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Kiilopään huippu – Aslakin Taigametsä 4 — Geocache of the Week

14. Dezember 2017 // 0 Kommentare

Traditional GC1YV19 by Aslak, Adoted by exu, nix00 Difficulty: 2 Terrain: 3 Location: Finland N 68° 20.501 E 027° 30.207 Path to the Geocache of the WeekFinland. Land of the midnight sun and Land of a thousand lakes. Finland should really be known as the “land of tens of thousands of lakes and islands” because there are actually 187,888 lakes and 179,888 islands in the country (side note: who counts these things?). Land of a thousand lakes… and then someFinland recently celebrated its 100th anniversary of independence. Many places around the world celebrated by lighting their own famous landmarks in Finland's national colors of blue and white. Here some additional fun Finnish facts: The sun does not set for 73 consecutive days during summer and does not rise above the horizon for 51 days during winter at Finland's most northernmost point. There are over three million saunas in Finland. There are no payphones in Finland. Forget about Seattle — the average Finn consumes 5 cups of coffee per day. The concept of “freedom to roam” allows folks to pick berries, camp, and fish almost anywhere. Midnight in the middle of summerWe thought we'd highlight a wonderful geocache within Urho Kekkonen National Park, a picturesque nature preserve in the northern region of Lapland. Many geocachers wait to log this cache at the stroke of midnight or host events at the witching hour, bathed in the midnight sun. Midnight events at KiilopäänThe logbook (or loghide). Get it? Log? Hide?This geocache is located at the top of one of the highest and most barren hills, also known as a “fell”. Named Kiilopää, it rises to 546 m (1791 ft) and is reached by walking 2 km (1.25 mi) along a series of wooden stairs, planked walkways, and well-worn paths. The route is challenging towards the end due to the elevation gain, but the views from the top of the surrounding area are well worth the effort. Incredibly windy, sometimes foggy, but on a clear day, you can see for miles and log a well-earned smiley. Incredibly windy…Sometimes foggy……but on a clear day, you can see for miles and log a well-earned smiley.Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form. [...]

Mejoras en la página de edición de fichas de caché

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¡Hoy, estamos encantados de anunciar grandes mejoras en la página de edición de fichas de caché!. Ahora es más fácil crear fichas de caché con menos problemas, así que los cachés se publicarán de forma más ágil. Los propietarios de cachés que han usado la página mucho tiempo, tardarán algo en acostumbrarse a los cambios. Pero confiamos en que una vez familiarizados con la nueva página, encontréis que es mucho más fácil preparar fichas de caché para la comunidad. No solo los propietarios de cachés se benefician de las mejoras, sino también la increíble comunidad de revisores voluntarios. Varios de ellos revisan cientos de miles de cachés cada año. Estos cambios reducirán los problemas que surgen durante el proceso de revisión, permitiendo a los revisores disponer de mas tiempo para…bueno…¡Para salir a hacer geocaching! Por lo tanto, si alguna vez te has planteado esconder un geocaché, te animamos a unirte a los más de 360.000 propietarios de cachés, cuya creatividad e inspiración nos da más de 3 millones de razones para continuar explorando. Entre las actualizaciones de la página de edición de fichas de caché: Los atributos y waypoints están integrados en la página. ¡Esto significa que no hay necesidad de visitar una página diferente para añadir/editar waypoints o atributos! La página del mapa es mucho más útil. Ahora puedes ver las coordenadas publicadas y los waypoints en el mapa. Además, hemos cambiado la fuente de mapas a OpenStreetMap, lo que permite a los propietarios de cachés alejar y acercar el mapa, y hacer una doble comprobación de que las coordenadas están situadas correctamente. El proceso de enviar a revisión se ha simplificado. Puedes leer muchísimo más acerca de las mejoras en el hilo oficial de Notas de Versión en los foros de Geocaching, donde también puedes compartir tus impresiones acerca de la nueva versión. [...]

