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Geysir (powerful hot spring) – Geocache of the Week

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EarthCache GC1G4XZ by Biggi_H Difficulty: 2 Terrain: 1.5 Location: Iceland N 64° 18.746′ W 020° 18.042′ Iceland has set itself apart as a highly sought-after destination for EarthCache connoisseurs. One might say the overall beauty of the island, with its many geological marvels, makes it one big EarthCache. The most favorited EarthCache in Iceland makes for a spectacular sight, being an explosive choice for Geocache of the Week. Geysir – powerful hot spring, also known as The Great Geysir, has been active for approximately 10,000 years. The English term geyser derives from the old Norse verb geysa, which means “to gush.” Geysers erupt because the thermal water ascending through their channels boils at some depth below the surface. It is a breathtaking sight and the geological science behind it is fascinating. At about 23 m (75 ft) depth in Geysir's infrastructure, the water is at 120°C (240°F) temperature and is in equilibrium with the pressure of the water above in the pipe, i.e. the weight of the water above counteracts the boiling below. At a depth of around 16 m (52 ft), the temperature of the water sometimes rises above boiling, seen as an increased disturbance on the surface. This turbulence can increase to the point where the water in the pipe above is elevated slightly, which sets off a chain reaction — the pressure decreases, which makes boiling possible further below the surface, flashing the water from the deepest recesses into a cloud of steam, pushing against the boiling water above it resulting in an eruption accompanied by a distinct noise. The water phase lasts only for a few minutes, while the steam phase is active for a considerably longer period of time. As the steam phase ends, the geyser's deep channels have been drained of all water and it will take eight to ten hours for Geysir to refill. In recent years Geysir has been rather subdued, but the multiple smaller, more active geysers in the area make this a worthwhile visit to experience one of nature's wonders. Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, [...]

Spring Cache in Trash Out® (CITO) Week 2018

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Tranent Core Path Spring CITO 2018 — GC7MX0X, ScotlandSpring Cache in Trash Out® (CITO) Week just wrapped up, and what a success it was! Thousands of people all over the world grabbed their gardening gloves, garbage bags, and old blue jeans and got to work. Here are ten highlights that will make you smile. And remember, a good geocacher CITOs every time they geocache! Ukliď si své město VIII. — GC7M38R, Czechia A group of 23 Czech geocachers met to clean a “neglected place” area around Nisa under the highway. They asked participants to bring some tools, gloves, and an especially good mood. Ukliď si své město VIII. — GC7M38R, CzechiaPuerto Rico CITO 2018 – Monte Pirate — GC7KFQ3, Puerto Rico “If you like to discover forgotten places, ancient structures lost in the forest, and fascinating views of cliffs and beaches, you can not miss this CITO event. The place needs a little love and as we like to take care of nature and its wonders, we will give ourselves the task of doing a bit of “housekeeping.” Yes, please! Puerto Rico CITO 2018 – Monte Pirata — GC7KFQ3, Puerto RicoAnother CITO & Souvenir, @ Milverton & Monarchs — GC7JQY2, New Zealand Using garbage as a CITO logbook? That's one CITO-rific way to upcycle! Another CITO & Souvenir, @ Milverton & Monarchs — GC7JQY2, New ZealandTrenčín CITO #06 — GC7HAF6, Slovakia The Trenčín Castle in western Slovakia dates back to 179 AD. Participants of this CITO worked together to refurbish a retaining wall that collapsed over 15 years ago. Trenčín CITO #06 — GC7HAF6, SlovakiaSpring CITO 2018 – Fremont Neighborhood Cleanup — GC7JJRG, Seattle, USA A one-eared hedgehog named Hazelnut showed up to do her part to beautify our world. Spring CITO 2018 – Fremont Neighborhood Cleanup — GC7JJRG, Seattle, USATree of life CITO — GC7JPX6, Bahrain A humble group of geocachers and muggles worked together to clean up a sizable heap of litter near the Persian Gulf. The cache page says, “There is usually an ice cream van.” I wonder if they got their ice cream at the end of the CITO? Tree of life CITO — GC7JPX6, BahrainEneko Beach CITO — GC7K3EJ, Marshall Islands We believe this two-person CITO on tiny Eneko Island, part of the Marshall Islands, was the most remote Spring CITO to ever occur. We're ready to be proven wrong. Eneko Beach CITO — GC7K3EJ, Marshall IslandsRydding i Telegrafbukta — GC7MXN0, Norway While we're talking about extreme locations, we believe this CITO in Troms, Norway, was the furthest north. It may also be one of the most beautiful locations for a CITO. Rydding i Telegrafbukta — GC7MXN0, NorwayTranent Core Path Spring CITO 2018 — GC7MX0X, Scotland These CITO-ers may have done the impossible: make a yucky old pile of tires look beautiful. Just imagine how gorgeous the surrounding area must look now! Tranent Core Path Spring CITO 2018 — GC7MX0X, ScotlandZhuwei Beach Earth Day CITO 竹圍海水浴場 — GC7MN8T, Taiwan For several geocachers, this was their first CITO and they came away with lots of smiles. As one log says, “This was my first ever CITO Event! And even though it was “only” picking up trash, it was actually quite tiring.” Zhuwei Beach Earth Day CITO 竹圍海水浴場 — GC7MN8T, Taiwan [...]

