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Join us to #OptOutside this year

For many of us, 2021 ended up looking very similar to 2020 as we still had many challenges to overcome and more obstacles to face. Geocaching allows us the time to slow down and appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds us. We were given a unique opportunity to take a deep breath and escape into the outdoors for a much-needed reset. For many of us, we may never have had the chance to spend so much time outside exploring, but we hope we can maintain it for the future. Geocaching is the perfect outlet for all who opt outside.

This year we invite you to continue to explore nature with us by choosing to #OptOutside during the holidays. Instead of spending your holidays standing in lines waiting for the newest products, we encourage you to instead opt outside and spend time unplugged and immersed in the great outdoors. We challenge you to push yourself to find your next (or your first!) geocache, unlock a new difficulty/terrain grid you have not yet found, or even get a little closer to your Reach the Peak goal for this month.

As you spend the last weeks of the year outside, share your exploration with us by using #geocaching and #OptOutside on any social media channel to let us know about your outdoor adventures. Choose the outdoors over consumption, and remember to always #RecreateResponsibly as you plan your adventures. So get outside, appreciate all that nature has to offer, and enjoy the journey to your next geocache!

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