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Geocache of the Week: The Ladder (GC1Z1KA)

Traditional Cache
by stanislavz

N 43° 13.048 E 024° 58.398

One of the many reasons geocachers love their game, is the amazing destinations it brings them to. Searching for a find can lead cachers to dazzling natural vistas, intriguing parks, or iconic historic locations.

But any geocacher who has played the game for a while knows of an even more magical experience: a cache bringing them to a breathtaking location that isn’t marked on the map, that seemingly no one else knows about. Often these types of places are modern ruins which have been forgotten by the local community, but are fascinating to explore and possess an enchanting air of mystery. Our Geocache of the Week, The Ladder (GC1ZKA), fits right into this special category.

Image by Von-Horst.

GC1ZKA is located in the Devetaki Plateau of Northern Central Bulgaria, an area known for its beautiful natural scenery. Not too far away from this geocache is the Devetashka Cave, which attracts visitors looking for adventure. However, the cave where the cache resides is much less well-known, and just as captivating. To find the cache, you’ll have to climb down an entangled metal ladder into the cave’s deep entrance. The area in and around the cave looks almost otherworldly. An overgrown coat of lush green moss and wild plants covers the floor of the cave and a single shaft of natural light illuminates the cave’s dark entrance.

Image by

Once in the entrance of the cave, cachers can take in the impressive surroundings and even see a stalagmite as they make their way to the geocache and logbook. The cache itself should not be too difficult to find, although it is dark in color and blends in well with the shadowy environment of the cave. For any cacher who is stumped, a hint on the cache page will provide helpful information.

Image by ndeu.

The cache owner, stanislavz, mentions in the cache description that it is best to walk to the coordinates because the road nearby is not suitable for all cars. Additionally, cachers will have to use caution while climbing the ladder as parts of the stairs are rusty or slippery with moss.

Image by mollov.

With it’s magical landscape and haunting beauty, the journey to find GC1ZKA is sure to be one you won’t forget.

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