Cache 4 Coins GeoTour (GT6B)

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Location: Ohio Favorite Points: 109 Travel to peaceful reservoirs, surround yourself with acres of trees, enjoy tasty and artsy attractions, and take in some local history in Stark County's Cache 4 Coins GeoTour in Ohio. Find every geocache on the tour and cash in your prize: a commemorative geocoin. Great geocaches on the GeoTour: GC6WE2F – Oh Deer Bring your kayaks and canoes along and spend time at the beautiful Deer Creek Reservoir. Catch sights of bald eagles, osprey, and migrating waterfowl along the shore, or white-tailed deer and coyote in the forested areas surrounding it. GC6X2C6 – Put a Cork in it Did you know that Ohio is home to several vineyards? The Gervasi Vineyard is a notable winery with landscapes reminiscent of Tuscany and a restaurant inspired by Venetian cuisine and architecture. It was the 2017 USA Today Readers' Choice winner for #1 Winery Accommodations in the nation. GC6XJOY – Blue Monkey The downtown area of Canton has a lot to offer. You can't go wrong with 22 art studios, 7 art Galleries, 5 live music venues, specialty shops, local restaurants, and an outdoor ice skating rink in the winter time. While gazing at the local art in the galleries keep an eye out for this monkey sculpture to find the cache. GC6XWTN – Touchdown! Canton is most known for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and it's a hot spot for tourists. If you don't have time to complete the other parts of the GeoTour, consider tackling this two-stage Multi-Cache right outside the building. Attention to local events: From April 26th to July 15th stop by the Canton Museum of Art to explore the “panoramic adventure” African Menagerie. This touring exhibit lets audiences understand the plight of African wildlife species and to shed light on Earth's wildlife extinction crisis. Visit in early August to experience the “Hall of Fame City” at its finest during the annual Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival. Every weekend in September, travel back in time and visit pioneer America at the 46th Annual Yankee Peddler Festival in Canal Fulton along the Ohio & Erie Canalway. Top reasons to visit: Canton and the greater Stark County region feature national historic sites and museums including the William McKinley Presidential Library & Museum and McKinley National Memorial, as well as the First Ladies' Library & National Historic Site. The Canton and Stark County area offer great bird watching opportunities including sights of Bald Eagles and Peregrine Falcons. Check out a list of great birding locations provided by the Canton Audubon Society at The area is full of additional outdoor recreation opportunities including golf, disc golf, kayaking, canoeing, cycling, and the nearby Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Check out the free art and history museum, Massillon Museum, next to GC6XTXY. The first Saturday of every month is FREE for family activities from 12:00-2:00 p.m. led by the local artists and museum staff. Stop in at the Carriage House Nature Center at Quail Hollow State Park. A two for one attraction with geocache GC6WE2W nearby. The Carriage House Nature Center features live animals, hands-on educational activities, cross-country skiing, as well as equestrian and mountain bike trails. Logs from cachers: We were in the area for the weekend. While here, we decided to take an adventure & do the whole Cache 4 Coins geotrail in one day! We spotted a cute fox in one of the rehabilitation pens! It was certainly a whirlwind adventure today, but we had loads of fun exploring all around Stark County. And we came home with a new, shiny coin! Thanks for working so hard on this geotrail. We had a fantastic time today! This is the way GeoTour caches should be hidden. We got to see an interesting place, and the cache was a quick find. Even room for swag! We are trying to get the C4C caches done today, so thanks for the easy one! TFTC “Another day of Stark County caching with the Hiking Viking. This was a scenic and fascinating park. I never would have found this spot if it wasn't for geocaching and the Stark Parks geo-tour. Thank you for bringing me here! I hope to return again on a warmer day.” Find out more about the Cache 4 Coins GeoTour here. Note: All the above information was provided by the GeoTour host. Copy has been edited by Geocaching HQ. [...]

