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The Reach the Peak leaderboard resets on February 7

It’s less than a week before the leaderboard resets on the first Monday in February. Geocachers are finishing their ascent of Aconcagua and catching their breath before heading off to reach one last peak, the tallest peak in the world, the summit of Mt. Everest. You have until February 7, 2022 at noon UTC to earn both souvenirs for Aconcagua before the Reach the Peak leaderboard resets and the final climb begins. For this final month we’re adding a new action to the leaderboard. In addition to earning points for stages of an Adventure, this month cachers will also earn leaderboard points for completing entire Adventures.

Reaching the top of Everest at 8,849 meters in elevation is a crowning achievement in mountaineering. Since the first confirmed summit of the mountain by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953, adventurers around the world have traveled to the Himalayas to push themselves to the limit and hopefully catch a glimpse of the top of the world. Climbers who take on the challenge of climbing Everest must train and prepare long in advance in order to be ready for the mountain’s high altitude and unpredictable weather.

Cachers must collect 425 points to earn the Everest Basecamp souvenir and 8,849 points to earn the Everest Summit souvenir. Cachers who earn all fourteen Basecamp and Summit souvenirs for Reach the Peak will also earn the Peak Performer souvenir.

Each month of Reach the Peak has different point values for finding geocaches and Adventures. Here are the point values for our climb up Everest:

Completed an Adventure 975
Found a Mystery Cache 900
Found a Multi-Cache 850
Found a cache with 15+ Favorite points 700
Found a Letterbox Hybrid 550
Found an EarthCache 650
Found it* 425
Found an Adventure Location 125
*Log a Found it on any other non-Event cache type, excluding Webcam Caches.

The maximum number of points you can earn for any cache log is 975 points.
Read our Reach the Peak announcement blog post for FAQs and more information about the challenge.

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