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Geocaching country souvenir: Chile

By Sarah Chile Geocaching country souvenirStretched along the eastern edge of South America lies Chile, a country spanning over 4,620 km (2647 mi) from north to south and taking the claim of the longest country in the world. Here are some other spicy facts about Chile:
Chile is the location of the driest place on Earth. Some parts of the Atacama desert have never received a single drop of rain, and the desert is quite possibly the oldest on Earth—it’s been around for about three million years!
Chile is one of the only countries whose government funds UFO research. It’s also one of the best places in the southern hemisphere for astronomers since northern Chile can have over 300 cloudless nights a year.
Chile also has amazing biodiversity. Native animals range from penguins to flamingos, and from pumas to chinchillas. It’s also home to the world’s smallest deer, the pudú, which weighs in at a tiny 6.4 to 13.4 kg (14 to 30 lbs).
Among the nearly 1,000 currently active caches in Chile are:
Rapa Nui – Ahu Tongariki
EarthCache | GC7BGZT | by Mort | D1.5 / T2
Rapa Nui – Ahu TongarikiDid you know that Easter Island is actually a Chilean territory? This EarthCache is located just two km (1.2 mi) from the quarry where these magnificent moai statues were carved. At this location, you can take in the immense ceremonial altar and learn about the volcanic rocks from which it was carved. Plan to grab this one in the early morning—at the right time of year, the sun rises up from behind the statues and creates breathtaking shadows.
SuperCerca El Cerro San Cristobal Gran Parque
Traditional | GCJ9KW | by robotbird | D2.5 / T2
SuperCerca El Cerro San Cristobal Gran ParqueIt’s not surprising that there are some amazing geocaches in Santiago, the capital city of Chile. This Traditional Cache is located in a picturesque park high above the bustling metropolis. If you find the cache on a clear day you’ll be treated to expansive views of the city. After you grab the cache, you can also grab a mote con huesillo, a local drink made with dried peaches, water, and cinnamon.
Lago Chungara
Traditional | GCTZ43 | by redgecco & clinamen | D2 / T4
Lago ChungaraThis Traditional Cache certainly earns its T4 rating. It’s located at a staggering 4,500 m (14,763 ft) above sea level, high in Lauca National Park. Views from this cache include one of the highest elevated lakes in the world, Chungara Lake, and the snowy Parinacota Volcano. You might even come across the vicuña, a Chilean relative of the llama!
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