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Gadget caches 101

If you’re somewhat new to geocaching, you’ve probably found that in addition to learning about the process of finding a geocache, you also learn a whole geocaching vocabulary, too. Today we’re checking out one of the terms on that vocabulary list: gadget cache. Scroll down to learn more about what makes certain geocaches gadget caches and see fun examples of this category of cache.

Gadget caches are creative geocaches that go above and beyond the standard container with a logbook. They have a “gadget” element, or puzzle that the geocacher has to figure out in order to access the logbook. These elements range from electronic caches that require a binary code to caches that need water to be poured into them so the cache floats to the top. Below are three gadget caches that received past Geocache of the Week titles. Each cache has a different twist that adds intrigue to the experience of the find. After looking at this list you might even be inspired to create your own geocache to earn the 2022 hider souvenir.

Intersect 2.0
GC548HP, D 2.5/T 1.5

Image by family Behrens

Not only is this cache a gadget cache, it’s also a Multi-Cache! For the first stage, you must head to the posted coordinates to find a container that has coordinates for the second⁠—and final⁠—stage with the tools required to discover the code to open the container once you’re there. Inside the lock-n-lock is a block containing a series of wires. Touching the correct two wires together turns on a light on the block, indicating the correct code for stage two. Once you arrive at the second stage of the cache, you’ll find a cupboard. You can unlock the first drawer of the cupboard with your code from stage one. Inside the first drawer you’ll find a working laptop with a set of detailed instructions explaining what the geocacher needs to do in order to unlock the code for the next drawer which contains the logbook.

Speden Spelit Nopeustesti
GC5FD0B, D2/T2

Image by Balkovi

It’s pretty straightforward to find this gadget cache, but getting to the logbook takes some brain power. The cache container is a large wooden box with four colored buttons that can light up. Different buttons will light up and you have to follow a pattern, tapping the correct button right after it lights up, 30 times in a row. This might sound easy, but after each correct match, the speed of the pattern increases and this cache becomes a real test of your reaction time.

GBC 2 – Name that Tune
GC4VKVR, D2/T1.5

Image by Sharon12

This cache looks like a birdhouse at first glance, but it is actually a gadget cache and the gadget in question is a xylophone. The bottom of the birdhouse structure has a drawer with a xylophone inside. The first step of getting to the logbook is to slide out the xylophone and play the notes given on the cache page. Once you recognize what tune you’re playing, you have to figure out the last seven notes in the song, which correspond to the numbers needed to open the combination lock on the side of the cache.

What gadget would your ideal gadget cache have? Share in the comments!

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