30th? Igor: Migrating season usually lasts for two to three weeks. This year, the winter was long and migrating season was interrupted by ten days of below zero temperatures. March 30th was the first of possible dates, but we were ready to postpone the events or move them earlier to catch a day when the frogs were out. It turned out it that the 30th was one of the best possible days. The events were an overall success as everyone's efforts helped make a difference preserving the amphibian's lives. Igor and the Slovenian Geocaching Club hopes to continue with the event and perhaps inspire others to think of CITO® in a slightly different way. [...]

Butler County Donut Trail GeoTour (GT77)

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Location: Ohio Favorite Points: 351 We think the Butler County Donut Trail GeoTour is pretty sweet, and you probably will too. The tour itself is themed around donuts and creative geocaches to satisfy your sweet tooth for adventure all year ‘round. Find all 15 geocaches to earn the official Donut Trail geocoin! Great geocaches on the GeoTour: One More Donut Shop – GC6P6WX Small in size, but it will leave a big impression. One More Donut Shop is a fun unique hide that took some time to craft. An Infinite Number of Donuts – GC6PFHB Painted in July, 2016, this mural, entitled “Make Way for McCloskey” pays tribute to Hamilton native, Robert McCloskey. Of course one of the themes on the 20 ft tall and 100 ft wide mural is donuts. Local Legend – GC70WWJ The title says it all, the German bakery is a staple in the area for locals. Now, it hosts a fun Multi-Cache for hungry geocachers. Attention to local events: The GeoWoodstock 2018 Giga-Event is only a quick 20-minute drive from Cincinnati. You'll be sure to want to check this one off your list. Be sure to swing by one of the many events at Jungle Jim's International Market to taste culinary delights from around the world in its 6.5 acres of foodie paradise. Butler County Convention & Visitor's Bureau 2016.Reasons to visit: Wake Nation is the Midwest's only cable wake park is the perfect place to cool down and wakeboard WITHOUT a boat A trip to Cincinnati isn't complete without a quick stop at the world's largest indoor train display EnterTRAINment Junction. Take a step back into a simpler time and take in a double feature at the Holiday Auto Theatre old-school drive-in movie theater. Start Skydiving is one of the top-rated places in the world to skydive according to Hidden gems: Check out the Bunker Hill Universalist Cemetery where over 80 pioneers including Revolutionary War veterans are buried. (GCVJA7) Also visit Governor Bebb MetroPark to find a lovely historic covered bridge as well as a log cabin village. (GC5GKXB) One more thing: If you want to complete both the regular Donut Trail for the t-shirt and the GeoTour version for the coin, you will need a early start. All caches are publicly accessible seven days a week. However, stamps required for the regular Donut Trail passport (t-shirt) are only available inside the stores. The donut shops close early when they sell out, so please plan ahead. Some are also closed on Sundays, Mondays, or on holidays. Logs from cachers: We were so excited to be wrapping this Butler County Donut GeoTour up in one day! This final was a tweet ending! We love these types of caches and had an absolute blast today. – Befive05 The geocache alone is worth a favorite point but I'd also give one for the entire experience. I must say that this is probably the best set up that I have done for a Geo trail. – train1904 This was a fun series and we LOVE our coin. TFTF series! – GLC Find out more about the Butler County Donut Trail GeoTour here. Note: All the above information was provided by the GeoTour host. Copy has been edited by Geocaching HQ. [...]

