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Kibale National Park, Uganda — Geocache of the Week

by markmacallister
Difficulty: 2 
N 00° 26.218′ E 030° 23.704′

Kibale National Park is located in Western Uganda, in the African Great Lakes region. It contains thirteen unique species of primate, making it home to one of the highest concentrations of primates in all of Africa. Species include chimpanzees, red colobus monkeys, and L’Hoest’s monkeys

It is also host to a wide variety of conservation and research projects. The area’s rangers and researchers monitor and protect the chimpanzees and other primates that call Kibale home, as well as investigate Kibale’s unique ecosystem. They also take care of another rare specimen, our Geocache of the Week, Kibale National Park, Uganda. 

Come find the geocache! Image by Jaqqo.

Since all good geocachers know that it’s important to protect and preserve our playing board, the cache itself is placed on the edge of the 795 km² (307 mi²) park. It’s not necessary to ask for help from the rangers, but they are able to offer caching knowledge in a pinch.

Found it! Images by gmatton and Tapani ja Jaana.

There’s no need to physically enter the park or view the animals to reach ground zero, but there are many activities the park has to offer.

Image by Affenbande.

It is possible to see all thirteen distinct species of primate that call the park home, however Kibale is especially renowned for chimpanzee tracking and habituation. These programs allow adventurous cachers to observe, but not disturb, our cousins in their natural habitat.

Image by Jaqqo.

Chimpanzees are humankind’s closest living relative. It’s possible to watch them using tools, grooming, hunting, and interacting with each other in family groups.

Image by Elijah Six.

Don’t just take our word for it. As the second most Favorited cache in Uganda, it has many glowing logs from cachers all over the world:

“This place…is so unusual but a great experience and a challenge”


“It was a fantastic experience and we really enjoyed it”

-Pettson och Findus

“Many thanks to the owner for installing a cache at this awesome spot!!! This cache will be one of my favorites”


Image by Indystefan.

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