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Geocaching reflections from South Korea – An interview with wonkoo1

In our latest cache hider interview, we spoke to wonkoo1 from South Korea. Geocaching since 2014, wonkoo1 is a prolific cache owner with more than 470 total caches hidden! His hides crisscross the nation and allow players to tour much of South Korea simply by finding his caches.

Read on to learn more about wonkoo1’s geocaching origin story, tips and tricks, and some of his favorite geocaches!

Geocaching HQ: What’s your background outside of geocaching?

I worked as a lab engineer at a testing lab and an evaluator in the medical device industry for 40 years. I retired this February. I started to hide Mystery Caches last month. I’m particularly interested in using knowledge and information related to real-world situations when it comes to creating Mystery Caches.

HQ: How and when did you hear about geocaching?

I used to use GPS for hiking in South Korea and Japan. One of my hiking friends introduced me to geocaching in January 2014; I have been active ever since. Going to the posted coordinates and finding caches reminds me of pleasant memories, including treasure-hunting picnics when I was a kid.

Image by captsteiny.

HQ: Which cache got you hooked?

In 2014, I went to the signboard on the street near a hardware store in Seoul which had various kinds of bolts and nuts. I touched and grabbed many bolts, including the hidden cache (GC5A0VW), but I didn’t notice it. After contacting the CO, I returned to the place, opened the lid, and found the cache. It was mind-blowing, and I still remember that feeling.

HQ: What is your favorite cache(s) you’ve found?

I have found many interesting and intriguing caches so far, but there were a few times when I met the cache owner by accident and had nice conversations about geocaching, family, work, and much more. I still remember how the cache owners welcomed me and how kind they were. Sweden (GC4R5NV), Japan (GC38J50), and The Netherlands (GC6ND7Q).

Image by wonkoo1.

HQ: What keeps you engaged with the game?

I believe geocaches are cache owners’ warm, kind, and courteous invitations to other geocachers. There are cachers all over the world with different nationalities, genders, ages, experiences, and more, but we are all connected through geocaching. I want to continue to accept the invitations from other geocachers.

Image by ara-hee.

HQ: For you, what makes a quality cache?

  • Include accurate coordinates; include an entrance or starting point
  • Caches that match the surrounding area
  • Caches should be placed in a way that doesn’t harm the environment or the surrounding area

HQ: What’s the best approach to creating a geocache?

  1. Find a good location to hide first, then create a cache that goes with the location. Decide the cache’s size and shape to match the place. Then create your cache.
  2. Secondly, look for good places with a scenic view or a meaningful location where there are few muggles.
Image by Lilah&Lackó.

HQ: If someone reading this was looking for inspiration, what words of advice would you give them?

Geocaching is a hobby. Follow the rules and enjoy.

During the Year of the Hide, Geocaching HQ is celebrating spectacular cache owners and their creations. Geocaching is an incredible game thanks to the cache owners who showcase their ingenuity, creativity, and hard work through their geocaches. 

Do you know a cache hider in your community who creates and maintains incredible geocaches? Let us know in the comments!

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