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Earn a bonus souvenir for the Pōkai Whenua GeoTours in Aotearoa New Zealand

How is your progress in the exploration of the beautiful archipelago of the Pōkai Whenua GeoTour, hosted by the New Zealand Ministry of Education?

Pōkai Whenua consists of 150 caches across 3 islands of Aotearoa New Zealand, with limited edition collector coins and badges to collect along the way.

Now, there is even more motivation to find all those caches. Starting December, 21, 2021 until February 4, 2023, geocachers can earn an additional bonus souvenir. After completing all five segments of the GeoTour you’ll automatically receive the sixth Pōkai Whenua reward!

The Pōkai Whenua GeoTour is part of a suite of GeoTours promoting the Tuia Mātauranga education program. They were created to support a traveling roadshow that encourages fun and learning outside the classroom: discovery of the local people, places, and events that helped shape Aotearoa, New Zealand. Find out more at Tuia Mātauranga (

Check your progress on each of the five gorgeous segments of this countrywide GeoTour:

Let the Pōkai Whenua GeoTour become your classroom as you explore the stories of the past, in the present, to preserve what is unique in Aotearoa New Zealand for the future.


What is a souvenir?
Souvenirs are virtual pieces of art that can be earned and are displayed on your public profile.

What is a GeoTour?
GeoTours are official collections of geocaches that serve as self-guided, themed tours around historic sites, parks, cities, and more. Players using the official GeocachingⓇ app while on location enjoy the dedicated section that makes GeoTour completions easy to track.

One of the caches on the GeoTour was disabled when I was there. Do I still get the souvenir?
Sorry, but no. You have not completed the GeoTour. You’ll have to try the cache when it can be found again. We understand that a return trip to that location may be difficult.

I own some caches on a GeoTour. How can I get that souvenir?
First find all of the GeoTour caches that you do not own. Then contact us specifying your username, the cache you own, and which GeoTour you completed using the section “06. Souvenirs.”

What about the numbers?
The total number of caches on a GeoTour may increase or decrease over time. Your friend who completes the GeoTour at a different time than you may earn the same souvenir by finding a different number of caches. You’d both get the same completion souvenir.

Did you know?

Both Basic and Premium members can find and log GeoTour geocaches of all types and difficulty and terrain ratings! See the Premium vs. Basic membership features chart.

So which GeoTour interests you the most? Discover the possibilities at our global directory. Plan with interactive maps and use the official GeocachingⓇ app while on location.

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