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Limoni d’ Amalfi — Geocache of the Week

by loffejensen
Campania, Italy
N 40° 38.041 E 014° 36.352

Each day, the lemon trees of Amalfi grow fruit upon a cliff and peer down on the cozy Italian town below. They see their home from a gorgeous angle, and they give shelter to a cache that brings curious geocachers to a one of a kind place. A geocache can spark inspiration, bring you to new heights, or provide a fabulous view, but today’s Geocache of the Week, Limoni d’ Amalfi, does all of these things!

Image by wind&water.

When life gives you lemons, make a geocache! Loffejensen, the cache owner, is a fan of the products from this region such as limoncello and gelato al limone. They asked themselves, “Why is there no cache here yet?” That question was answered by hiding GC2CCNV. After 11 years, this cache has earned 110 Favorite points and received almost 1,000 logs! The cache is maintained with the help of mclarizia, proving that the wonderful world of geocaching is always enriched by the teamwork of our community. 

Image by .Barkley.

A long walk? Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy. To arrive at this cache’s hiding spot, you will need to ascend cobblestone steps and a narrow labyrinth of staircases that wind through a residential part of town. 

This may put your hamstrings to the test, but the path is an authentic way to see how locals navigate and commute each day. Don’t worry – the climb down is always easier than the hike up! For accessibility there is an elevator available, and it provides an experience that is just as rewarding. 

Image by Twanven.

Don’t lose your zest just yet! As you approach GC2CCNV, you will see the terraced, or multi-leveled, groves of lemon trees. These lemons are called “sfusato amalfitano” and are unique to this coast. Double the size of average lemons and with a sweeter taste, these large citrus fruits are a staple of the region. You get to see where they are grown while also collecting a smiley with the same lovely yellow color. 

Image by Masaniello.

When you arrive, there is a pathway for you to walk down and gaze down upon the historic Mediterranean town and the Tyrrhenian Sea. Before searching, be sure to catch your breath and take a sip of water. You’ve been on quite the journey!

The cache is hidden nearby, and many cachers have said it doesn’t take too long to locate. The hint is a helpful way to get nudged in the right direction if you need extra help to have a fruitful find. 

Image by Wampi.

From walking among locals to gazing down at the architecture of the city below, your journey through Amalfi won’t disappoint. As a bonus, with a view that sweet, our Geocache of the Week definitely won’t leave a sour taste in your mouth!

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