Verbesserungen bei der Bearbeitung eines Geocache-Listings

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Wir freuen uns bekanntgeben zu können, dass es große Verbesserungen auf der Seite zur Bearbeitung eines Geocache-Listings gibt! Es ist jetzt einfacher, Geocache-Listings zu erstellen. So können die Geocaches auch problemloser als bisher veröffentlicht werden. Cache-Owner, die die alte Seite schon oft benutzt haben, müssen sich wahrscheinlich erst an die neue Gestaltung gewöhnen. Wir sind aber zuversichtlich, dass es – nachdem Du dich mit der neuen Seite angefreundet hast – leichter sein wird, Deine Caches für die Geocaching-Gemeinschaft fertigzustellen. Nicht nur Besitzer von Geocaches profitieren von den Verbesserungen, sondern auch unsere fantastischen freiwilligen Reviewer. Viele von ihnen kontrollieren jedes Jahr Hunderte oder sogar Tausende von Geocaches. Die Änderungen werden dafür sorgen, dass weniger Probleme erst bei der Überprüfung durch den Reviewer auffallen. Dadurch haben die Reviewer mehr Zeit um zum Beispiel selbst geocachen zu gehen! Falls Du schon einmal darüber nachgedacht hast, einen Geocache zu verstecken, ermutigen wir Dich, es den anderen 360.000 Cache-Ownern gleichzutun und auch eine Box zu verstecken. Die Kreativität und die Inspiration der Cachebesitzer geben uns 3 Millionen Gründe, die Welt zu entdecken. Aus der Liste der Änderungen der Cachebearbeitungsseite: Wegpunkte und Attribute wurden in die Seite direkt integriert. Das bedeutet, dass Du keine separate Seite mehr besuchen musst, um Wegpunkte und Attribute hinzuzufügen. Die Karte auf der Seite ist jetzt viel nützlicher als vorher. Du kannst jetzt die Cache-Koordinaten und die Wegpunkte auf der Karte sehen. Außerdem verwenden wir jetzt OpenStreetMaps für diese Karte. Dadurch kannst Du jetzt ein- und auszoomen und nochmals kontrollieren, dass die Koordinaten wirklich auf den richtigen Ort zeigen. Die Einreichung zur Überprüfung durch den Reviewer wurde vereinfacht. In den offiziellen Veröffentlichungsnotizen in den Geocaching-Foren kannst Du noch weitere Informationen über diese Verbesserungen erhalten. Im Forum kannst Du auch Deine Meinung zu den Änderungen mit uns teilen. [...]

Geocaching country souvenir: Namibia

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Situated in southern Africa, Namibia is known for surreal natural landscapes and phenomenal flora and fauna. Visitors from around the world travel to Namibia to experience the otherworldly red clay sand dunes of Sossusvlei, the variety of vegetation in the Kalahari Desert, and various other unique landscapes that span the country. Moringa trees emerge from the rocky landscape of Etosha National Park With only 2.6 people per square kilometer, Namibia is a haven for wildlife who thrive in the isolated terrain. Black rhinos, cheetahs, lions, giraffes, elephants, and other large mammals roam freely in the oldest desert in the world, the Namib Desert, as well as in other wildlife preserves around the country. Namibia is also known for its cultural diversity with nine recognized languages and a variety of ethnic groups. Windhoek, the capital and largest city, features museums, a university, and craft markets aplenty. The town has a thriving nightlife, and wine bars, breweries, and eateries make Windhoek a great destination for foodies. Now that you're thoroughly inspired to visit the country, here are some geocache suggestions to introduce you to the natural beauty of Namibia: Ghosts of Time Traditional Cache | GC12CXP | by nam_gecko | D1.5/T3.5 The iconic Sossusvlei sand dunes are the setting for this Traditional Cache—the most favorited cache in all of Namibia. To earn this smiley, you'll need to travel by car to the desert's edge, grab a 4×4 or shuttle to the center of the desert, and then hike about 1km to the cache. Your efforts will be rewarded with stunning views of some of the highest sand dunes in the world and access to the Camel Thorn Trees that emerge from the parched soil. If you're feeling extra adventurous, hike to the top of Big Daddy, the highest dune in the Sossusvlei area. The Sossusvlei sand dunes tower above scorched Camel Thorn Trees in the Namib DesertTrees of Africa – Roof of Etosha Traditional Cache | GC4G7JX | by Chrigi-in-Africa | D2.5/T2.5 In the north of Namibia lies the Etosha Pan, a 120-kilometer (75-mile) long dry lakebed coated with salt from regular rainfall. Although the pan is typically dry, heavy rains create waterholes that attract great varieties of wildlife who congregate in herds around the water. Zebras, wildebeests, rhinoceroses, lions, and other large mammals can regularly be seen at the Etosha Pan, which is so large that it can be seen from space. This cache is located on a hill, providing a prime viewing spot of a waterhole below. Fish River Canyon, Namibia EarthCache | GC14TVH | by Mausebiber | D3/T2 This EarthCache will introduce you to Fish River Canyon. At a length of 160 km (100 miles) and a depth of 550 meters (1800 feet) in some places, the canyon is the largest in Africa. Study up on Namibian geology, head to the southern end of the country to visit the canyon firsthand, and then send in your answers to log the cache. Fish River Canyon was carved by the Fish River over a period of more than 500 million yearsFun fact: Six of the seven most favorited geocaches in Namibia are EarthCaches! We announced five new Geocaching country souvenirs on Monday, December 4th. If you've already found a geocache in any of these countries, you'll automatically receive the souvenir on your profile. Check out all of the geocaching souvenirs here. [...]

