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Geocache of the Week Flashback Edition: Eiffel Power

by Arnokovic
Paris, France
N 48° 51.422 ‘E 002° 17.656’

Some of the most memorable and beloved geocaches often coincide with historic and culturally significant landmarks. Few caches capture this sentiment better than our Geocache of the Week, Eiffel Power (GC5552H), which we originally featured in 2017.

Image by Mophase12.

Constructed just in time for the 1889 World’s Fair, the Eiffel Tower held the title of the world’s largest manmade structure at the time. While it has since been surpassed in height (in 1930 by the Chrysler Building), few structures can match this tower in terms of recognition and cultural renown.

Image by godfatherdc.

This week’s geocache will take you into the heart of Paris and to the feet of this iron giant. Given the prestige of the landmark, you’ll want to exercise caution when it comes to muggles. Also, GC5552H carries a significant terrain rating at 3.5: you need to climb a tree to reach it. With the seclusion this crooked tree provides, you might forget you’re in one of the busiest places in the world! Once you are in the tree you’ll search for a petit straw hut with ornamental butterflies and birds dangling from the branches. All that’s left is to sign the logbook!

Image by Carlixx.

Hidden by Arnokovic in May of 2014, Eiffel Power has risen to become France’s most Favorited geocache of all time. When it was first featured as a Geocache of the Week in 2017, the cache had accumulated roughly 700 Favorite points and 2,600 logs. Today, those numbers have essentially doubled, as it now boasts over 1,500 Favorite points and nearly 5,000 logs.

Image by Z8Weerwolfje.

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