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Geronimo’s Snookerpalace (TB-hotel) — Geocache of the Week

Mystery Cache
by Geronimo62
Limburg, Belgium
N 51° 05.280′ E 005° 41.106′

🎱 A game within a game? Let that sink in! (Video below) 🎱
In the outskirts of Limburg, Belgium, a “Mystery” surrounds the game of snooker, like the name of the cache. This cache is full of snooker knowledge and history. To find the final location of the cache, you must answer 12 snooker-related questions.

Some of the questions are tougher than others and increase in difficulty as you work your way down the list. Get your head in the game and channel your inner Stephen Hendry (professional Scottish snooker player), as all of the questions are about him. As you “sink” each correct answer, you move closer to solving the puzzle!

You’ll succeed at this puzzle by having some knowledge of Stephen Hendry and the game of snooker. If snooker is not your strong suit, that’s okay. Teamwork and outside resources will help guide you through the challenge and ultimately lead you to victory. Once all the questions have been answered, and your math skills are correct, make your way to the final coordinates. You’re almost there!

Once you arrive at the final coordinates, your snooker skills are put to the test. Now it’s your turn to play the game. Locate the large cache near the open field and put your snooker skills to work. It’s your job to figure out how to open the drawer and reveal the cache container. Of all the geocachers that have diligently worked on this puzzle and found the final cache, 83% awarded GC7JPCD with a Favorite point.


Video by @_l2b_ on TikTok.

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