Geocaching country souvenir: Malta

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Geocaching country souvenir: MaltaAfter learning about Malta for the first time, most people have the same reaction: a sudden urge to sell everything they own, hop on a plane, and spend the rest of their life on a beach, drinking wine, playing guitar, and (of course) geocaching. Malta is located in the Mediterranean Sea, 93 km (58 mi) south of Italy, 300 km (186 mi) east of Tunisia, and 333 km (207 mi) north of Libya. From April through November, the climate deliciously hovers between 20 °C (68 °F) and 30 °C (86 °F). Known for its dramatic coastline, stunningly turquoise waters, countless hidden coves, phenomenal snorkeling, rich history, decorative architecture, and vibrant culture, Malta has it all. But did you know: Malta is more than just one island, it's an archipelago, or a chain of islands. Only the three largest islands; Malta (Malta), Gozo (Għawdex) and Comino (Kemmuna), are inhabited. There are over 1,300 rock climbing routes in Malta. It actually snows on very rare occasions. The last recorded snowfall occurred on December 31, 2014. Malta has double the amount of summer sunshine and quadruple (!!!) the amount of winter sun compared to London. Now that you're thoroughly inspired to board the next plane, here are three must-find geocaches to earn your shiny new Malta Geocaching country souvenir! The DWEJRA – GOZO EarthCache | GC3XFYV | by bern082 | D3.5/T1.5 | EarthCache | GC3XFYV | by bern082 | D3.5/T1.5 |Located on the northern island of Gozo (Għawdex), the Dwejra Inland Sea is a lagoon within the rock coastline produced by the “caving in” of the surfaces above. A narrow tunnel, called “Ghar iz-Zerqa” (Azure Cave) because of the colour of the sea, cuts through the cliffs and connects to the sea. Full of octopus, cardinal fish, barracuda, and parrotfish, Jacques Cousteau once said that Dwejra was among his favorite dives. To log this EarthCache, you'll need to answer four questions about the rocky coastline that surrounds you. Elmo, the Athlete Traditional | GC1NZ4G | by mjtannin | D1.5/T3We know what you're thinking, and no, we're not talking about that Elmo. This Elmo is a fictional Finnish sports hero created as, “a hilarious parody of nationalistic sporting fervour, featuring a peerless athletic giant who despite his fantastic achievements, suffered from loneliness.” This cache is located at a Fort Saint Elmo in the capital city of Valletta and best known for its role in the Great Siege of Malta of 1565. This cache is best approached from the coast. The Blue Grotto – Il-Hnejja EarthCache | GC1HWV9 | by Sinclair of Rosslyn | D1.5/T2 EarthCache | GC1HWV9 | by Sinclair of Rosslyn | D1.5/T2The Blue Grotto is a system of six sea caverns on the southeast coast of Malta. The most famous landmark is Il-Hnejja (The Arch). The water is an intense blue color due to the reflection of the sky off the white sandy bottom. It is possible to enter into the Blue Grotto and the other caves on “Dghajjes”, which are small Maltese boats. The Dghajjes are piloted by expert boatmen who know the surrounding waters and caves very well. To log this EarthCache, you'll need to determine the height above sea level from the viewpoint. We announced five new Geocaching country souvenirs on Monday, December 4th. If you've already found a geocache in any of these countries, you'll automatically receive the souvenir on your profile. Check out all of the geocaching souvenirs here. [...]