Tomb Raider – The Sequel — Geocache of the Week

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Traditional GC3Q9VP by Pagenz Difficulty: 1.5 Terrain: 1.5 Location: Cambodia N 13° 26.092′ E 103° 53.301′ Deep in the forests of Cambodia lies the ancient city of Angkor. It is believed to be the largest city of its time spanning 154 square miles (400 square km). To put that into perspective, the land area of Manhattan in New York City is only 23 square miles (59 km). This maze of temples has been overgrown by the strong-willed and vine-like roots of Banyan trees. The aesthetic of the city sets the perfect scene for an action-packed adventure searching for “ancient artifacts,” also known as geocaches. With rising popularity in recent years, the Angkor Wat temple is a thriving tourist destination due to two main factors: UNESCO recognized it as a World Heritage site in 1994 and the filming location of the 2001 action flick Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, based on the video game of the same title. Unbeknownst to the majority of tourists, a secret treasure exists in the temple, highlighting where key scenes were filmed for the movie. Once inside, you must find the geocache through a labyrinth of temple walls and thick vines. Ultimate stealth is absolute key for this cache because you do not want to sacrifice its location to the swarm of muggles travelling by. Harness your inner Lara Croft, do a back flip, swing on a vine, parachute in, or calmly wait and grab the cache like the rest of us, muttering to yourself, “I hate tombs.” There are eighty-one geocaches in Cambodia, and the two most Favorited are within the Angkor city walls. “Tomb Raider – The Sequel” has featured over 2,000 geocachers worldwide and it could feature you next. Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form. [...]

Geocaching family wins Hurtigruten photo contest and sets sail on a cruise to Norway

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Geocaching can take you to amazing places all over the world. For one geocacher, it took her on a Hurtigruten cruise to Norway where she saw northern lights and quaint coastal towns. In July 2017, Hurtigruten expedition cruises released 3,000 polar bear and penguin trackables for an epic adventure to geocachers in the United States. Geocachers showed how they “connected with their inner explorer” on social media for a chance to receive a seven-day expedition cruise in Norway for two. The photo contest winner, Sarah (@myruggy89), shared with us the story of her trip. Sør-Trøndelag, Norway GC34WJD Sarah, her husband David, their 12- month-old daughter, and another little one on the way live in New Jersey. Sarah started geocaching in March 2013. She later met her husband who wasn't an active geocacher at the time, but had geocached before she ever had. Sarah and her family in Ålesund, NorwayGeocaching: What's the story behind your winning photo? Sarah: I received the Hurtigruten trackable just days before our family vacation, so I knew I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful clear water at Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire near our vacation spot. I told my husband, patches46, that I had a crazy idea, but it involved putting his cell phone underwater. I was soon holding my breath and he was taking the shots! @myruggy89's winning photo taken August 2017 at Lake Sunapee, New HampshireGC: What was your favorite find from your trip? S: My favorite find would have to be Bryggen i Bergen (GC25BXH) as it was hidden amongst the remains of an ancient wharf, which is now a World Heritage site. In additional to taking in the beautiful sights of the Norwegian coastline during our cruise, we only planned to walk the towns at each port with the goal of finding at least one geocache, which we did. Not only did I bring trackables to drop off in Norway, I also picked up a few to help their goals of gaining mileage and exploring the world. Bryggen i Bergen (GC25BXH)GC: What were the trip highlights? S: We had a beautiful display of the northern lights one night; that was definitely a major highlight for me. Other highlights include crossing the arctic circle, enjoying local cuisine on the ship, and earning my Norway souvenir. GC: What makes a Hurtigruten Cruise unique? S: This was the first cruise that I had ever been on so it's hard to make a comparison of the uniqueness of this cruise to others. However, based only on what I have heard from others, this cruise definitely provided an eyeful of beautiful sights that many others cruises can't provide. Hurtigruten took us to unique and exciting locations every day! GC1V4PY in Finnmark, NorwayGC: Anything else you want to tell us? I started a new trackable (Blue Dolphin – TB8GB8H) of my own and dropped it off in Norway to commemorate the Hurtigruten trip that I won. We found a few geocaches and I was able to start a brand new trackable whose goal is to make it back home to me in the USA. Check out Sarah's Instagram account, @myruggy89, for more awe-inspiring photos from her Hurtigruten Cruise and other geocaching adventures! [...]

