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Blejski Grad / Castle Bled — Geocache of the Week

Traditional Cache
by N_I_L2 (adopted from Korencki)
N 46° 22.187 E 014° 05.964

One of the most wonderful feelings you experience as a geocacher is when the world’s largest treasure hunt leads you to a secret place. Largely unknown to the muggle world, it’s a place you discover only because of geocaching. Cachers can find a hidden-away spot in Slovenia, complete with a dazzling view, at our Geocache of the Week, Blejski Grad / Castle Bled (GC1W5ZB).

Image by Kulhal.

Bled Castle is the oldest castle in Slovenia with a history going back over 1,000 years. In 1511, the castle was rebuilt after an earthquake into what visitors see today. Resting atop a steep cliff, the castle looms 427 ft (130 m) over Lake Bled. From Lake Bled, cachers can bicycle, embark on a steep walk, or drive to the top in order to access not only the castle but also the coordinates for GC1W5ZB.

Image by xnemeco.

You need to make sure you have the proper footwear in order to earn this smiley. The walk from the parking lot to the castle is steep, as are taking the stairs up from the lake. After taking in the beauty and history of Bled Castle, the journey to the coordinates is even steeper. You must climb up a small hill behind the castle to find the geocache and discover a hidden-away spot with striking views.

Image by UEFACUP97.

This is a great location according to the log by cacher ChrisA33, “What a great spot! We walked all the way up to the castle and were a little disappointed with the views, but geocaching came to the rescue once more. Breathtaking, easy favorite for showing us this spot :)”

Cacher MCKS287 was also struck by the unexpected and secretive cache location, “I think the view from this point is not so common than other views around the lake. So, thanks for that! That’s one of the reasons why I like geocaching especially during vacations: You see spots others won’t see.”

Image by Schmetterling16.

After the climb up the hill, you may be out of breath but you can now locate the cache and sign the log. As you catch your breath, prepare to have it taken away once more when you see the turquoise blue of Lake Bled. Bled Island, one of the most iconic attractions of Slovenia and its only island, rises out of the water to make an incredible picture amongst the backdrop of the Julian Alps. Away from the tourists, the castle terraces, and the official viewpoints you can enjoy this secret view and slice of paradise as you discover yet another amazing place through geocaching.

Image by Brandejs team.

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