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Learn more about our Earth for International EarthCache Day and earn a souvenir!

On Saturday, October 9, and Sunday, October 10, you have a unique opportunity to learn something new about our Earth and earn a souvenir! All you need to do is visit an EarthCache, complete the logging tasks, and log it online during that weekend. For this special weekend, all non-Premium EarthCaches will be available in the Geocaching App® for everyone. 

EarthCaches do not have containers like other geocache types. Instead, they take you to a unique geological feature and teach you all about how it was formed. Seeing the feature right in front of you as you learn about it is much more memorable than looking at photos of it online or in a book.

The souvenir image above illustrates folding of sedimentary rock. All of the curving, twisted layers were originally flat, but were compressed and warped by slow and powerful processes, such as the movement of tectonic plates pushing against each other.

What kind of EarthCache do you want to visit on International EarthCache Day?

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