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Dr. Who FVCB5 – Geocache of the Week

Letterbox Hybrid
by gearhedd
British Columbia, Canada
N 49° 01.297 W 122° 31.574

Ready for an interdimensional geocaching adventure? Located in rural British Columbia, “Dr. Who FVCB5” attracts geocachers and Time Lords alike. Don’t worry, GC9QX5E is bigger on the inside!

Is there anything better than an unexpected adventure? Imagine yourself in picturesque rural Canada. The crisp blue sky, delicate warm sunshine, and bright green foliage make for another tranquil day. 

Suddenly, a loud noise cuts the stillness… Thud! What could it be? Quickly, you run to investigate the impossible. Out in the distance, you spot it… Is that a TARDIS?

Image by GeoJudt.

As you approach this intriguing piece of machinery, jitters run up your spine. Time itself feels suspended as the door slowly creaks open to reveal more than meets the eye. Boldly, you charge ahead and enter into another world! The door closes slowly, and a still silence fills the TARDIS; interdimensional travel is much quieter than expected…

Once inside, a new challenge appears: the logbook, trackables, and prizes are easy to find but difficult to access. A simple padlock is all that keeps you and your geo-crew from accessing the TARDIS’ hidden compartment. Your eyes dart around the interior and pore over each detail in pursuit of anything that looks even the slightest bit amiss.

Image by Captain_Cookie.

A rotary telephone presents you with initial leads to try and locate the pesky combination to the lock. You pick up the phone to try and discern the secret code. Dead. Even a simple dial tone is hard to come by; not to worry, interdimensional travel can fry even the steadiest phone connections.

Image by MsPatt.

Although the rotary phone was literally a dead end, you spot another option that may hold the solution. A slender tube along the TARDIS’ inside frame invites you to take a peek inside. A pale blue glow appears as you peer into the long tube contraption. Could this be the long-awaited combination?

Image by Captain_Cookie.

With a sharp eye, you distinguish four numbers, the perfect number for the combination lock! Armed with the combination, the lock opens with ease. A smile forms as you can finally say you solved an interdimensional puzzle! You lift the lid to reveal the log, treasures, and trackables in perfect condition.

Image by brockcrawler, xstitcher, & BMXer.

Eager to etch your name into the interdimensional travel log, you reach into your waistcoat for a trusty pen. Blast it! You misplaced your pen in all the excitement! Not to worry, the TARDIS’ owner, gearhedd, left a sonic screwdriver for any need you may have during your trip. It quickly transforms into a pencil so you can complete your mission. Phew!

Image by Captain_Cookie.

With one last look inside the TARDIS, you bid the time-traveling transporter adieu and step outside. Suddenly, rural Canada looks a lot different! Did your signature in the logbook open a rift in time itself? Thank goodness the Geocaching® mobile app still works; on to the next one! Oh wait, did I leave my keys in the last dimension?

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