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Top 9 Geocaches of the Week 2021

Each week we highlight special geocaches from around the world—and what a year it’s been! We have seen an amazing variety of geocaches this year ranging from a well-engineered Multi-Cache hidden in Germany, a historic EarthCache on top of The Lion Mountain in Sri Lanka, an epic dive below the bright blue waters in the Cayman Islands, a bone-chilling 5/5 find on Snake Island in North Macedonia, and many other intriguing caches.

We took a look at which geocaches you liked most on our blog, Facebook, and Twitter and assembled a list of the top 9 to share. Tell us which geocaches you liked most!

1.) Three SistersGC3T4H1

If given the opportunity to explore a piece of history and find the most challenging of geocaches, would you take it? It’s not every day you are presented with the chance to put your climbing skills to the test and get a glimpse into the past while doing it. Climb to new heights in Ontario, Canada to find this daring geocache, GC3T4H1.

2.) Tierischer FreizeitcacheGC5V8BG

In Baden-Württemberg, Germany there is a 5-stage Multi-Cache that offers an amazing adventure to those who can make it from stage to stage. Similar to action or adventure movies with baited traps and hidden doors, GC5V8BG makes you think hard at each stage leaving no stone unturned. Of the geocachers that made their way through the daunting Multi, 92% awarded the cache with a Favorite point.

3.) KittiwakeGC4BAC0

The USS Kittiwake, best known previously for being the ship that recovered the black box from the Space Shuttle Challenger, was deliberately sunk on the west side of Grand Cayman in 2011 to become an artificial reef. It is now one of the world’s top diving attractions and home to the epic geocache, GC4BAC0. Are you ready to take the plunge?

4.) Britain’s highest GeocacheGCG6XD

Although there are now over three million active geocaches, only a select few stand above the rest and can claim they’re hidden at the highest possible point in a given country. In May 2003, such a cache was placed in the northern reaches of the United Kingdom and has since been logged by over 2,400 brave adventurers. So pack your climbing gear and join us as we travel to the summit of Ben Nevis in Scotland for GCG6XD!

5.) Sigiriya Rock – The Lion MountainGC1MCV5

Sometimes, geocaches bring us to incredible destinations, challenge us physically, or include a history lesson right from the cache site. Towering high above the Central Province of Sri Lanka, Sigiriya (or Lion Rock) provides the setting of these features and much more! A must-see destination for those visiting the island, Sigiriya’s unique appearance, ancient rock paintings, and geologic history collide for this unique EarthCache GC1MCV5.

6.) Snake IslandGC4V3FE

Guarded by the water of Lake Prespa is the location of GC4V3FE. The expedition begins with finding a boat to embark on the one-hour journey to the island. There is a reason this cache holds a D/T rating of 5/5; as the sole cache on the islet, Snake Island requires you to work hard to make the find!

7.) Eagle RoadGC2TJP3

Many geocachers have braved an interesting journey to log the desired find. On these kinds of expeditions, the experience of arriving at the coordinates becomes just as special as the actual moment when the cache is finally found. In order to be rewarded with gorgeous views of a Norwegian fjord and one more smiley, geocachers must travel Norwegian County Road 63, full of sharp hairpin turns, to find GC2TJP3.

8.) Easterly ExtremeGCX0QP

The most eastern point of Australia has a rocky coastline that hides a cache with over 200 Favorite points. Salty waves crash onto the shore as the wind rustles the trees that outline the beach, providing an epic soundtrack to those who venture out towards the water. The cache is small and unsuspecting, but over 1,300 cachers have dared to go the distance to find GCX0QP.

9.) Sailors’ StarGCVDHN

Set your sails for a location that captures the minds of many who seek adventure and chase the thrills that only the beauty of nature can provide. Sailors’ Star – GCVDHN drops anchor at a fabled landmark, the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa.

Do you have a geocache in mind for Geocache of the Week? Submit your suggestions by following the link below and it may be chosen for Geocache of the Week in 2022.

Continue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world. Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form.

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