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Cache and Release — Geocache of the Week

Mystery Cache
by BrettandBekah
N 37° 30.842′ W 077° 28.859”

“Cache and Release” (GC8HG04) is a dynamic D4/T2.5 Mystery Cache with many fun layers. Published just outside of Richmond, Virginia, this Geocache of the Week will surprise and delight any cacher who stumbles upon it. We were lucky enough to receive permission from geocache owners BrettandBekah to share the cache experience, and see the stages first-hand from the creators themselves. Of course, if you ever find it, you’ll still have to figure it out on your own. 

BrettandBekah are no rookies to hiding and creating caches. Their creativity goes into all of their hides and containers, and this newer geocache is no different. The coordinates take you on a modest hike through a quaint woodland area tucked away from the busy city. Right from the start you have to jump in, literally. The first step is to hop on a swinging zip line to cross a flowing creek. 

Once on the other side, the true test begins. The cache is contained within a hollowed out bamboo shoot. Inside the shoot is a series of hidden obstacles designed to make it difficult to retrieve the container. On the outside of the bamboo there is a fishing reel that has a line attached to a magnet. The goal is to attach that magnet to the magnet on the geocache container. It is harder than it looks, and easy to lose at each section of the bamboo. 


After successfully angling for the cache , you’re not done yet. The container itself is a difficult puzzle that requires you to follow a mini-maze of twisting and turning to make it the end. There’s a light at the end of this geocache after all. Solving the puzzle container opens the cache and inside lies the long awaited logbook. 

“Be patient and calm—for no one can catch fish in anger.” -Herbert Hoover

You may recognize BrettandBekah from earlier this week. We featured them as cache owners who consistently create fun and engaging geocaches for our community. If you want to read the interview and see more caches you can do so here: A couple of cache hiders: an interview with BrettandBekah.

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