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PNGS #20 Błędne Skały – Skarb Błędnych Skał — Geocache of the Week

Dolnośląskie, Poland
N 50° 28.826′ E 016° 17.262′

Towering rocks and narrow passageways guide you through this labyrinth, the only thing that stands in the way of you and the cache. We’ll see you on the other side, explorer. It’s time to navigate the Geocache of the Week, PNGS #20 Błędne Skały – Skarb Błędnych Skał (GC7WDNC).

Welcome to the Stołowe Mountains, one of Poland’s beautiful ranges. Full of unique terrain and stunning rock formations, the landscape has plenty to explore. The Errant Rocks’ labyrinth is formed from weathered sandstone, and many of the rocks tower 20-36 feet (6-11 m) high. This geographic feature creates maze-like crevices and narrow alleyways.

Image by krogulec.

At the entrance of the rock canopies, take in the surrounding views; this is the start of the 8-stage Multi-Cache. Rely on the landscape rather than what the coordinates read; the rocks do not allow for a strong GPS signal. Throughout the winding sandstone, clues in the form of numbers guide you closer to the final, where the large-size geocache awaits those that make it to the end.

Images by Goldwoj.

Glide through the maze and notice the terrain and scenery change along the way. Keep an eye out for bends in the trees and curves in the rocks. Duck under branches and low boulders. Listen to the echo of water dripping off nearby sandstone. Slick rock walls and narrow planks on the forest floor encourage slow movement through the path.

Before long, all eight numbers collected from signs throughout the journey point toward the final location. Take a seat at the nearby bench and perform the calculations; with each new coordinate solved, the cache feels closer than ever!

Image by Goldwoj.

Hold tight to the railings with each passing step; the cache is just within reach. The cache is along the main tourist trail, so keep an eye out for muggles as you search for the cache. Look for a large plastic tupperware hidden where children would love to walk in but adults would not.

Images by Arhin.

Finally, the cache is found, and each new adventurer can add their name to the logbook! Once muggle eyes turn away, return the cache to its hiding spot and make your way back through the maze. But before all the fun is over, take in the view and appreciate this beautiful landscape.

Image by bezmiar.

The stunning terrain of this rock-like city amazes all that pass through its tight spaces. The experience of something as unique as this in the beautiful Polish countryside is a memory not to be forgotten. Take it all in before you make the trek back to the start. Now that this labyrinth is complete, what adventure will you embark on next?

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