Geocaching country souvenir: Malaysia

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Located in southeast Asia, Malaysia is known for breathtaking scenery and a harmonious blend of Asian and European influences. The country consists of two large landmasses. Peninsular Malaysia is sandwiched between Thailand and Singapore on the Malay Peninsula, while East Malaysia shares the island of Borneo with the countries of Brunei and Indonesia. The two portions of the country are separated by the South China Sea. Malaysia's diversity is reflected in the people who call the country home and in the architectural styles that pepper its landscape. State-of-the-art skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia's capital city) tower above Tudor-style buildings, while mosques, churches, temples, shrines, and monasteries all coexist in close proximity to each other. Rainforests, mountains, and an extensive coastline make Malaysia a popular destination for nature enthusiasts and scientists. Without further ado, check out our geocache suggestions for Malaysia: Batu Caves, KL (Earthcache) EarthCache | GC1NAJH | by legacypac | D2.5/T3.5 This EarthCache introduces you to one of the most popular tourist destinations of Malaysia: the Batu Caves. Located about 13 kilometers (8 miles) north of Kuala Lumpur, the limestone caves are more than 400 million years old and reach a height of up to 100 meters (328 feet). Hindu statues and artwork decorate the exterior, and a 43 meters (140 feet) golden statue of a Hindu deity greets visitors at the entrance. Welcome to KL Virtual Cache | GC9FDB | by TimBish | D1/T1 This Virtual Cache highlights the iconic Petronas Towers which form an essential part of Kuala Lumpur's skyline. Formerly the tallest buildings in the world, the towers are 88 stories tall and can be seen from nearly every vista in Kuala Lumpur. Mt Kinabalu EarthCache | GC1B1K1 | by tronador | D5/T5 One of only two D5/T5 caches in all of Malaysia, this cache can only be logged by climbing the highest mountain in the country, Mt. Kinabalu. Located in East Malaysia, the mountain towers 4,095 meters (13,435 feet) above sea level and shelters an extensive collection of plants, birds, and mammals. We announced five new Geocaching country souvenirs on Monday, December 4th. If you've already found a geocache in any of these countries, you'll automatically receive the souvenir on your profile. Check out all of the geocaching souvenirs here. [...]

Improvements to the Edit Cache Listing page

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Today, we're excited to announce big improvements to the Edit Cache Listing page! It's now easier to create cache pages with fewer issues so that caches are published more smoothly. For cache owners who have used the page for a long time, the changes might take some getting used to. But we're confident that once you're familiarized with the new page, you'll find it much easier to get your cache pages ready for the community. It's not just cache owners who benefit from the improvements, but also the geocaching community's amazing volunteer reviewers. Many of them review hundreds or thousands of caches each year. These changes will reduce the issues that come up during the review process, allowing the reviewers more time to…well…go out geocaching! So, if you've ever considered hiding a geocache, we encourage you to join the 360,000 plus cache owners who's creativity and inspiration give us over 3 million reasons to keep exploring. Among the updates to the Edit Cache Listing page: Waypoints and attributes are integrated into the page. That means there's no need to visit a separate page to add/edit waypoints or attributes! The page's map is much more useful. You can now see posted coordinates and waypoints on the map. Also, we've switched the page's map to OpenStreetMap, which allows cache owners to zoom in and out, as well as double-check that the coordinates are at the correct location. The Submit for Review process is simplified. You can read tons more about the improvements in the official Release Notes in the Geocaching Forums, where you can also share feedback about the release. [...]

Geocaching country souvenir: Liechtenstein

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Nestled between Austria and Switzerland, Liechtenstein is 160 square kilometers (62 square miles) of beautiful countryside with an estimated population of 37,000. And while you may have seen images of picturesque Vaduz Castle, there are a few things you may not know about Liechtenstein: On Liechtenstein National Day, August 15th, the reigning Prince of Liechtenstein and his son invite residents of their tiny principality to enjoy a drink in the garden of Vaduz Castle, the princely ancestral residence. Liechtenstein's national anthem, “Oben am jungen Rhein” (Up above the young Rhine), is sung to the same melody as “God Save the Queen.” Liechtenstein is the world's leading manufacturer of false teeth, accounting for 20 percent of the total sales worldwide. Although Liechtenstein is the fourth smallest country in Europe, the geocaching community is very active. Here are three caches to visit when earning your shiny new Liechtenstein country souvenir: Alte Rheinbrücke Vaduz-Sevelen Traditional | GC5N7H7 | by Astvaldur | D2/T1.5 The last remaining wooden bridge to cross the Rhine in the Alps, the Alte Rheinbrücke Vaduz-Sevelen is 135m (443 feet) long and connects the Liechtenstein capital of Vaduz with the Swiss canton of St. Gallen. The cache is located on the Liechtenstein side of the bridge, but you might have to rely on your geosenses, as the bridge can interfere with your GPS signal. Welcome TB-Hotel Liechtenstein Traditional | GC6W3JC | by Die schwarze Wittwe | D2/T1.5 If you drive to Liechtenstein from Switzerland, check in to this conveniently located TB hotel. Park your car, take a short stroll to the cache, and discover or trade trackables. The key and instructions on how to open the cache are behind the hotel. Pro-tip: It's not the barn you're looking for. Fürstensteig Multi-cache | GC1WGCJ | by Lulch | D2/T4 This Multi-cache is not for the faint of heart. You should be an experienced climber to attempt this cache, as the path gets very close to the chasm in places. Make sure to take the occasional break to take in the scenery while you make your way to the top. The ascent covers a difference in altitude of 500m (1640 feet) and takes approximately one hour. Once you get to the top you will discover the cache and be greeted by a breathtaking view. We announced five new Geocaching country souvenirs on Monday, December 4th. If you've already found a geocache in any of these countries, you'll automatically receive the souvenir on your profile. Check out all of the geocaching souvenirs here. [...]