Geysir (powerful hot spring) – Geocache of the Week

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EarthCache GC1G4XZ by Biggi_H Difficulty: 2 Terrain: 1.5 Location: Iceland N 64° 18.746′ W 020° 18.042′ Iceland has set itself apart as a highly sought-after destination for EarthCache connoisseurs. One might say the overall beauty of the island, with its many geological marvels, makes it one big EarthCache. The most favorited EarthCache in Iceland makes for a spectacular sight, being an explosive choice for Geocache of the Week. Geysir – powerful hot spring, also known as The Great Geysir, has been active for approximately 10,000 years. The English term geyser derives from the old Norse verb geysa, which means “to gush.” Geysers erupt because the thermal water ascending through their channels boils at some depth below the surface. It is a breathtaking sight and the geological science behind it is fascinating. At about 23 m (75 ft) depth in Geysir's infrastructure, the water is at 120°C (240°F) temperature and is in equilibrium with the pressure of the water above in the pipe, i.e. the weight of the water above counteracts the boiling below. At a depth of around 16 m (52 ft), the temperature of the water sometimes rises above boiling, seen as an increased disturbance on the surface. This turbulence can increase to the point where the water in the pipe above is elevated slightly, which sets off a chain reaction — the pressure decreases, which makes boiling possible further below the surface, flashing the water from the deepest recesses into a cloud of steam, pushing against the boiling water above it resulting in an eruption accompanied by a distinct noise. The water phase lasts only for a few minutes, while the steam phase is active for a considerably longer period of time. As the steam phase ends, the geyser's deep channels have been drained of all water and it will take eight to ten hours for Geysir to refill. In recent years Geysir has been rather subdued, but the multiple smaller, more active geysers in the area make this a worthwhile visit to experience one of nature's wonders. Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, [...]

Spring Cache in Trash Out® (CITO) Week 2018

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Tranent Core Path Spring CITO 2018 — GC7MX0X, ScotlandSpring Cache in Trash Out® (CITO) Week just wrapped up, and what a success it was! Thousands of people all over the world grabbed their gardening gloves, garbage bags, and old blue jeans and got to work. Here are ten highlights that will make you smile. And remember, a good geocacher CITOs every time they geocache! Ukliď si své město VIII. — GC7M38R, Czechia A group of 23 Czech geocachers met to clean a “neglected place” area around Nisa under the highway. They asked participants to bring some tools, gloves, and an especially good mood. Ukliď si své město VIII. — GC7M38R, CzechiaPuerto Rico CITO 2018 – Monte Pirate — GC7KFQ3, Puerto Rico “If you like to discover forgotten places, ancient structures lost in the forest, and fascinating views of cliffs and beaches, you can not miss this CITO event. The place needs a little love and as we like to take care of nature and its wonders, we will give ourselves the task of doing a bit of “housekeeping.” Yes, please! Puerto Rico CITO 2018 – Monte Pirata — GC7KFQ3, Puerto RicoAnother CITO & Souvenir, @ Milverton & Monarchs — GC7JQY2, New Zealand Using garbage as a CITO logbook? That's one CITO-rific way to upcycle! Another CITO & Souvenir, @ Milverton & Monarchs — GC7JQY2, New ZealandTrenčín CITO #06 — GC7HAF6, Slovakia The Trenčín Castle in western Slovakia dates back to 179 AD. Participants of this CITO worked together to refurbish a retaining wall that collapsed over 15 years ago. Trenčín CITO #06 — GC7HAF6, SlovakiaSpring CITO 2018 – Fremont Neighborhood Cleanup — GC7JJRG, Seattle, USA A one-eared hedgehog named Hazelnut showed up to do her part to beautify our world. Spring CITO 2018 – Fremont Neighborhood Cleanup — GC7JJRG, Seattle, USATree of life CITO — GC7JPX6, Bahrain A humble group of geocachers and muggles worked together to clean up a sizable heap of litter near the Persian Gulf. The cache page says, “There is usually an ice cream van.” I wonder if they got their ice cream at the end of the CITO? Tree of life CITO — GC7JPX6, BahrainEneko Beach CITO — GC7K3EJ, Marshall Islands We believe this two-person CITO on tiny Eneko Island, part of the Marshall Islands, was the most remote Spring CITO to ever occur. We're ready to be proven wrong. Eneko Beach CITO — GC7K3EJ, Marshall IslandsRydding i Telegrafbukta — GC7MXN0, Norway While we're talking about extreme locations, we believe this CITO in Troms, Norway, was the furthest north. It may also be one of the most beautiful locations for a CITO. Rydding i Telegrafbukta — GC7MXN0, NorwayTranent Core Path Spring CITO 2018 — GC7MX0X, Scotland These CITO-ers may have done the impossible: make a yucky old pile of tires look beautiful. Just imagine how gorgeous the surrounding area must look now! Tranent Core Path Spring CITO 2018 — GC7MX0X, ScotlandZhuwei Beach Earth Day CITO 竹圍海水浴場 — GC7MN8T, Taiwan For several geocachers, this was their first CITO and they came away with lots of smiles. As one log says, “This was my first ever CITO Event! And even though it was “only” picking up trash, it was actually quite tiring.” Zhuwei Beach Earth Day CITO 竹圍海水浴場 — GC7MN8T, Taiwan [...]

