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Geocache of the Week: Secret Call (GC7CDZ9)

by danielk1bg

Dublin, Ireland
N 53° 20.156 W 006° 15.436

Have you ever gone on a cache outing and felt like a secret agent? Using GPS technology and geo-senses to locate hidden items and blending in with your surroundings to avoid detection by muggles gives a certain undercover edge to our game. This week’s Geocache of the Week, Secret Call (GC7CDZ9) leans into that idea and takes it to a whole new level. For this hide, cachers will need to step into the role of a clever covert operative as they work to get the final coordinates for the two-stage Multi-Cache. 

Image by Poc Vecem.

Phase one of the Multi-Cache is an intelligence gathering operation. The adventure begins at a phone booth near St. Stephen’s Green in the heart of Dublin, Ireland. For this cache, you’ll need to bring along a smartphone with internet access and a pen. Once you’ve entered the phone booth, sanitized, and made sure there are no curious muggles nearby, you’ll have to discreetly find the phone booth ID number, which is your secret code. A link on the cache page will take you to a website where you must enter the code. 

Image by BigMcKs.

If the code is entered correctly, you will receive a phone call from the phone in the booth with further information on your covert caching operation. When the phone call arrives the phone will not ring, so make sure to pick it up two to three seconds after entering the code. When you pick up the phone, you will hear four numbers. Go back to the cache page and follow the instructions to get the secret final coordinates using those four numbers.

Image by Gamboy.

With the final coordinates in hand, duck out and complete the mission by finding the physical cache and logging the find. If you follow the instructions, Secret Call (GC7CDZ9) is sure to bring another smiley and another memorable undercover espionage operation geocache outing.

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