Geocaching country souvenir: Argentina

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In Argentina, there is always something exciting around the corner. Whether you're a master mountaineer or a curious tourist, the towering Andes mountains, breathtaking landscapes of Patagonia, festive culture of Buenos Aires, and exquisite cuisine will not cease to captivate you. From a natural perspective, the area is enveloped with iconic mountain silhouettes, growing glaciers, vast salt flats, vibrant wetlands, desolate deserts, and the Valdivian rain forest. While exploring Argentina you may also come across penguins, capybaras, or one of the many bird species native to the area. Over 10 percent of the world's flora is native to Argentina, offering a diverse and robust array of flowers, cacti, and trees from north to south. The people of Argentina love to watch fútbol (soccer) and dance. If you find yourself in town during a match, jump in on the fun in a local bar and join the passionate back and forth chanting and clinking of beers. Ballroom dancing is another favorite pastime for many Argentinians. The Tango originated from the Buenos Aires lower class and rose to popularity when teenagers assimilated together in the city. This bridged a cultural gap in the city and the Tango spread like wildfire. But if you're reading this you most likely tango with geocaching—and so do we—so let's get started. In July of 2001, Argentina's first geocache was placed. Since then, over 1,900 geocaches have been published (1,500 active) across its spacious landscape. Geocachers flock to this part of the world to experience adventure and exploration. We've hand selected geocaches in some of Argentina's most beloved locations that capture the beauty and spirit of both the country and geocaching. Glaciar Perito Moreno – Patagonia EarthCache | GC1JPHG | by Dutzig | D2.5/T2.5 Travel through the Patagonia Valley to the Perito Moreno Glacier located in Los Glaciares National Park. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Argentina. The ice formation is one of 48 glaciers fed by the Southern Patagonian Ice Field in the Andes mountains shared with Chile. This icefield is the world's third largest reserve of fresh water and one of only three Patagonian glaciers that is not retreating. The Perito Moreno glacier was named after the Francisco Moreno, an explorer who studied the region in the 19th century. To log this EarthCache you'll need to estimate what the distance between the terminus of the glacier to the tip of the peninsula on the day you visited and snap a picture of you and your GPS/Mobile device. Puerto Madero Multi Cache | GC39KDR | by Luis959 | D2/T1.5 This cache guides you on a walk through the newest district of Buenos Aires, Puerto Madero. Surrounded by bars and restaurants, feel free to rest and enjoy the beautiful views of the city and waterfront. Laguna de los Tres: Maya-treasure-06 Traditional | GC5TQT9 | by CacheGert | D1.5/T4 The iconic Fitz Roy mountain range and blue glacier lakes are an essential part of the breathtaking visual experience of Patagonia. El Chaltén is a small mountain village located at the base of Cerro Torre and Cerro Fitz Roy mountains. Your journey begins at El Chaltén for an eight hour hike. We announced five new Geocaching country souvenirs on Monday, December 4th. If you've already found a geocache in any of these countries, you'll automatically receive the souvenir on your profile. Check out all of the geocaching souvenirs here. [...]

