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Looking back and planning ahead

We’re almost halfway through 2021. Can you believe it? Now is a great time to reflect on your geocaching accomplishments from the first half of this year and to goal-set for the second half. From stats to souvenirs, here are five ways to look back at your progress and set goals for the rest of the year. Are you ready?

  1. Start with stats*
    View your current streak counter and Difficulty and Terrain grid right from the Geocaching® app and check out your full stats on See your best caching month and try to add at least ten more finds than your highest monthly total. If quantity isn’t your game, add some variety to your finds with more than a dozen different geocache types to find. Have you found five different types? Ten?
  2. Check the Science of Discovery leaderboard
    This one will require a little more speed. Rather than having 6 months left, there’s only two and a half weeks! The Science of Discovery souvenir challenge ends on July 11! Collect points by logging Adventures and other geocache types. Earn all four digital souvenirs by collecting 300 points. How do your points stack up?
  3. Revisit your milestones*
    Also available in the Geocaching® app, milestones are significant moments in your geocaching journey starting with your very first find. The increments start small but grow bigger the more finds you have. Take a look at where you’re at and work to get your next milestone within reach!
  4. Sort your souvenirs
    View all of the souvenirs you’ve earned in the order you prefer! In the Geocaching® app, sort souvenir names from A to Z, or by newest first. On, sort souvenir names from A to Z and Z to A—or by newest or oldest first. Once you’ve looked back, look ahead! See what other souvenirs have already been announced and start planning.
  5. Fill your passport with the Wonders of the World
    28 wonders, four levels, and two bonus souvenirs. How many have you collected? Spanning the globe, the Wonders of the World include some of humankind’s awe-inspiring architectural feats and Mother Earth’s most beautiful creations. Travel to the corners of the globe, even reaching back in time to ancient civilization and exploring outer space, to become the Ultimate Explorer.

How are you planning to geocache your way through the rest of 2021? Share in the comments!

*Statistics and Milestones are Premium member features.

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