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Ain’t no mountain high enough: three tips to conquer Reach the Peak

Are you ready to make the ascent to Reach the Peak of the first of seven summits? Inspired by the mountaineering challenge of reaching the summits of the tallest mountains on all seven continents, geocachers are now embarking on a seven month challenge to reach new heights in geocaching and on their leaderboard. We’re sharing three tips to help you on your journey so you don’t stop til’ you reach the top!

1. Mark your calendar
A new summit challenge will begin the first Monday of every month. At noon UTC, the leaderboard will refresh to a new mountain with new points to earn and souvenirs to achieve. Make a reminder on your calendar so you’re ready to tackle the new challenges!

Pro tip: subscribe to the newsletter to be the first to learn about the points structure each month!

2. Download the Adventure Lab® app
Geocaching Adventure Lab® is a new app from Geocaching HQ to create, play, and share unique outdoor scavenger hunts. The Adventure Lab® app guides you through the process of finding clues, solving puzzles, and completing Adventures one Location at a time. Simply sign in with your Geocaching username to answer clues at each Location, add to your find count, and work your way up the leaderboard!

There are nearly 30,000 public Adventures available worldwide and for Premium members, Adventure Lab® starting Locations are directly on the Geocaching® app map so you can easily search, filter, and discover your next Adventure! Basic members can still play Adventures for free with the Adventure Lab® app. Try it out!

3. Add Geocaching friends
Geocaching friends are handy for lots of reasons—they offer a second pair of eyes looking for the cache, they can distract any muggles nearby, or maybe they brought that special tool of the trade! Plus, adding friends on means you start adding some friendly competition to your Reach the Peak leaderboard. Your Leaderboard shows you and your friends’ geocaching activity in a ranked order—who will make it to the top of the mountain first? Here’s how to add friends:

  • Visit your Dashboard and select View friends.
  • Add their username below Add a Friend and select Send Invitation.
  • Once your friend has accepted your friend request, they will be added to your friend list!

Have you reached the basecamp or even the summit of Puncak Jaya? Share your Reach the Peak progress in the comments and maybe you’ll even meet some new friends!

Source: Geocaching

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