Fünf neue Ländersouvenirs

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Seit heute kannst Du fünf neue Geocaching-Ländersouvenirs verdienen. Souvenirs sind virtuelle Kunstwerke, die Du auf Deinem entdecken und ausstellen kannst. Während der ganzen Woche werden wir im Geocaching-Blog, auf Facebook, Twitter, Instagram und Google Plus jedes Land vorstellen und Vorschläge fürs Cachen machen. Aber genug geredet, hier sind die neuesten Geocaching Ländersouvenirs: Argentinien Liechtenstein Malta Malaysia Namibia Wenn Du in irgendeinem dieser Länder schon einen Geocache gefunden hast, erhältst Du heute automatisch das Souvenir auf Dein Profil. Um ein Ländersouvenir zu erhalten, logge einen Geocache mit “gefunden”, “habe teilgenommen” oder “Webcam-Foto aufgenommen” innerhalb der Souvenirzone. Logge zum Beispiel einen Cache in Argentinien, um das Argentinien-Ländersouvenir zu erhalten. Wo ist Dein Traumziel, an dem Du geocachen und Dir ein Souvenir verdienen möchtest? [...]

Cinco nuevos souvenirs de países

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A partir de hoy podrás obtener cinco nuevos souvenirs de paises. Los souvenirs son pequeñas obras de arte que has descubierto y se muestran en tu perfil público de Durante esta semana, tanto en el blog de Geocaching como en Facebook, Twitter, Instagram y otras páginas de Google destacaremos cada país y ofreceremos sugerencias de búsqueda. Para no andarnos por las ramas, a continuación están los últimos souvenirs de países: Argentina Liechtenstein Malta Malasia Namibia Si ya has encontrado un geocaché en alguno de estos países, hoy aparecerá el souvenir automáticamente en tu perfil. Para obtener un souvenir, registra legitimamente un geocaché como “Encontrado”, “Asistido”, o “Foto de Webcam tomada” dentro de la zona correspondiente. Por ejemplo, registra un caché en Argentina para obtener el souvenir de dicho país. ¿Cuál es el destino de tus sueños para hacer Geocaching y conseguir un souvenir? [...]

Cinq nouveaux souvenirs de pays

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Dès à présent vous pouvez gagner cinq nouveaux souvenirs de pays Géocaching. Les souvenirs sont des œuvres d'art virtuelles découvertes et affichées sur votre profile public sur Toute la semaine sur le blog Géocaching, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram et les pages Google Plus, nous mettrons en lumière chaque pays et offrirons des suggestions de caches. Sans plus attendre, voilà les nouveaux souvenirs de pays Géocaching : L'Argentine Le Liechtenstein Malte La Malaisie La Namibie Si vous avez déjà trouvé une géocache dans l'un de ces pays, vous recevrez automatiquement le souvenir sur votre profil aujourd'hui. Pour gagner un souvenir de pays, loguez de façon légitime une géocache comme “trouvée”, “A participé” ou “A pris une Photo Webcam” dans la zone du souvenir. Par exemple, loguez une cache en Argentine pour gagner le souvenir de pays Argentine. Quelle est votre destination rêvée pour géocacher et gagner un souvenir ? [...]

Five new Geocaching country souvenirs

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Five new Geocaching country souvenirs: Argentina, Liechtenstein, Malta, Namibia, and MalaysiaConCACHEulations! As of today, you can earn five new Geocaching country souvenirs. Souvenirs are virtual pieces of art discovered and displayed on your Geocaching public profile. All this week on the Geocaching blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus pages, we'll highlight each country and offer caching suggestions. Without further ado, here are the newest Geocaching country souvenirs: Argentina Argentina Geocaching country souvenirLiechtenstein Liechtenstein Geocaching country souvenirMalta Malta Geocaching country souvenirMalaysia Malaysia Geocaching country souvenirNamibia Namibia Geocaching country souvenirIf you've already found a geocache in any of these countries, you'll automatically receive the souvenir on your profile. Check out all of the geocaching souvenirs here. To earn a souvenir, legitimately log a geocache as “Found It”, “Attended”, or “Webcam Photo Taken” within the souvenir zone. For instance, log cache in Brazil to earn the Brazil country souvenir, or log your attendance at the GeoWoodstock Mega-Event to earn that event souvenir. Where is your dream destination to earn a geocaching souvenir? [...]

Geocaching Shop Elves holiday gift guide!

