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Meet Tracker

We all know Signal the Frog®, but have you met Tracker the Geo-Pup?

Today we would like to introduce you to Signal’s best friend and favorite geocaching partner!

You’ve probably seen Signal out and about enjoying the outdoors with his trusty Australian Shepherd mix by his side. But how did he and Tracker come to meet?

Years ago, Signal came across a litter of puppies that were up for adoption at an animal shelter. Several rambunctious pups bounded around and scrambled over one another, the little balls of energy that they were. But one curious puppy with a strong nose for adventure cautiously approached Signal and sniffed him out.

Some say it was her geo-senses that detected Signal’s GPS accuracy. All we know is that it was a perfect match, and the rest is history!

Since then, Signal and Tracker are all but inseparable, and often go explore the great outdoors together. She loves to hike with Signal, make new friends while geocaching, and play in the water (as long as it isn’t a bath!).

Tracker also likes to find geocaches, and uses her nose to sniff out a cache in the last 32 feet (10 m) of the search when GPS coordinates may be less accurate. She may not be able to sign the logbook, but she certainly knows how to leave her mark on the pages (luckily, Signal tends to carry spare logs!).

Looks like life isn’t so “ruff” for a geo-pup!

Every day is an adventure ever since Tracker sniffed her way into Signal’s life. From celebrating Great Outdoors Month and Best Friend’s Day together, to nice hikes where they can stop and sniff the flowers (or roll in them), Signal and Tracker are the best of buds.

With so many amazing memories together, we’re “paw-sitively” sure that Tracker is Signal’s favorite find.

Source: Geocaching

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