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HQ Announces a new Event Cache type!


There’s no better way to celebrate our incredible game than with 50,000 of your closest friends! That’s right, 50,000 of you, you, you, you, and you all in one location. Think Woodstock meets Oktoberfest, in an epic collaboration so big that we can only facilitate one Tera-Event a year. 

We’ve heard many geocachers say, “I’ve been to Mega and Giga-Events, but I want an Event the size of a city!” Geocaching HQ promises to build an entire city with 100% sustainable material at the first set of coordinates to obtain 30,000 signatures. 

Tera-Events are the perfect way to introduce your friends, extended family, and your entire hometown to the incredible game of geocaching!

You can completely change your life by moving into the Tera-Event city after the event. A geocacher’s paradise, equipped with a geocaching shop, epic gadget caches on every corner, geocaching cafe’s, daily Event-Caches, and we elected Signal the Frog to take over as mayor! Hop into a world where you can reinvent yourself, legally change your name to your geocaching username, and race against the entire city for an FTF – every morning. 

In order for a Giga-Event to bloom into a Tera-Event, a few significant things must happen:

  • Tera-Events must follow the guidelines of a Mega-Event
  • The Tera-Event must have at least 30,000 Will Attend logs
  • The Tera-Event must have a high probability to attract 50,000 Attended logs
  • Only one Tera-Event can take place in the world at a time (out of fear of offsetting the rotation of the earth)

Now that the fine print is out of the way, get excited! These Events are a rare commodity and may not happen for years at a time. No matter the size, Event Caches allow us to reconnect, swap stories, and share our passion for geocaching. . .or even use it as a prop for an April Fool’s joke.

Happy Caching!

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