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Geocaching Shop Elves: Phil, Mark, Janelle, Gary, and DylanWondering what to get that special geocacher in your life this holiday season? Finding the perfect gift for a geocacher is just like finding a geocache—you earn a smiley for both! Here are ten gift ideas for geocachers that are Favorite point worthy! 12-month Premium membership gift with journal and pen This gift set contains a 12-month Premium membership gift card to, a geocaching pocket journal, and an all-weather Power Tank Pen. 12-month Premium membership gift with journal and penSignal the Frog® plushy This Signal the Frog® is extra-large and in-charge! A favorite throughout the geocaching world, take him on your next geocaching adventure or give him a big hug when you return. Signal the Frog® plushyCache Me If You Can board game This Cache Me If You Can board game comes with an authentic metal ammo can! For those times when you want to go geocaching without actually going out, you… ahem, (ammo) can. Cache Me If You Can board gameGeocaching Flex Lite magnet tool Are you serious about geocaching? Then you seriously need these Tools of the Trade (TOTT). The Flex Lite is an LED flashlight, an extension tool with a flexible head, has two magnets with a clip for your belt or TOTT bag, and features the official Geocaching logo. If this doesn't up your find count, we don't know what will! Geocaching Flex Lite magnet toolSmall Aqualock™ Hide-a-Cache kit Looking to make your hides a little more secure? These high-quality lockable hard cases from Seattle Sports are extremely versatile. You can secure your geocache, create a fun puzzle cache, or put it inside your ammo can to separate out the trackables from the SWAG! Comes with a quality resealable bag for your log book. Keep in mind these containers are made to stand up to the elements but are not waterproof. Small Aqualock™ Hide-a-Cache kitGeocaching Action & Discovery kit The Geocaching Action & Discovery kit includes The Explorer's Guide to Geocaching activity book, Geocaching logo cinch bag, rock geocache container, micro geocache container, nano geocache container, log pencil, small logbook, wooden nickel, Geocaching logo patch, Geocaching logo bracelet, and a Geocaching logo sticker! Geocaching Action & Discovery kitWaterproof Geocaching rain jacket Show your geocaching pride and stay dry at the same time with our Waterproof Geocaching rain jackets. It's perfect for hitting the trail when muggles may get scared off by a little too much moisture. These sweet jackets feature the official Geocaching logo, come with a detachable hood and carry bag, plus are machine wash and dry-able! Waterproof Geocaching rain jacketHoliday greeting card with geocoin Looking for the ultimate card to give a geocacher? How about one with a geocoin! Signal the Frog® is feeling festive this holiday season and is ready to travel to someone special on your list. Holiday greeting card with geocoinTools of the Trade (TOTT) starter set The TOTT starter set begins with a Condor organizer that's perfect for geocaching. Inside, you'll find some of the best tools in the geocaching world. Magnigrip Tweezers with microscope get you out of tight spots and help you see the tiniest of codes. The telescoping mirror/magnet allows you to look places no cacher wants to touch without looking first. The logsheet roller is the best in the business, and the All-Weather Tank Pen signs logs from the driest of deserts to the soggiest of swamps. Tools Of The Trade (TOTT) starter set2017 Lackey geocoin What does it mean to be a Lackey? It means to inspire discovery, exploration, and adventure. The 2017 Lackey geocoin has a unique hinged design and showcases digital icons of our Geocaching HQ employees. Designed once again by our very own Roxxy. 2017 Lackey geocoinStill can't decide? Give the gift of geocaching itself. Our Geocaching gift cards upgrade new or existing Basic members or extend existing Premium members for an entire year! [...]

KochBuchCache—Geocache of the Week

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Multi-Cache GC21148 by TTLL Difficulty: 1.5 Terrain: 1.5 Location: Thüringen, Germany N 50° 58.515′ E 011° 01.380′ Feast your eyes on the KochBuchCache in the region of Thüringen, Germany located in the quaint old city of Erfurt. In case you don't speak German, “Kochbuch” translates to “cookbook”, and you're encouraged to add your own delicious recipes to the book when you find the cache. Your search begins just outside the 1,200 year old gothic style Erfurt Cathedral, also known as St Mary's Cathedral, overlooking the hillside and main town square. The first stage, a small container containing a key, grants you access to the nearby second and final stage: a public mailbox that contains the logbook and a cookbook. KochBuchCache has been logged over 3,000 times. This leaves a lot of room for tasty cuisine suggestions awaiting you at the cache. Ranging from savory desserts to classic German dishes, the cookbook offers a mix of recipes that will awaken your tastebuds. You may walk away with a new favorite meal—after all, geocaching sure can work up an appetite. Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form. [...]
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