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Geocache of the Week: Operation: Geocacher – Gadget Series (GC7WWCY)

by Team Noltex

Washington, United States
N 47° 11.417 W 122° 29.829

This week’s geocache of the week, Operation: Geocacher, is highlighting a caching twist of the beloved classic board game that bears the same name. Hidden with permission at a plant nursery in the Evergreen State of Washington, GCWWCY offers a refreshing environment with gorgeous colors and floral scents. This week is #geogeekweek, so we had to nerd out over this and give some recognition to an extraordinary gadget cache!

Image by @Super_Nate

The rules are simple, but success only comes with a steady hand, so take a deep breath. Not to worry, you can play the game as many times as you need to open the cache. This geocaches requires a lot of concentration and team of supportive friends cheering you on can’t hurt! Step one: sanitize your hands and insert the batteries. Then insert the TOTTs (Tools of the Trade) in the correct place and use the provided tweezers to remove the pieces without touching the sides. The elements of this cache are items that a seasoned geocacher is familiar with, including a GPS and a Travel Bug.

Image by Andy.Panda.

Along with a positive attitude, a mask, and a navigation device, be sure not to forget to pack two AA batteries. These will power the gadget and help you log that smiley! Given the location of this cache, evading muggles may be difficult. If stealth isn’t an option, there is always the opportunity to do some socially-distanced education about the wonderful game of geocaching! Follow this link to a blog with some ideas on how to turn a muggle into a geocacher.

Image by OnCloudDivine.

Entertained and successful cachers have left wonderful logs such as:

  • “Thanks for hiding and maintaining this outstanding, creative cache for us to find today!” -OnCloudDivine
  • “SUPER COOL CACHE It took us about 8 attempts before mastering it!!! Thanks for such an AWESOME cache.” -SeabeckTribe
  • “This is probably the most effort I’ve ever seen put into a cache.” – sourgum

Thoughtfully crafted by Team Noltex and with logs like these, it is no surprise that GCWWYC has been awarded almost 100 Favorite Points and has earned the honor of geocache of the week! 

We strongly encourage geocachers to follow the most current guidance from public health authorities when choosing how to participate in activities such as geocaching. Read the Geocaching Blog for tips about how to stay connected with geocaching during these challenging times, especially if you cannot go out right now. Your health and safety are the top priority!

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