Cache 4 Coins GeoTour (GT6B)

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Location: Ohio Favorite Points: 109 Travel to peaceful reservoirs, surround yourself with acres of trees, enjoy tasty and artsy attractions, and take in some local history in Stark County's Cache 4 Coins GeoTour in Ohio. Find every geocache on the tour and cash in your prize: a commemorative geocoin. Great geocaches on the GeoTour: GC6WE2F – Oh Deer Bring your kayaks and canoes along and spend time at the beautiful Deer Creek Reservoir. Catch sights of bald eagles, osprey, and migrating waterfowl along the shore, or white-tailed deer and coyote in the forested areas surrounding it. GC6X2C6 – Put a Cork in it Did you know that Ohio is home to several vineyards? The Gervasi Vineyard is a notable winery with landscapes reminiscent of Tuscany and a restaurant inspired by Venetian cuisine and architecture. It was the 2017 USA Today Readers' Choice winner for #1 Winery Accommodations in the nation. GC6XJOY – Blue Monkey The downtown area of Canton has a lot to offer. You can't go wrong with 22 art studios, 7 art Galleries, 5 live music venues, specialty shops, local restaurants, and an outdoor ice skating rink in the winter time. While gazing at the local art in the galleries keep an eye out for this monkey sculpture to find the cache. GC6XWTN – Touchdown! Canton is most known for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and it's a hot spot for tourists. If you don't have time to complete the other parts of the GeoTour, consider tackling this two-stage Multi-Cache right outside the building. Attention to local events: From April 26th to July 15th stop by the Canton Museum of Art to explore the “panoramic adventure” African Menagerie. This touring exhibit lets audiences understand the plight of African wildlife species and to shed light on Earth's wildlife extinction crisis. Visit in early August to experience the “Hall of Fame City” at its finest during the annual Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival. Every weekend in September, travel back in time and visit pioneer America at the 46th Annual Yankee Peddler Festival in Canal Fulton along the Ohio & Erie Canalway. Top reasons to visit: Canton and the greater Stark County region feature national historic sites and museums including the William McKinley Presidential Library & Museum and McKinley National Memorial, as well as the First Ladies' Library & National Historic Site. The Canton and Stark County area offer great bird watching opportunities including sights of Bald Eagles and Peregrine Falcons. Check out a list of great birding locations provided by the Canton Audubon Society at The area is full of additional outdoor recreation opportunities including golf, disc golf, kayaking, canoeing, cycling, and the nearby Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Check out the free art and history museum, Massillon Museum, next to GC6XTXY. The first Saturday of every month is FREE for family activities from 12:00-2:00 p.m. led by the local artists and museum staff. Stop in at the Carriage House Nature Center at Quail Hollow State Park. A two for one attraction with geocache GC6WE2W nearby. The Carriage House Nature Center features live animals, hands-on educational activities, cross-country skiing, as well as equestrian and mountain bike trails. Logs from cachers: We were in the area for the weekend. While here, we decided to take an adventure & do the whole Cache 4 Coins geotrail in one day! We spotted a cute fox in one of the rehabilitation pens! It was certainly a whirlwind adventure today, but we had loads of fun exploring all around Stark County. And we came home with a new, shiny coin! Thanks for working so hard on this geotrail. We had a fantastic time today! This is the way GeoTour caches should be hidden. We got to see an interesting place, and the cache was a quick find. Even room for swag! We are trying to get the C4C caches done today, so thanks for the easy one! TFTC “Another day of Stark County caching with the Hiking Viking. This was a scenic and fascinating park. I never would have found this spot if it wasn't for geocaching and the Stark Parks geo-tour. Thank you for bringing me here! I hope to return again on a warmer day.” Find out more about the Cache 4 Coins GeoTour here. Note: All the above information was provided by the GeoTour host. Copy has been edited by Geocaching HQ. [...]

