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Jugendstil cache — Geocache of the Week

by BuZZbKa
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Latvia offers a stunning array of beauty to geocachers. As cachers wind through the streets of capital city Riga, it’s evident that this city is the Art Nouveau capital of Europe. At every turn there are magnificent buildings that are works of art. A Multi-Cache that combines these sights with geocaching is the ultimate highlight of a trip to Riga. Geocachers are amazed by this complex and captivating architecture at our Geocache of the Week, Jugendstil cache (GC17YDH).

Image by Hinni&Simo.

Jugendstil cache is a 7-stage Multi-Cache located in the Latvian capital of Riga. Each stage brings cachers to a different building that exemplifies Art Nouveau architecture (known as Jugendstil in German). Art Nouveau is a form of art inspired by nature and dynamic movement using a combination of building materials. In architecture it adds an ornamental aspect to the plain structure of a building. Nearly one third of the buildings in Riga’s city center are the Art Nouveau style, which makes Riga widely known as the Art Nouveau capital. This Multi-Cache showcases the pride Latvia has in these historic buildings, carefully restored over time, that attract travelers from all over the world.

Image by haka1.

Each stage is a different building where you must make an observation related to the area or the building itself in order to gather the information needed to find the final coordinates. While any traveler would be captivated by the ornate architecture, completing the Multi-Cache gives you the time to truly admire the decorative details you may have missed at first glance. Art Nouveau focuses on making even the most mundane objects a work of art, and the buildings here are covered in intricate decorative features that are impossible to take in all at once. Each stage of the Multi-Cache encourages you to stop and appreciate the careful thought that went into each feature.

Image by gingerfred99.

GC17YDH can easily be completed as a leisurely walk through the city with the promise of a smiley at the end. Many travelers already have the city center on their itinerary, and the Multi-Cache leads them on a mini-tour of the art that Riga has to offer. Geocachers report that the answers to each stage are easy to find. 

While counting the number of balconies at Stage 1, you will learn about where the various details of the building came from. Stage 2 brings cachers to one of the most original of the buildings. While counting the windows you can read in the description about the lion figures, which symbolize safety and protection. Stage 3 points out the attention to the natural world in Art Nouveau, while Stage 4 explains the symbolic motifs present on its building.

Stage 5 brings attention to the plastic elements of the eclectic decor of the building. There is a bust outside of a former mayor of Riga that holds the information needed to complete this stage. Stage 6 explains the smaller details of the Art Nouveau accents while Stage 7, the last stage, requires you to find the name of the famous person who resided at the building.   

Once you add everything together to decipher the final coordinates, the hardest part of the cache is finding the container. While some cachers report having to look around for awhile, the reward is another smiley and a fun day.

 Image by LordT.

The walk through this part of Riga surprises you at every step with the amount of wonder a simple building can create. Geocachers in their logs make sure to state their appreciation for this Multi-Cache giving them the chance to make sure they truly experience this special part of Latvia.

“Wow, amazing area! That was one of many highlights during our short visit at Riga. The buildings are really really impressive. Thanks for that guided tour, there IN: Favorite point.”


“Our first one today was this fantastic Multi-Cache. When we had seen the name and the listing of this cache at home it was immediately clear that we wanted to do this cache while our stay in Riga. And it was definitely worth doing this Multi. We saw beautiful Art Nouveau Houses and took heaps of pictures. We really enjoyed the tour!”


Image by sunkid4.

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