Geocaching adventures in New Mexico

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Geocaching in New MexicoThis blog post was written by geocaching superwoman and Geocaching HQ employee, Annie Love. One might think of a band playing gigs in different cities when they hear the term “Lackeys on Tour.” But those of us who work at Geocaching Headquarters, lovingly known as “Lackeys,” it simply means geocaching in an interesting new location. Previous Lackey adventures had taken us to Alaska and Las Vegas, but after a year off, the road called to us once again. Jon Stanley (Moun10bike) suggested New Mexico as it was a state he hadn't cached in yet. To be honest, when you come from dreary Seattle it's pretty refreshing to spend a day in the warm, sunny desert geocaching. The group was quickly on board and before we knew it, ten of us Lackeys had booked flights, hotels and two minivans to the Land of Enchantment. Two minivans in the Land of EnchantmentWe arrived in Albuquerque late on a Friday night. But just because it was late didn't mean we couldn't start caching. Luckily, the nearest cache was only about 50 feet from our hotel. The priority the first day of our trip was power caching. They say “It's not about the numbers” but we don't always agree with what “they” say. Power caching may not be for everyone but it's important for Geocaching HQ employees to understand the different caching methods that the community enjoys. Ready for a power trail?Power caching in the desertAt Geocaching HQ, we pride ourselves in testing our products live in the field. The day we left, our mobile team released a new beta app for the staff to test. Finding 200+ geocaches over a weekend provided a great experience to test the beta and discover any issues that may need attention before release. In the middle of our power caching, a Virtual Cache brought us to the Abo Ruins (GCB95A), a Spanish mission dating back to the 1600s. Discovering places like this is what makes geocaching so special. Virtual Cache Abo RuinsAfter waking up the next morning in Santa Fe, New Mexico, we ventured to an EarthCache with a lot of Favorite points, the Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks (GC1TVB6). Years of volcanic eruptions and subsequent erosion created a slot canyon with cone-shaped tent rocks that are now an amazing national monument. We hiked the three-mile round-trip trail to the top to take in amazing 360° views of the entire region. EarthCache Kasha-Katuwe Tent RocksAfter an hour and a half drive, we finished our day back in Albuquerque with cold beer, tasty BBQ, and good conversations with geocaching locals. We spent a couple hours sharing caching stories and lots of laughs with about 25 attendees at our event (GC7JVQP). It never ceases to amaze me how warm and welcoming geocachers are no matter where you travel. One has to feel pretty lucky to work at a company where you'd spend your own money to go on vacation with your coworkers. I still pinch myself that I get to work at Geocaching HQ and have amazing experiences like our Lackeys on Tour trip to New Mexico. Even though we may not be a band, we can still look good on our album cover. We could almost be a cool band [...]

B-24J “Liberator” — Geocache of the Week

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Traditional GCG0DN by MiketheFiddler Difficulty: 5 Terrain: 5 Location: Marshall Islands N 07° 11.957 E 171° 03.138 B-24J “Liberator” — Geocache of the WeekThe D5/T5 ratings for this Geocache of the Week Virtual Cache are spot on, and could probably be even higher (T6 rating, anyone…?). In the fifteen years since publication, only six geocachers have logged this cache due to the extraordinarily remote location and methods of traveling there. This World War II plane wreck is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean about 500 miles (800 km) west of the International Date Line near the Majuro atoll as part of the Marshall Islands. A kidney-shaped reef 25 miles (40 km) long with a population of around 20,000 people, Majuro is is a tropical paradise boasting beaches, reefs, a wealth of stunning sea life, and even more local history. This World War II plane wreck is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean about 500 miles (800 km) west of the International Date Line near the Majuro atoll as part of the Marshall Islands.The usual route begins in Honolulu, Hawaii when one boards a five-hour flight to the atoll, which is scheduled on a weekly-ish basis. Then drive about 20 miles to the opposite end of the atoll to lovely Laura Beach. You can hire local dive operators to take you out to the wreck on a boat.You then have the following options: wade out to the site at low tide, swim, or hire one of the local dive operators to take you out on a boat. If you are a strong swimmer and have snorkel gear, the swim out from Laura Beach is quite pleasant and allows ample opportunities to view colorful corals, clams, and fish. In any event, you will need a mask, snorkel, and underwater camera to log this cache. In any event, you will need a mask, snorkel, and underwater camera to log this cache.On December 28, 1943, this particular bomber sustained significant damage due to intense fighter opposition over its target area of Taroa. It limped back toward its base in Tarawa on 2 engines, making it back as far as Majuro, where the pilot crash-landed on the reef. The crew was taken into custody by the Japanese, who then controlled Majuro. Their fate is not known conclusively. Post an underwater photo of yourself in front of one of the remaining propellers.To log this cache, you must Find the single word cast in metal on the remaining machine gun, just above the perforated and air-cooled section of the barrel. Post an underwater photo of yourself in front of one of the remaining propellers. Take a moment to reflect on the many brave people who died on all sides of World War II in the Pacific Theater and what life must have been like in those say, navigating the endless blue Pacific without a GPS. At low tide, the propellers can be seen above the waterline.Depending on the tides, the plane may or may not be visible above the water. At low tide, the propellers can be seen above the waterline, and one can walk along the top of the mostly intact wing of the aircraft with their head well above water. Most of the fuselage has disappeared, probably due to wave and tidal action over the years. Several other fragments of the plane are nearby including a Sperry ball turret, the belly machine gun unit with one barrel still visible. Time to get back to the boat. How did it end up way over there?!Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form. [...]

