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What to do when a cache needs maintenance

Have you ever found a geocache that is in rough shape? Have you wanted to report that a geocache needs maintenance but you are unsure how to alert the cache owner? 

We have an easy way to help you decide which log to use to report a geocache for maintenance. 

Write Note

Use the log type Write note when you have previously logged and found the cache, but want to add additional information. You can also add a note to indicate that you have dropped off or picked up a trackable from the cache. Another reason you will want to use the Write note feature is when the cache that you found is part of a challenge cache, but you have not yet completed the requirements for logging the cache. 

Did Not Find (DNF)

Unable to find anything at the coordinates? Once you read through the cache description, give the area a thorough search, and read the hint to make sure you have not missed anything, then it is time to use the DNF log. DNF logs are helpful for the cache owner to know if they need to check on the container. Even if you cannot find the cache that does not necessarily mean that it is missing, it could just be a difficult cache that is hard to find. You worked hard for that DNF, you should still log it

Needs Maintenance

The Needs Maintenance log is used when the logbook is full or the container is damaged. If you are unable to sign the logbook either because it’s full or too wet, select Report a problem and select the appropriate Needs Maintenance log after your initial Found It log, including Logbook is full, Container is damaged, or Other. Be sure to explain why the cache needs maintenance to give the cache owner as much clear information as possible about the condition of their cache. 

Additionally, use the Needs Maintenance log when the cache container is damaged or not working properly. 

Needs Archived

Cache archival is permanent, so this option is only used under rare circumstances. Consider contacting the cache owner directly with your concerns before selecting this option. Use the Needs Archived log if the property owners, business owners, local authorities, or law enforcement have expressed concern during your search for the cache. Use this log if the cache’s placement or searching for the cache damages the area or defaces the property. 

Lastly, you might use this option if you couldn’t find the cache and it has several DNF or Needs Maintenance logs. When you post a Needs Archived log the cache owner and local reviewer will get notifications and may follow up. The cache will not be archived automatically and you may not see a public response to your log.

You’re now more equipped to effectively use the correct log when you come across a cache that needs maintenance! You can learn more about reporting problems in your logs by checking out when a cache needs maintenance

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