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Geocache of the Week Flashback Edition: As North As It Gets (GC5803)

by Iceshelf 2002 Research Team
Nunavut, Canada
N 82° 30.720 W 062° 43.820
Image by Team Pet-Rox.

As we look back on twenty years of geocaching history, we’ve decided to revisit some of our favorite Geocache of the Week candidates from years past.

This week we’re looking all the way back to June 2010, when we featured As North As It Gets (GC5803). After being hidden in 2010, this Traditional Cache is still sitting in the snow as the northernmost cache in the game.

Image by spacedog77.

Brr! Is it cold here? It sure is! With temperatures averaging around -30° Celsius (-22° Fahrenheit), the location of this cache certainly is a shivering spot. Alert, Canada, the northernmost permanently inhabited place on earth, is our destination this week.

It’s “snow” laughing matter, the wildlife here is exciting and diverse. Cachers who logged GC5803 say you’ll be walking among foxes, lemmings and perhaps even polar bears. In addition to being located among a wealth of snowy creatures, this cache has a reputation of having the coldest – we mean – coolest trackable items traveling and departing from it. Having your trackable travel to the top of the world must be a wonderful feeling for a geocacher!

Image by floundercache.

To log this smiley, explorers have hiked, snowshoed, and even snow-mobiled to the location of this chilling cache. Be sure to bring a shovel! Sometimes snowfall can cover the box. The landscape has been described by cachers as “beautiful and rugged” and we have to agree. There is an exquisite beauty in a terrain that is both gorgeous and treacherous.

Some who log this cache are travellers, some are locals, and some are training to be in the military. What they all have in common is their love for geocaching and a big smiley for our Geocache of the Week Flashback Edition: As North As It Gets (GC5803).

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