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Four ways to celebrate International Dog Day

This coming Thursday, August 26 is International Dog Day. We are big fans of geopets here at Geocaching HQ. A cache outing just isn’t complete without a furry friend helping you sniff out caches and adding joy to your time on the trail. We’re getting excited coming up with all the different ways we will celebrate with our doggos. In honor of this very important holiday, here are four ways to celebrate with your geopet on International Dog Day.

  1. Spend the day with your dog
    Choose a great location, make a list of all the dog-friendly caches out there, and spend the day caching with your dog. To find dog-friendly caches, use the attribute filter on your search and filter for geocaches with the “dogs allowed” attribute. Then add those caches to a List so it’s easy to keep track of them.
  2. Spoil your pup with some new swag
    Keep your dog looking stylish with a Geocaching logo collar and leash or a Log My Dog trackable tag for their collar. The collar and leash will keep your dog looking sharp and the Log My Dog tag will make sure your pup gets plenty of attention the next time you can make it to an Event. Find those and other dog SWAG at Shop Geocaching.
  3. Teach your dog a new skill
    With their sharp senses and knack for pawing around places, dogs can be a real asset when you are searching for a cache. With a little bit of training, turn your dog into a specialized geodog. Good skills to teach include sniffing out geocaches, alerting when muggles are around, and leaving their paw print in the logbook.
  4. Create a cache dedicated to your dog
    All great geocaches begin with a great source of inspiration, and what better inspiration is there than your adorable furry friend! Spend International Dog Day planning and putting together a geocache that honors your dog. Your cache could be an ammo can decorated with all things dog-themed, or perhaps a Multi-Cache that takes geocachers to your dog’s favorite spots to be taken on a walk!

What are your geocaching plans for International Dog Day? Share in the comments! Pictures of your geopets are also welcome!

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