Tomb Raider – The Sequel — Geocache of the Week

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Traditional GC3Q9VP by Pagenz Difficulty: 1.5 Terrain: 1.5 Location: Cambodia N 13° 26.092′ E 103° 53.301′ Deep in the forests of Cambodia lies the ancient city of Angkor. It is believed to be the largest city of its time spanning 154 square miles (400 square km). To put that into perspective, the land area of Manhattan in New York City is only 23 square miles (59 km). This maze of temples has been overgrown by the strong-willed and vine-like roots of Banyan trees. The aesthetic of the city sets the perfect scene for an action-packed adventure searching for “ancient artifacts,” also known as geocaches. With rising popularity in recent years, the Angkor Wat temple is a thriving tourist destination due to two main factors: UNESCO recognized it as a World Heritage site in 1994 and the filming location of the 2001 action flick Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, based on the video game of the same title. Unbeknownst to the majority of tourists, a secret treasure exists in the temple, highlighting where key scenes were filmed for the movie. Once inside, you must find the geocache through a labyrinth of temple walls and thick vines. Ultimate stealth is absolute key for this cache because you do not want to sacrifice its location to the swarm of muggles travelling by. Harness your inner Lara Croft, do a back flip, swing on a vine, parachute in, or calmly wait and grab the cache like the rest of us, muttering to yourself, “I hate tombs.” There are eighty-one geocaches in Cambodia, and the two most Favorited are within the Angkor city walls. “Tomb Raider – The Sequel” has featured over 2,000 geocachers worldwide and it could feature you next. Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form. [...]

Geocaching family wins Hurtigruten photo contest and sets sail on a cruise to Norway

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Geocaching can take you to amazing places all over the world. For one geocacher, it took her on a Hurtigruten cruise to Norway where she saw northern lights and quaint coastal towns. In July 2017, Hurtigruten expedition cruises released 3,000 polar bear and penguin trackables for an epic adventure to geocachers in the United States. Geocachers showed how they “connected with their inner explorer” on social media for a chance to receive a seven-day expedition cruise in Norway for two. The photo contest winner, Sarah (@myruggy89), shared with us the story of her trip. Sør-Trøndelag, Norway GC34WJD Sarah, her husband David, their 12- month-old daughter, and another little one on the way live in New Jersey. Sarah started geocaching in March 2013. She later met her husband who wasn't an active geocacher at the time, but had geocached before she ever had. Sarah and her family in Ålesund, NorwayGeocaching: What's the story behind your winning photo? Sarah: I received the Hurtigruten trackable just days before our family vacation, so I knew I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful clear water at Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire near our vacation spot. I told my husband, patches46, that I had a crazy idea, but it involved putting his cell phone underwater. I was soon holding my breath and he was taking the shots! @myruggy89's winning photo taken August 2017 at Lake Sunapee, New HampshireGC: What was your favorite find from your trip? S: My favorite find would have to be Bryggen i Bergen (GC25BXH) as it was hidden amongst the remains of an ancient wharf, which is now a World Heritage site. In additional to taking in the beautiful sights of the Norwegian coastline during our cruise, we only planned to walk the towns at each port with the goal of finding at least one geocache, which we did. Not only did I bring trackables to drop off in Norway, I also picked up a few to help their goals of gaining mileage and exploring the world. Bryggen i Bergen (GC25BXH)GC: What were the trip highlights? S: We had a beautiful display of the northern lights one night; that was definitely a major highlight for me. Other highlights include crossing the arctic circle, enjoying local cuisine on the ship, and earning my Norway souvenir. GC: What makes a Hurtigruten Cruise unique? S: This was the first cruise that I had ever been on so it's hard to make a comparison of the uniqueness of this cruise to others. However, based only on what I have heard from others, this cruise definitely provided an eyeful of beautiful sights that many others cruises can't provide. Hurtigruten took us to unique and exciting locations every day! GC1V4PY in Finnmark, NorwayGC: Anything else you want to tell us? I started a new trackable (Blue Dolphin – TB8GB8H) of my own and dropped it off in Norway to commemorate the Hurtigruten trip that I won. We found a few geocaches and I was able to start a brand new trackable whose goal is to make it back home to me in the USA. Check out Sarah's Instagram account, @myruggy89, for more awe-inspiring photos from her Hurtigruten Cruise and other geocaching adventures! [...]
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