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Geocaching bucket list: quality caches edition

Any serious geocacher has a treasured list of geocaches they wish to find before they “kick the bucket,” so to speak. Today’s Bucket List Geocaches theme is quality caches.

Quality presents itself in many ways. There is a lot to take into consideration such as location, maintenance, and creativity. Together, the geocaches on this list define greatness and are not to miss on your life’s adventures.

1. GC4BAC0 – Kittiwake
Traditional in Cayman Islands

What does it take to hide and maintain a cache underwater? Enough to make it to the top of our bucket list of quality geocaches! The USS Kittiwake, a 2,200-ton rescue ship, was launched on July 10, 1945, and was decommissioned September 30, 1994. On September 5, 2011, it was donated to the Cayman Islands as an artificial reef for marine life and brave divers to explore. Cachers will need to be SCUBA certified or able to free-dive to 40 feet to find this once in a lifetime cache.

2. GC2EJCE – Liebesbrücke
Traditional in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Love is in the air … and also on this bridge! This cache was placed on the Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne in 2010 and is still bringing joy and a romantic atmosphere to geocachers. In an area that has a lot of muggle traffic and over 40,000 locks, finding this cache will be a bucket list memory.

3. GC30 -Mingo
Traditional in Kansas, United States

The seventh Geocache ever placed. The first geocache in Kansas. The oldest active cache. 

That’s right, everyone. It’s Mingo! Maintaining a geocache takes hard work, dedication, and time management. Twenty years of delighting cachers from all over the world is no easy feat. A quality hide takes thoughtfulness, care, and commitment. We congratulate The Kansas Stasher for continuing to be a model cache owner and creating this bucket list destination.

4. GC84M1C -Get a Clue: The Accusation (Series Final)
Mystery in Washington, United States

If you are a geocacher who appreciates creativity, this cache will surely top your list. The Accusation is the final for the Get a Clue series of caches. It can only be cracked if you have the information you need from finding the other caches in the series. Using your detective skills and geo-senses, you must solve a mystery to catch a Cache Pirate. In this game there are eight possible Suspects, eight possible TOTTs (Tools Of The Trade)  they may be using, and eight iconic Locations around Tacoma where the suspect may be.

Once you have collected your evidence, you confront this villian in a picturesque greenhouse that houses orchids, lilies, and koi fish. Save the day and be amazed by the endless creativity of the Geocaching community with this bucket list cache!

5. GC26999 – Atolls of the Maldives
EarthCache in the Maldives

An old piece of geocaching wisdom is to place a cache in a location that is meaningful to you. If you cannot think of a reason why other cachers should visit that location, perhaps you should contemplate another place to highlight. This cache hider, divingbrothers, lovingly created this stunning EarthCache, and it has been bringing curious cachers to this bucket list view for ten years. Atolls are the product of the growth of tropical marine organisms, so these islands are only found in warm tropical waters. Make a splash at this memorable cache!

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