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Ten tips to help maintain your geocaching streak

By Janelle Ten tips to help you maintain your geocaching streak
Let’s talk about geocaching streaks. A streak is when you log a geocache or attend an Event Cache every day for an extended period of time. Some geocachers have maintained them for a month, a year, or even longer — several streak freaks have even maintained them for YEARS.
You can track your streak on your profile statistics. But what if the weather is terrible? What about that thing called “your life?” What if you just want to binge watch movies from your couch with your four cats and a pint of ice cream?
These ten tips will help you plan ahead, stay motivated, and become a streak freak!*
1. Know when to hold ‚em

Reserve low difficulty/terrain caches located close to your home or work for busy and/or extreme weather days.2. Know when to fold ‚em
Do not zoom around at 60 miles an hour to grab a cache by 11:59 PM, endangering others and yourself. It’s a hobby, folks.3. Have reservations
When meeting with friends, suggest restaurants or places near caches you need to find. They’ll never know.4. Midnight Madness
Find a cache at 11:30 PM and then find another one at 12:00 AM the next day. Clever!5. Elementary, my dear Watson!
Pre-solve coordinates for Mystery/Puzzle caches.6. Hostess with the mostest
Consider hosting a monthly Event Cache or CITO. (Keep in mind that creating daily events just to bulk your statistics is frowned upon.)7. Get physical
Incorporate geocaching into your fitness plan and bike, jog, or walk to caches. As your streak continues, your distance will increase and your waistline will (hopefully) decrease.8. Au-tumn is au-some
Start a 365-Day Challenge in the fall to get the worst weather out of the way while you’re still “fresh”. The flip side? You’ll end your streak in the most glorious of weather! And don’t forget about the existence of Leap Day — the next one is February 29th, 2020.9. Ice ice baby
In the winter, make sure caches have the “Available during winter” attribute.10. First is the worst
Leave the First to Find (FTF) bragging rights to others during your streak. You gotta stay focused!One last thing…
If your streak unexpectedly ends for any reason (one of our employees gave birth to her third child just two days before completing her 365 streak), chin up. You can always swap out a streak for a 365 grid. Plus, now you’re set up for a new personal benchmark to beat!
*No no no, not the fad from the ‘70s, we’re talking about geocache streaking,

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