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Geocaching: Before and After edition

It’s hard to remember a time before geocaching. After geocaching comes into your life, things around you can change. You may look at a common household item as a TOTT (tool of the trade) or a unique container as a potential geocache. We’re exploring ‘Before’ and ‘After’ transformations once geocaching comes into your life.

Before Geocaching After Geocaching
SWAG Stuff we all get Stuff we all get but better! Let me discover, trade, and move trackables!
Pretty location Wow, this is a nice view Wow, this would be a great place for a geocache!
Tupperware A container for leftovers My reason for adventuring outside. A hidden container to hold SWAG or a sense of accomplishment after searching or solving.
Tree climbing A childhood activity An activity that gets me closer to my geocaching goals! With the right safety precautions, it’s a combination of an adrenaline rush and natural beauty that’s hard to beat.
Kayak A type of watercraft A means to an end. My ultimate tool of the trade for getting those T5 caches! 
Streaking …. A very different meaning now. Finding geocaches or attending Events every day creates an addicting challenge. 
Souvenir A momento that is kept as a reminder of a person, place, or thing A sense of accomplishment for geocaching somewhere new, completing an HQ challenge, or attending an event! 

What do you see differently after you started geocaching? Share in the comments below!

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