Ten tips to help maintain your geocaching streak

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Ten tips to help you maintain your geocaching streak Let's talk about geocaching streaks. A streak is when you log a geocache or attend an Event Cache every day for an extended period of time. Some geocachers have maintained them for a month, a year, or even longer — several streak freaks have even maintained them for YEARS. You can track your streak on your profile statistics. But what if the weather is terrible? What about that thing called “your life?” What if you just want to binge watch movies from your couch with your four cats and a pint of ice cream? These ten tips will help you plan ahead, stay motivated, and become a streak freak!* 1. Know when to hold 'em Reserve low difficulty/terrain caches located close to your home or work for busy and/or extreme weather days.2. Know when to fold 'em Do not zoom around at 60 miles an hour to grab a cache by 11:59 PM, endangering others and yourself. It's a hobby, folks.3. Have reservations When meeting with friends, suggest restaurants or places near caches you need to find. They'll never know.4. Midnight Madness Find a cache at 11:30 PM and then find another one at 12:00 AM the next day. Clever!5. Elementary, my dear Watson! Pre-solve coordinates for Mystery/Puzzle caches.6. Hostess with the mostest Consider hosting a monthly Event Cache or CITO. (Keep in mind that creating daily events just to bulk your statistics is frowned upon.)7. Get physical Incorporate geocaching into your fitness plan and bike, jog, or walk to caches. As your streak continues, your distance will increase and your waistline will (hopefully) decrease.8. Au-tumn is au-some Start a 365-Day Challenge in the fall to get the worst weather out of the way while you're still “fresh”. The flip side? You'll end your streak in the most glorious of weather! And don't forget about the existence of Leap Day — the next one is February 29th, 2020.9. Ice ice baby In the winter, make sure caches have the “Available during winter” attribute.10. First is the worst Leave the First to Find (FTF) bragging rights to others during your streak. You gotta stay focused!One last thing… If your streak unexpectedly ends for any reason (one of our employees gave birth to her third child just two days before completing her 365 streak), chin up. You can always swap out a streak for a 365 grid. Plus, now you're set up for a new personal benchmark to beat! *No no no, not the fad from the ‘70s, we're talking about geocache streaking, [...]

Geocache Icon Run: find the most cache types in one day

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A geocaching crew goes for 13 different icons in one dayThis blog post was written by geocaching superwoman and Geocaching HQ employee, Annie Love. If you are an obsessed geocacher, then you probably like to build your Geocaching profile stats such as “Most caches found in a single day”, “Highest altitude geocache”, or “Farthest away from home”. One statistic that can be trickier is an “Icon Run”, which is logging as many different cache types in one day as possible. But most geocachers, with a just little guidance and a full tank of gas, can bulk up their icon stats. Here's how! Find geocaching icons for your account* You can find the icons you've already earned by going to your profile page and selecting the Geocache tab. Along the left side you'll see the icons you've earned, and along the right side you'll see the geocaches you've hidden. Here's an example of a prolific geocacher's profile with several icons accumulated: Geocaching icons on a prolific geocacher's profileStarting with easily accessible icons It may be easy to find eight icons in one day depending on geocache saturation in your area. Since the common cache types can be placed by any geocacher, the likelihood of finding them in your area may be higher. You may have to be creative about the date and then factor in an Event Cache. Geocaching icons that are easily accessible Traditional Cache Cache In Trash Out® (CITO Multi-Cache Mystery or Puzzle Cache Letterbox Hybrid EarthCache Event Cache Wherigo How to add even more icons in one day But wait, there's more! It is possible to get more than eight icons in one day, however, this is where things start to get tricky. For this, you need to cache in a specific location or have a temporary cache type available near you. For example, if you visit us at Geocaching HQ in Seattle, WA, you may be lucky enough to get the eight icons above plus Virtual, Lab, Webcam, Geocaching HQ (GCK25B), and a Project APE (GC1169) icons. That's a whopping 13 icons! Though rare, you may even find yourself with the chance to earn a Mega- or Giga-Event icon if one is conveniently located in the area during your visit. Additionally, if you plan your icon run in Europe at the right time, you may end up with the chance to earn the GPS Adventure Exhibit icon since it occasionally travels to European Mega/Giga-Events. This summer the GPS Maze will make its way to Austria (GC7C99M) at the Summer, Sun & Fun 2018 Mega-Event (GC6V0JF). Geocaching icons not easily accessible Virtual Cache Project APE Cache Mega-Event Cache Webcam Cache Giga-Event Cache GPS Adventures Maze Exhibit Geocaching HQ Lab Cache Geocaching icons that are no longer available There are a few icons that have been retired thus impossible for newer geocachers to ever obtain. If you have one of these, consider yourself lucky! Lost and Found Event Cache Groundspeak Lost and Found Celebration Groundspeak Block Party Locationless (Reverse) Cache Set yourself up for Icon Run success Road trip! Drive time — some rare cache types may be spread pretty far. Can you feasibly drive to all the cache locations in one day while obeying all traffic laws? Map out the best route that keeps the event times in mind. Ensure you have plenty of fuel in your car and be aware of where you may need to fuel up during the day. If caching with your smartphone, charge your phone in the car whenever you're driving. Pack lots of water and snacks — you'll need your energy! If your group is larger and has multiple cars, bring two-way radios (walkie-talkies) to communicate with each other in areas that may not have cell coverage. Up-level with Event Caches To maximize potential icons, look for a Mega/Giga-Event with a high saturation of the other cache types in the area. Mega/Giga-Events typically have Lab Caches associated with them, providing an easy additional icon. For any events you attend, plan your day so that you spend the time to enjoy them. Don't just show up at a CITO, sign the log, and leave — you're there to help clean up where we cache. So take some time to give back on behalf of the game we all love. Consider hosting your own event to help with your icon run. But make sure you meet all event requirements and truly focus on the event. Extras If you're a Premium member, download an offline List on the Geocaching® app. If possible, choose locations with a Webcam and/or Virtual close by. Search for Multi-Caches with only two stages. Have backup caches in your list in case you have a change of plans or log a DNF. For example, solve additional Mystery Caches in advance. As tempting as it may be, try not to stop for that extra ‘Traditional that's just 0.1 miles away!' Time will get away from you! How many icons have you found in a day? Tell us your story. Icon Run smiley cookies* is transitioning the styles of our icons — we've featured the newer styles in most of this blog.The older versions are still visible on your profile page. The newer versions are visible on the map. [...]

