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The World’s Largest Nano — Geocache of the Week

by ottieolsen
Kansas, United States
N 39° 00.946 W 099° 53.337

Just when you thought you were an expert on cache size, you stumble upon the world’s largest nano. Perplexed, you dive deep into the geocaching guidelines, YouTube web archives, and check in with libraries in the Vatican on any information about this rumored anomaly. Nestled away in the heart of Kansas, it turns out that those rumors are true; and yes, it’s magnetic.

Rest assured, we did all the deep-level research to try and understand this creation. Typically at HQ we hear horror stories of micros in the woods, buckets of hundreds of nanos, and general displeasure of evil nanos (but who doesn’t like a challenge?). Leave it to cache owners ottieolsen (Dustin & Heather) to create a geocache so bold: a super-sized nano.

Near typical culprits like bunches of trees, parking lot lamp posts, and suspicious piles of rocks – GC57VFG stands tall in the countryside under arches as golden as the Kansas sun. With an eye so keen on tiny cache containers and a burned intuition from deceptive cache names, you may miss the giant cache container attached to the pole.

There’s a lot of empathy in the humor associated with this hide, as so many cachers know the feeling of searching too long for a container the size of a pencil eraser. It’s not every day you see a nano with trackables and other SWAG inside. In the logs of the world’s largest nano, geocachers recount how they chuckled when they saw it for the first time, how fun they thought the idea was, and one geocacher declared, “This is my kind of nano!”

The joy that a simple yet thoughtful geocache brings can impact your day. Cache owners brighten the day of hundreds to thousands of geocachers, just like ottieolsen over the years. Since 2014, this silly little (big) geocache accumulated 804 finds.

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