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Park your plane here — Geocache of the Week

by TiedyeSmileys
Northern Territory, Australia
S 12° 39.471 E 131° 04.591

Wheels up and prepare for takeoff, geocachers, because this cache will surely make your heart soar!

Our Geocache of the Week, “Park your plane here” (GC44JRE), takes players on a tour through history as they trek the Northern Territory of Australia to find this aviation-themed cache.

So fasten your seatbelts, passengers—we’ve got clear skies ahead!

Image by jennyfromthefarm.

Your “flight path” begins at Strauss Airfield, along the Stuart Highway in Australia’s Northern Territory. Built in 1942 during World War II, Strauss Airfield brims with history; even its name is a dedication to Captain Allison Strauss of the United States Air Force’s 49th Fighter Group, who lost her life during the war.

After being decommissioned in 1945, remnants of the airfield can still be visited today, including the mile-long (1.5 km) runway, aircraft parking bays, and information on the airfield’s defense operations during the war.

Be sure to take your picture in one of the nearby fighter plane cutouts while you visit!

Image by Na’wal.

Once your exploration comes to a safe landing, it’s time to deplane and begin your search for the cache. We’re going to head deep into the thicket for this find, so set your sights accordingly.

You’re searching for a well-constructed container reminiscent of the surrounding aircraft in the field. The tall grasses may be an obstacle for searchers, but this should be no challenge for any determined geocacher. Once you locate the hide, you won’t be able to help the smile on your face—there’s nothing “plane” about this geocache!

Image by Billie70.

Don’t forget your photo-op with this little fighter pilot after your search—they’ve guarded this airfield for nearly ten years with their custom-built plane. The care put into the construction of this cache is what sets it apart from others and propels it to its status as Geocache of the Week.

After you’ve checked in with ground control by signing the logbook, you’re ready for lift-off once again! Re-hide your new pilot friend so they can be prepared for the next flight, and head back down the runway.

Image by bubblensqueak.

With the Australian countryside in your rearview mirrors, you reflect on the history and craftsmanship that you bore witness to today. You might begin to think that planes and caches have something in common: with the proper care and construction, they can really transport you to an incredible new destination.

Though you are still flying high from the success of your find, the geocacher in you already has your sights set on the next find.

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