New cache details in the Geocaching® app

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The days are getting longer and the sun a little brighter in the northern hemisphere — spring is in the air! We've been working hard this winter on a fresh new look for spring and are excited to show it off! Here's what's new and improved: A snazzy new look for cache details. We've simplified the design and eliminated lots of scrolling to make it easier to access the information you're looking for. Buttons to message a cache owner and view the hint have been moved up to front and center. The cache description is now in the new menu, and now you're only one tap away from getting all the details. With a quick glance you can now easily see the latest activity on a geocache. Excited to have a look? We're sharing before/after screenshots below. Better yet, see for yourself in the Geocaching® app! We've been working hard to making geocaching easier for everyone. We know there's nothing like the feeling of making the Find whether it's your first, your 50th, or your 5,000th. That's why we (with the help of months of player interviews and research!) felt that improving cache details was an important step to take. Keep your eyes on the app this spring and summer too, because there's much more to come! [...]

520 Bellevue TB hotel – Geocache of the Week

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Traditional GC6ZR1H by Bounce,bounce Difficulty: 2.5 Terrain: 1.5 Location: Bellevue, WA N 47° 37.734′ W 122° 08.874′ There are two things that are beloved by many geocachers: gadget caches and trackable hotels. So what's even better? A gadget cache that's also a trackable hotel! If you are a connoisseur of well-designed caches then our Geocache of the Week is a great fit for you. Located next to a strip mall in Bellevue, Washington, 520 Bellevue TB hotel shows how urban geocaches can be a lot more than lamp post caches and guardrail nanos. The cache owner Bounce,bounce is known in the local community for his creative trackable hotels. The cache is located in an unused loading bay. When you approach the cache you might hesitate for a second since it looks much like an electronic installment that's part of the dock. But when you point your gaze upwards a warning sign reassures you that you're in the right location. The cache page tells you that you need one of Bellevue's zip codes (which are five digits) to open the cache, but the lock that stands between you and the logbook only has 4 digits. So your first mission is to identify where to use the code and then find the right one. Once you open the cache you might get sidetracked by the lights and switches. It's fine to play with them but the cache owner requests that you leave everything the way you found it before you leave. Opening the second door gets you to the logbook and well organized trackable hotel. If you're in the area and need a place for your travel-weary trackables, check them into this hotel for some well-deserved rest before the next geocacher takes them to their next destination. Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form. [...]

Calling all filmmakers! Submit your film to GIFF 2018

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The Geocaching International Film Festival is returning for another year of epic geocaching moments captured on camera. If you're a filmmaker, a geocacher, or something in between, GIFF 2018 is your chance to have your geocaching film viewed by thousands of people on movie screens all over the world. Submissions are now open! How the festival works Films are submitted to Geocaching HQ by August 1, 2018. Throughout August, the films will go through various rounds of viewing by a panel of judges from Geocaching HQ. In September the finalist films will be announced. The filmmakers will be notified, and the film titles made public. Geocachers who are hosting GIFF events will receive a single film reel compilation of all the finalists. From November 8-12, 2018, the GIFF film reel will be shown at GIFF events hosted by geocachers all over the world. In 2017, there were 601 Events hosted in 55 countries, and 16,497 geocachers attended. HOW TO SUBMIT A FILM Read the rules. Seriously, read them! Read the tips for filming. Upload your geocaching film to Vimeo. Fill out the submission form and submit by August 1, 2018. Learn more about submitting to GIFF 2018 Submissions due August 1, 2018 [...]

