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Eagle Road — Geocache of the Week

Traditional Cache
by RagRag & Smedstugjengen
Møre og Romsdal, Norway
N 62° 07.565 E 007° 10.051

Many geocachers have braved an interesting journey to log a desired find. On these kinds of journeys, the experience of arriving at the coordinates becomes just as special as the actual moment when the cache is finally found. In order to be rewarded with gorgeous views of a Norwegian fjord and one more smiley, geocachers must travel Norwegian County Road 63, full of sharp hairpin turns, to log our Geocache of the Week, Eagle Road (GC2TJP3).

Image by AgentParry.

The fjords of Norway are a must-see for any visitor to this beautiful Scandinavian country. These long thin pieces of the sea reach into land, surrounded by steep cliffs on both sides in a stunning contrast. Cachers on their way to log GC2TJP3 along Norwegian County Road 63 must get through a first set of hairpin turns that gives them their first views of UNESCO-listed Geirangerfjord. From here, 11 more sharp turns in the road make up the section of the county road named Ørnevegen, also known as The Eagle Road.

Image by BråtenStabæk.

The coordinates of GC2TJP3 take cachers to the last hairpin turn of The Eagle Road at 2,030 ft (620 m) above sea level. The cache can be found with a breathtaking view over Geirangerfjord. While the area can be packed with muggles due to the popularity of this viewpoint, you can also arrive early before the crowds to snag this find in the peace and quiet of the early morning.

Image by ProfLeo.

The sun glitters off the deep blue water on sunny days, but cachers still mention the magical allure of the fjord even as fog stretches across the water. Others make sure to mention in their logs that it’s an unforgettable trip, and the cache is worthy of a Favorite point due to the magnificent experience of both the journey to the cache and the view from the coordinates.

Image by PeHeTra.

After logging the cache, you can make your way over to the official viewpoint where it’s also possible to see the Seven Sisters Waterfall, cruise ships navigating the fjord, and a waterfall flowing off of the platform. As you step out onto the viewpoint, you’ll realize that you will never forget the many sharp turns in the road it took to earn this smiley at one of the most dazzling fjords of Norway.

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