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The 2018 Geocaching International Film Festival Finalists Are…

By Guest Writer At long last, the Geocaching International Film Festival 2018 finalists have been chosen! These films stand out above the rest for their creativity, production quality, content, and contribution to the global community of geocachers.
Let’s give a huge round of applause to the following films and directors:
All you need is CACHE | slynie
COMA | Team CoMiKa (Comepiedras, MiTesoro, Kankus y MJ)
Finding our family’s lost monument through Geocaching | rolfdenver
Geo | ZippyZipperZoo
Geocache Mojo | jellyfishumbrella
Geocaching documentary: Winter caching in Finland | weellu & Harjus
Geocaching in the change of time | Team GC-Therapiegruppe (McMuts, Baluteam, Frau Schmidt, Freilandjäger, matzoo70, Mönchen811, Sternschnuppe31)
Geocaching is Awesome. | Bretonv
I Am Geocache | Skimbosh
Justice GIFF League | Team AlboGIFF (boret, carlos_cga, NaxoMenX, pequenaruth, riherpe, xmetraya&mancusina)
Little Helpers From Outer Space | Team Cassiopeia (MudMen_GER, Dracou, Navi-Sol, MacPivi)
One day | Team URNA (JeDie, geo.luki, Migvin, carodejka_s.r.o., Joeyk59, Pavoucek86, Re:Bell)
Six techniques geocaching | F1ndmycache
TFTC | treasurehuntergd
The Night I Became a Were-Cacher | Fluffnight & kttyquest
Why I Geocache | TeamScortney
Attend a GIFF Event November 8 – 12, 2018 to see the 16 films and to receive the 2018 GIFF souvenir.
Do you want to organize your own GIFF Event? Visit this page to learn more.
Are you looking for geocoins and other GIFF merchandise? Visit Shop Geocaching or International Retailers.

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