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Five tips for a stress-free (future) geocaching road trip

Follow these five tricks to have the best geocaching road trip wherever you are. Whether you can safely venture out now or are planning for a future escape, these tips will help save your sanity on the road so you can focus on having fun and finding geocaches.

Remember to stay safe and listen to the recommendations of your local health authorities when traveling and participating in outdoor activities.

  1. Look for GeoTours
    GeoTours are official collections of geocaches that serve as self-guided, themed tours around historic sites, parks, cities, and more. Premium and Basic members have access to GeoTour caches of all cache types and Difficulty/Terrain ratings in the Geocaching® app. If you find all the caches in a GeoTour, you’ll earn a unique souvenir!
  2. Run a Pocket Query
    Pocket Queries, also known as PQ’s, are a Premium member feature for creating custom geocache searches. They are a quick and easy way to group up to 1000 geocaches. For a road trip, run a PQ to find all the caches within ½ a mile of the road! Learn more about Pocket Queries.
  1. Check to see if your friends have found the cache
    Once you’ve narrowed in on where you want to go geocaching, you can check to see your friends’ logs in the Geocaching® app and on When looking at the activity on a geocache, tap “Friends” to see which of yours has shared a log for that cache in the app, and from the cache details page on, click “View all logs”, then select “Your Friends’ Logs”. Now you know who you can call if you need to phone-a-friend on a tricky cache!
  1. Create Lists for offline caching
    Premium members can save Lists of geocaches for offline use so you’ll always be ready to find the next cache, no matter where it may be hidden. Offline maps are saved in the Trails map type in the Geocaching® app. When you’re geocaching without an internet connection, switch to Trails to see your offline maps! Here’s how to download a list and access it offline.
    • Go to the My Lists section of the Geocaching® app.
    • Tap the ellipsis (…) next to the list that you want to download.
    • Select Download Offline Data.
  2. Download the Adventure Lab® app
    Adventures take you on a touch-free, socially-distant scavenger hunt to unlock fun stories, solve puzzles, and explore new places. With new Adventures added all the time, make sure you’re ready to discover them

What are your best geocaching road trip tips? Share in the comments below!

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