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Ten wonderful Cache In Trash Out® 2018 moments from around the world

By Janelle From September 15 through September 23, over ten thousand geocachers participated in 2018’s worldwide Cache In Trash Out® Events.
Let’s take a moment to do just a tiny bit of eco-math, shall we? If everyone picked up just one bag of garbage, each weighing 20 pounds (9 kilograms), that means a whopping 200,000 pounds (91,000 kilograms) of rubbish were gathered from Mother Earth. Nice work, geocachers!
Take a look at ten wonderful Cache In Trash Out® 2018 moments from around the world.
Kaena Point CITO, Hawaii — GC7VHK1
This monk seal hung out on beaches of Oahu’s North Shore to offer moral support.

Manquehue LimpieCITO, Chile — GC7X7X6
Six proud Chileans climbed The Manquehue Hill (Mañkewe, ‘place of condors‘), the highest hill of the valley of Santiago for their CITO.

How did young Mr. East take a boat to UB-ville?, Mongolia — GC7X2MP
We found out that Mongolia has really big garbage cans in addition to geocachers who care.

The Cutting & Seeding of Bell’s Weir Meadow, Scotland — GC7W9TW
Not all heroes wear capes. Some pour the tea at CITOs.
Pomôžme materskej škole, Slovakia — GC7VHY3
These young geocachers gave an old rusty fence a fresh, rainbow-hued coat of paint.COLOSSEO CITO EVENT – FALL 2018, Italy — GC7VQC0
C’era un CITO vicino al Colosseo di Roma (There was a CITO near Rome’s Coliseum).GCF18 – Au revoir à l’Île Mystérieuse, France — GC7BFVV
A whopping 261 geocachers attended this CITO near GeoCoinFest in France.Leineauenputz 2018, Germany — GC7WMN7
Lots of teamwork happened at this CITO in Germany and many other events around the world.CITO Kullaberg 2018, Sweden — GC7WCYP
These brave geocachers scaled down a ravine for their terrific T3 CITO.NEOGEO Adopt-A-Highway CITO #2, USA — GC7WDZEThis beautiful photo with flowers in the foreground and CITO-ers in the background was taken, and says it all.

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