Paddle your way to a T5 geocache

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Rock Chalk (Chris) and fellow Geocaching HQ staffer LukeK geocaching with kayaksAfter attending the MOGA 2014 Mega-Event in Ohio, my wife and I were driving through Kentucky on our way home. I opened the Geocaching® app to search for caches along our route when I caught sight of a ton of T5 caches. I mean a boatload of them (pun intended because they were the kind that required a boat to find). They were on creeks, rivers, and lakes. So many of them! I'd never seen anything like it. Alas, I had no boat. No kayak. No canoe. No watercraft of any kind. I pondered the boat idea upon returning home. Impulsive as I may be when it comes to geocaching, I know enough not to immediately drop hundreds or thousands of dollars on a watercraft. So, I dipped my toe into water caching by tagging along on a lake outing with a friend who owns an extra hardshell kayak. I loved it. Still, I wasn't quite ready to make a huge investment. Instead, I purchased an inflatable kayak for around $75. Grabbing a remote geocache in a kayakThere was a lake not too far from home with both an EarthCache and a Traditional cache that each required paddling. Before long, I was on the water in my new kayak. It was so much fun. As I zipped around the lake gathering EarthCache information, I wondered why it had taken me so long to discover the joys of kayaking. I then set sail for the island with the Traditional cache and was just 500 feet from it when I heard a hissing sound. Part of me hoped a snake had hitched a ride on my vessel because the alternative was a leak in my brand new kayak. Alas, it was a leak. It wasn't the smartest decision I ever made, but I continued on course for the island. (C'mon, I was only 500 feet away!) I made it safely, found the cache, applied a crude patch to the tiny hole in the inflatable, and returned to the dock. All's well that ends well. Despite the minor issues with my maiden voyage, I was hooked on paddle caching and bought a hardshell kayak a few weeks later. I've since found a few hundred caches on water. I'd like to share a few things I learned about paddling as it relates to geocaching. Perhaps my experiences will help you if you're intrigued by water caching. This cache is soooo easy (with a kayak)1. Inflatable or hardshell? The internet is full of articles detailing the pros and cons. For me, it boils down to inflatables being far cheaper and more portable (when deflated, an inflatable kayak easily fits in your car), whereas hardshells are easier to maneuver and significantly more sturdy. I often suggest people start with an inflatable, see how they like paddling, and then perhaps upgrade to a hardshell. I'm mostly skipping past the question of whether to consider a motorized or non-motorized watercraft. For geocaching purposes, non-motorized is usually the way to go. With a kayak or something similar, it's easier to navigate into tight places. Plus, you can portage through shallow water. Equipment: you need more than just a kayak and a paddle2. Other equipment There's a lot more to it than just a kayak and a paddle. If you buy a hardshell, you'll need to carry it on your vehicle. I've got two kayak cradles attached to a roof rack. The kayak rests in the cradles. I then secure it with two load straps, two locking cargo straps, as well as tie-down ropes on the bow and stern. (Of course, the required equipment will vary depending on your vehicle.) If you're traveling a long distance, stop every so often to check the ropes and straps. Also, when you return home and pull into your garage, don't forget there's a kayak on top of the vehicle. I forgot once. You'll need a personal flotation device (PFD). I hope that's obvious. Bonus points if you can attach a writing device to your PFD. You'll want a dry sack to carry your stuff. You may decide you need gloves. I like to wear gloves because my hands fatigue more quickly without them. I repurposed some old biking gloves, but there are fancier options. Lastly, I wear water shoes, which come in handy if I need to step out of the kayak or portage through a shallow area. Have fun but stay safe3. Safety Again, the internet is full of water safety tips. I can't cover everything here, but please do your research. The biggest no-brainer is to wear a PFD. Besides the usual safety tips, there are additional factors to consider when geocaching on water. Target a lake for your first water cache. Don't get me wrong, caching on a river can be a blast. But lakes are generally much calmer. You can take your time getting familiar with paddling and with finding/retrieving caches. Later, you can consider rivers and streams. But let's save the ocean for a different blog. Make sure your GPS or phone is attached to something. You know how you freak out when you drop your device on the ground? You're gonna freak out a lot harder when you drop it in a lake. Skip the freaking with an attachment. Don't be a hero. I've come across caches that were very difficult to reach from my kayak. It could be the CO was taller than me, or they placed the cache while in a taller vessel, or the water level was higher at the time of placement. I've overreached and fallen out of the kayak. I've capsized on a river when I misjudged how fast I was approaching debris. Don't be foolish like me. Know your limits and cache accordingly. Night caching is fun on land, but it's dangerous on water. I've never set out to paddle cache in the dark, but I've misjudged time and found myself too far from shore when the sun set. That was dumb (and scary). Paddle cache with a buddy, or at least tell someone where you're going and check in regularly. I've done it both ways and it's just so much safer to have someone with you. You better believe I would've liked to have had a friend along on those times when I capsized! How does a geocacher find “water caches”?4. Where to find water caches? They don't have their own cache type, so searching for water caches is an inexact science. I usually start with filtering for T5 caches, map the results, and look for what's on water. Occasionally, a water cache is rated T4 or T 4.5, but that's not common. You can also run a Pocket query for caches with the “Boat required” attribute. Once you've decided on a cache to find, it's a good idea to locate an ideal boat launch. My favorite COs include this as an additional waypoint on the cache page. Otherwise, check to see if previous finders mention a boat launch in their logs. Many waterways are managed by a government entity, so you may find they have a website with boating information. If you have any favorite water caches, I'd love to hear about them in the comments section! Where will you find your next geocache? [...]

