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GCC#134 Little Red Riding Hood — Geocache of the Week

by Tupper T. Turtle
Ontario, Canada
N 45° 01.101′ W 078° 12.047′

Once upon a time there was a girl who was called ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ because her mother had made her a beautiful, red riding cloak. One day, her grandmother fell ill, so the girl set off on a walk through the forest to bring her granny some food. But, when Little Red got to her grandmother’s house in the woods, instead of her sweet granny asleep in bed, she found a geocache!

Not the ending you were expecting? Well then you clearly weren’t thinking of the story of GCC#134 Little Red Riding Hood, our Geocache of the Week!

Grandmother!? Image by Trekker3.

Located in Ontario, this cache is part of the Geocaching Capital of Canada GeoTour (GT5D), and is just one gem amongst 150 crafty and creative geocaches that make up the tour.

Mother said don’t delay, follow the path and never stray. Image by mmssb.

Though it’s a Traditional, the cache owners have leaned into the storytelling by making waypoints (both digitally and physically) for both easy parking coordinates and the trail head. 

Bring a cape and a basket to skip down the trail in style. Just when you think you’ve arrived at grandma’s house you notice something isn’t right with grandma:

“My, what big teeth you have.”
“The better to eat you with, my dear!”

Grandmother, what a large cache you have! Image by Muskoka Pearl.

And my, what big teeth this geocache has. The cache itself is large as well⁠—great for any kid, not just those wearing red cloaks—and perfect for dropping trackables or exchanging SWAG.

Image by kayakers2.

Since you’re up in Wilberforce, take some time to enjoy the rest of the GeoTour. These caches take you along quiet hiking trails, beside beautiful lakes, and up close to interesting historic sites and points of interest. You can even keep track of your progress on this handy printable passport

And the best thing of all is that the only big teeth you’ll see is the big toothy grin on the smiley you’ll earn when you log the cache!

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