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The most Favorited Mystery Caches on each continent

These are the most Favorited Mystery Caches on each continent. A Mystery Cache may involve complicated puzzles that you will first need to solve to determine the correct coordinates. Mystery/Puzzle Caches often become the staging ground for new and unique geocaches that do not fit in another category. 

This is the fourth in a series about the most Favorited geocaches on each continent. Stay tuned next month for our next installment, and be sure to check out the previous versions of the most Favorited Virtuals, EarthCaches, and Multi-Caches. Ready to get your Sherlock Holmes on? Why, it’s elementary, dear cachers!

Eternity in Casablanca, GC1P5G6
Difficulty (D) 3 / Terrain (T) 2.5

This Mystery Cache takes you on a whirlwind tour of Casablanca, the largest city in Morocco. Through a mosque, monument, and romantic garden, you’ll discover some of the city’s secrets. Here’s looking at you, cache!

Living on Stilts, GC219KH
D1 / T5

This chilly Mystery is outside the German research base Neumayer Station III. The ice sheet on which the station was built shifts towards the Weddell Sea at a rate of about 45 centimeters a day, and teams who visit for research stay on base for fourteen to fifteen months…that’s a real commitment to finding a geocache!

TOP 10 POI Istanbul, GC43K3Y
D2 / T1.5

Istanbul, formerly Constantinople, is the only city in the world in both Europe and Asia. It stretches across the two continents via the Strait of Bosporus. Taking visitors through all the beautiful points of interest Istanbul has to offer, this is one cache savvy travelers won’t want to miss.

Stockyard Sculpture Surprise,
D2 / T1.5

Based on a collection of eclectic rusted art, this field puzzle—which must be solved on site—should be “no problem to anyone familiar with nineteenth century bush blacksmithing.” …so that’s all of us, right?!

Schatz des Alberich,
D2 / T2

This cache follows the story of Alberich, King of the Dwarves and the guardian of the mythical Nibelung treasure. Although most of the treasure was tragically stolen, Alberich was able to hide some in the woods outside Hessen. Will you be able to find it?

North America
United States
HQGT: Ode to the Golgafrinchan Phone Workers, GC32A0H
D2.5 / T1

A personal favorite here at Geocaching HQ, this cache is inspired by The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy must be solved onsite by a visit to Geocaching HQ. Part of the HQ GeoTour, this cache is temporarily disabled due to closures related to COVID-19, but will hopefully be operational again soon!

South America
TOP 10 POI Lima, GC1EY5P
D2 / T1.5

Similar to TOP 10 POI Istanbul featured earlier, this cache takes a tour of the top ten points of interest in Lima. With an impressive and well integrated final container, this cache is a true hidden gem. All aboard!

Do you have a favorite Mystery Cache you’ve found, or one that is at the top of your list to find? Share it in the comments!

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