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Everyday objects or tools of the trade?

It’s hard to remember a time before geocaching, after all, it’s been over 20 years! Once geocaching comes into your life though, common household items begin to change. An everyday object may become more useful as a TOTT (tool of the trade) or a waterproof container as the start of your next geocache. We’ve listed five items that take on a new meaning after you become a geocacher. Do these everyday objects make you think of geocaching before their original purpose?

What was simply a container for storing leftovers, we now look at these plastic boxes with much endearment. Perhaps we are thinking of our first geocache find, or maybe even our own geocache hide! Regardless of the memory, storage containers are no longer simply food storage, it’s a treasure chest and therefore at the top of our list! Note: if you decide to use a storage container as a geocache, make sure it is waterproof, has not been used for food storage, can withstand the elements, and be well camouflaged!

Convenient for splinters? Yes. Handy for geocaching? Most definitely! These tiny tongs are in many a geocacher’s TOTT (tools of the trade) kits and for good reason. From maneuvering a tricky logbook to giving you just a few more inches of leverage, it’s like tweezers were made for geocaching!

These things sure are polarizing! Magnets are often the culprit for that cache that took you just a little (ok, or a lot) longer than it should have. Whether they’re securing sneaky Nanos or a larger cache container in all sorts of sneaky camo, once you’ve found a magnet cache you never look at them the same!

Is that your neighbor’s mailbox or the start of a trail to a night cache?! Not all reflectors lead to night caches and not all night caches use reflectors. It’s an endless loop and might need to be added as one of the signs you’re addicted to geocaching.

Vitamin bottles
Vitamin bottle, prescription tube, or even an Altoids mint tin, we’ve all found a geocache that’s consisted of one of these items. Taking your daily multi-vitamin can serve as a great reminder to make time to find a geocache… just in case geocaching wasn’t already on your mind!

What everyday items do you see differently after you started geocaching? Share in the comments below or check out these other geocaching transformations!

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