Goonies Revenge: RODEO — Geocache of the Week

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Traditional GC695PX by Die 4 Goonies Difficulty: 3.5 Terrain: 4 Location: Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany N 50° 46.100′ E 006° 54.421′ Saddle up, grab your lasso, and put on your cowboy hat to prepare for “Goonies Revenge: Rodeo,” located in the wild wild Nordrhein-Westfalen of Germany. The cache is near a horse stable facility. You may even have some curious happy horses investigating what you are doing while you walk by. The GPS guides you to the horse trailers away from the stables, and it's up to you to determine which trailer is hosting a rodeo inside. Unlock and open the right door and you'll be greeted by a nice horse with a smile and a saddle on its back. But the cache isn't that easy. You need to pass a test to prove to the horse that you are worthy of the geocache hidden inside. Read the instructions and try to win the rodeo on the bucking bronco. Keep track of your progress on the “Rodeomat” as you go from waking up the horse all the way to galloping speed while it rocks you back and forth. The geocache presents itself after you successfully pass the test. You're encouraged by the cache owner to bring props and post pictures with the horse. Within that region of Germany there are over 55,000 geocaches–30 of them have over 1,000 Favorite points. “Die 4 Goonies” hid this geocache only one year ago as part of a series of Goonies themed caches. With over 900 finds and a 95% Favorite point rating, this cache sits at the top of the ranks within the region. Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form. [...]

3 Tipps zum Finden von Rätsel-Caches

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Rätsel-Caches können ein wenig, naja, rätselhaft sein!Bekannt als Puzzle- oder Rätsel-Caches, sind Mysteries eine Geocache-Art, welche das Lösen von Rätseln beinhaltet, um die korrekten Koordinaten eines Geocaches zu erhalten oder geheimnisvolle Hinweise zu knacken, um eine Geocache Station zu öffnen. Mit verschiedensten Schwierigkeitsstufen kann es teilweise entmutigend sein, wenn man versucht herauszufinden, wie man ein Rätsel-Cache angehen soll. Dies ist der Grund, warum wir drei Tipps* teilen, um zu helfen solche Rätsel zu lösen und einen weiteren Smiley zu deinem Zähler hinzuzufügen! *Vorschau: Einer dieser Tipps enthält Updates für unseren Lösungs-Checker! Arbeite dich hoch Beginne einfach, indem Du Rätsel-Caches mit einer Schwierigkeit von einem oder zwei Sternen anpackst. Je mehr Geocaches Du mit der Zeit bezwingst, desto mehr Tricks und Kniffe* wirst Du kennenlernen und es wird immer einfacher werden. * Wie zum Beispiel unsichtbare Tinte (weisser Text), Hinweise im Quellcode und Anhaltspunkte im Namen! 2.Versammle deine Rätsel-Crew Zwei Köpfe sind besser als einer! Bring Deine Geocaching-Freunde mit, nicht nur das Geocachen mit Freunden macht mehr Spaß, außerdem können sie Dir bei solchen richtig kniffligen Fragen weiterhelfen. Bestätige deine Koordinaten mit unserem Lösungs-Checker für Rätsel! Dieses einfach Hilfsmittel soll Geocachern helfen sich zu versichern, dass sie die richtigen Koorrdinaten gelöst haben, bevor sie raus gehen und den finalen Geocache-Behälter suchen. Letzten Oktober haben wir einen grundlegenden Lösungs-Checker für Rätsel-Caches auf eingeführt und wir freuen uns, einige Verbesserungen bekannt zu geben. Der Lösungs-Checker besteht jetzt aus einem Feld, dies macht es einfacher Deine Koordinaten einzugeben oder hinein zu kopieren. Rätsel-Caches sind ein spassiger Weg jedes Geocaching Abenteuer interessanter zu gestalten und die Geocaching – Sinne zu schärfen. Ausserdem, falls es bei dir Zuhause immer noch kalt ist, ist das Lösen von Rätsel-Caches die perfekte Aktivität. Jetzt kannst Du am Feuer sitzen und ein paar schwere Rätsel lösen, und wenn das Wetter wärmer wird, hast Du eine ganze Reihe neue Caches, die Du finden kannst! Liebst Du gute Rätsel-Caches? Erzähle uns von Deinen Rätsel Geocache Erfahrungen oder teile mit uns Deine Lieblingstipps fürs Rätsellösen! Sei vorsichtig und verrate keine Spoiler für Geocaches. [...]
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