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Lackey trip report: Slovenia’s first Mega-Event

Geocaching HQ staff will attend dozens of Mega and Giga-Events around the world, shaking hands, sharing stories of adventure, and of course, geocaching. Four Lackeys, Frau Potter, hleeful, eileenk9, and Herr Potter recently traveled to Slovenia to attend geoLjubljana 2022 (GC89M9M). Here is their trip summary.

The Slovenian Geocaching Club celebrated their first Mega-Event in Slovenia, geoLjubljana 2022, on June 4, 2022. Like many other Megas hosted in 2022, it was originally scheduled for 2020 and canceled and rescheduled twice due to COVID. But the Orga team did not give up! Icabrian, President of the club, led a determined team of 15 Slovenian geocachers who hosted seven Events over four days. The Events included a successful Mega, a highly attended CITO to remove invasive plants, and tree climbing training at the first welcome Event.

The club also hid a variety of caches for the event participants. In the days leading up to the Mega-Event, Frau Potter and Herr Potter enjoyed a bicycle ride to find some of the caches hidden by club members. One set of caches, Trail Along the Wire, follows the route of a barbed wire fence that enclosed the city of Ljubljana for 1,171 days during World War II. The 33 km bicycle and walking trail has 113 caches, offering a respite from the city on a nice wide trail.

The Mega-Event was hosted at the National Museum of Slovenia, in the beautiful capital city of Ljubljana. Geocachers were guided through the museum with a 10-Location Adventure, with volunteers available to give additional information about the artifacts. For example, the museum has the oldest known musical instrument, a Neanderthal flute. In the museum atrium and courtyard, there were more Adventure Locations, an EarthCache, a Virtual, and a Letterbox Cache.

In 2022, the Slovenian Geocaching Club is celebrating their tenth year as a geocaching organization. In this time, they have worked hard to build a solid community. This was so evident at the Mega-Event!

Geocachers attended the Mega from more than 20 countries, but it was the Italians that stole the show. Everywhere you looked, you saw Italians! The Italians we spoke to were certain this was the largest group of Italian geocachers at any Mega or Giga-Event EVER. We estimated at least 50 Italians, including a cacher from San Marino who said she was the first to attend a Mega from her tiny country! To see the Italian enthusiasm for the game, watch this geocaching channel: Cody Geocaching Adventures.

Photo by -Cody-

After the success of this year’s event, we will not be surprised to see future Mega-Events hosted by the Slovenian Geocaching Club!

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