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GIFF is back with a color splash!

Lights, Camera, Action! We are excited to announce that the Geocaching International Film Festival is back for another year of geocaching film fun! GIFF has grown from a small event in Seattle to a worldwide phenomenon! After taking a brief ‘intermission’ in 2020, we are excited about its return in 2021.

Since 2015, GIFF has been represented by a fun color – teal, purple, red, orange, green, and this year, yellow!

As a nod to Geocaching HQ’s original logo, we are excited to announce that yellow (hex code #FFE500) is the color of GIFF 2021. Yellow has a special place in our hearts. It reminds us of our roots, and it represents a bright future of happiness and sunshine.

If you’re a filmmaker, a geocacher, or something in between, GIFF 2021 is something to get excited about. GIFF will take place in November 2021. Stay tuned for the call for submissions for more details on when and how to submit your film!

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