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Geocache of the Week Flashback Edition: Butterfly Garden @ Changi Airport T3 Transit

by orangefizzy
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Feeling the need to spread your wings and explore somewhere new? Looking for a chance to migrate or get a change of scenery? Let your wildest dreams take flight with this week’s flashback to a Geocache of the Week, originally featured in 2011.

“Butterfly Garden @ Changi Airport T3 Transit” (GC1HA96) was placed in Singapore’s Changi Airport in 2008, giving geocachers the chance to explore a microbiome that transports them to an entirely new world. While the garden is temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the cache is still active and ready to be found when visitors are welcomed back.

Image by The Arkaroo.

Singapore’s Changi Airport boasts a wealth of unique attractions for travelers to explore while waiting during their layover. In fact, many of the visitors to the airport aren’t flying at all—they come for the attractions! Among the rain vortex, discovery slides, hedge maze, and various art installations, the Butterfly Garden stands out as the world’s first butterfly garden in an airport.

Designed as a tropical butterfly habitat, the garden hosts up to 40 different tropical butterfly species, as many as 200 different species of tropical plants, and a 20-foot waterfall, all of which is available to travelers 24 hours a day. With a ‘kaleidoscope’ of 1,000 butterflies flitting between the various plants, fruit, and flowers provided for them, it’s likely that you’ll receive butterfly kisses when you visit!

Image by Jasgru.

The garden is not only beautiful, but educational, as several signs are placed along the path that serve to educate visitors on butterfly patterns, life cycles, and eating habits. There are also metallic structures that are fitted with pineapple and other fruit as a snack for the butterflies. 

The cache itself is both easy and accessible, with Terrain and Difficulty ratings of 1. Cachers must first find Terminal 3 in the Changi Airport, where they can then migrate over to the famous Butterfly Garden. The garden is tucked away in a quiet corner of Terminal 3 and is only available to travelers, as you must first clear security before entering.

Image by orangefizzy.

Geocachers orangefizzy & Buntoro worked alongside the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore to ensure their dream geocache would soar. However, the cache and its container have gone through many stages of metamorphosis over the years. Since it is placed in such a high-traffic area, it is subject to muggling, so use caution when you search for the cache. 

Nevertheless, the cache continues to emerge from its cocoon even better than when it was originally featured and continues to be discovered by enthusiastic cachers from around the world. As of 2021, the cache has over 5,000 logs and a gallery of over 1,000 photos. With such a beautiful view, it’s difficult not to post a picture of your experience!

Image by Panne Koppa.

After locating the general area of the geocache, discretion is advised when searching for the cache container. Though the cache has been approved, visitors and some workers might not be aware of its existence. Just like with all other geocaches, be sure to be stealthy and replace the cache exactly as found!

If you have extra time before your flight, be sure to stick around and admire the beauty of the butterflies and plants that make up the garden. The butterflies are waiting to welcome visitors back with open wings!

Image by Dups16.

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